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Gay guy converting to straight

A story about a gay guy leaving his lover for a woman. I ve a lot of ideas for this but can't write. Anyone want to help?
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maybe he's sick of being cheated on, ends up commiserating with a female friend of his, who is also currently being cheated on by her boyfriend...will he miss sucking cock? What accomidations does she end up making to keep him sexually excited by her. Maybe she's thin and athletic....puts on some male cologne and a baseball cap, jock strap....let's him fuck her ass from behind.
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Was thinking more along the way his lover goes out of town and a guy he is working with that he has a crush on slowly introduces him to it slowly by starting out taking him to a strip club and getting him a lap dance . he finds that he likes it but does not want to admit it. it would be a muti part series.
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I would definitely read a 'gay guy goes straight' story.

Ideally for me, it would involve fear of leaving the comfort zone, wonder at the mysterious unknown/unfamiliarity of a woman's body, a desire to know what 'regular' guys are talking about when they talk about "pussy," and the guy worrying that he's only 'going straight' due to the impact of media and social norms - bowing under the pressure of expectations and the desire to not be a 'fag' any more. He'd think about all of this and not be sure what his true motivations are - does he really want to be with a woman or is he being brainwashed? Is it just curiosity (taste-testing) or is it a complete change - I can't believe I was with men for so long? Is it women in general or one woman he falls for?

Yeah, I'd definitely read that. Sorry I can't help with the writing though, too much on my plate at the moment, plus I'm just not confident about writing from a male point of view when it comes to sex.
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The op could write different versions as flash or a short story, then kinda summerize them in to one full story. Kinda like my prepare for silence poems. Or just have different stories of guys going straight and make a common theme or something. I have a story like that as well.
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