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Intergenerational friendship turns lustful

So I was re-reading a story I submitted back in 2011 and thought I would like to do a follow-up to it

The story was about (I'll link later if anyone's interested) a young woman who had recently turned 18 and her next door neighbor Carl, a retired black guy, who she was friends with.

After Carl's wife died Carl became very withdrawn and started leaving the house less and less. The only bright spot was the girl next door, Cassie. Carl also had a friend, Winston who tried to get him back in the game.

Both wanting to help her friend as well as act on her own lustful desires, Cassie made an awkward attempt at seducing him and Carl teased her until wound up making love. Carl was about to leave when Cassie revealed her parents were gone for a month and she intended to make it a summer worth remembering.

I ended it there since I wasn't too confident in my writing and thought it was a fine stopping point.

However, I did have ideas for follow ups and wanted some opinions on them:

1. Picks up almost immmediately after the first one ending. Overcome from her first orgasm with a partner, Cassie falls asleep and Carl contemplates what happened. He loved every second of it but is worried that he should have gauged Cassie's feelings better. They both wanted it but he doesn't know if Cassie is romantically interested in him, which is something he's not prepared for.

Cassie wakes up and after some cuddling and eating her out, they take the time to decide to openly talk about what they want from this (doesn't mean they're entirely honest though).

2. Cassie wakes up first and decides to wake Carl up with a blowjob. Only thing is, she's not very good and ends up waking him up from her teeth scraping him. Carl keeps his cool but lectures her on consent and then teaches her to how he likes his blowjobs. They then set a few ground rules and go to have more fun in the shower.

3. After discussing how far they want to go, Carl scoffs a bit at Cassie wanting to do some pretty kinky stuff. Still he supports her but tries to do it as safely as possible.

For example: Cassie wants to have sex in public, so Carl eases her into it: fucking in the backyard while no one's there, fingering her while they drive to an adult bookstore, before screwing her in the changing room. For a bonus, she wanted to both get dp'd and have sex with someone she just met, so Carl gets a cop buddy to pull them over and pretend they're in trouble. Carl explains the ruse before it goes too far and then he and his cop friend double team her.

Or, Cassie wants to do a webcam show. Carl keeps it to a private server and makes sure Cassie is shit from the neck down. Cassie gets quite a few compliments and a couple offers for meetups. Carl then reveals some of his friends who were watching are people Cassie knows.

4. Winston finds out and not only wants to join in but brings his own younger woman who is also interested in Cassie and Carl. Cassie is nervous about being with another woman so they decide to play a couple games to help Cassie feel comfortable about her attraction to women and the thought of group sex.

5. Cassie's friends try to get her to throw a party at her house since Her parents are away. Her firends don't know about her relationship with Carl. Cassie agrees to a slumber party but that's all. Girls agree since they just want to get away from their parents and their parents trust Cassie. Of course, games start to be played and Cassie at first is amazed at the difference in outlooks on sex she has versus her friends.

Then Cassie gets a wicked little idea. A game of dares starts up and she decides to take advantage of what they don't know. She texts Carl her plan and gets dared to go outside naked. She then slyly asks if that's all and actually touches her self a bit until Carl looks out of his window.

Girls shriek and giggle and get dared to step it up further. Eventually, Carl comes over pretending to be ticked off and threatening to call the police. Cassie invites him to join their game. Of course this eventually leads to Carl getting to screw Cassie in front of all of them and a few of the friends too.
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