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Her neck offered, Derek smiled his confidence returning fully. His hands full of Stacey's young breasts, his lips trailed from her ear to her bare shoulder. He kissed her softly, like a lover, but his hands were harsher, squeezing the firm breasts, his fingers finding the hard nipples and tweaking them hard, but not painfully. He could feel her breath panting a little and how her body seemed to shudder and shiver. One hand slipped down to the back of her skirt, unbuttoning it and unzipping the uniform and letting to fall to the floor leaving Stacey now in just heels and panties. It wasn't cold out here in the storeroom, but it certainly wasn't warm either and he could feel goosebumps forming on her exposed skin. He moaned softly as he began to kiss from her shoulders down her back, his hands now cupping her curvy ass and squeezing it. Finally on his knees behind her he gripped the tops of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her feet, helping her step from them leaving her now totally naked. He stood and stepped back, eyes wide, a smirk of almost arrogant lust on his face.

"You are so fucking sexy, Stacey ... hope you don't have a boyfriend, not that I give a shit right now, but after I've had you he'll be useless to you."

This was not the usual Derek, this wasn't even close to the usual Derek. What Ria may have thought of the new man she had created who knew, but Derek was determined to make his Mistress proud ... but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy himself.

"Turn around." He commanded and when Stacey did his eyes slowly took in her front from the big handfuls of firm breasts to her wonderful pussy. "Undress me, Stacey." He ordered.


Harold was taken off guard by her words. Yes, he wanted her to make him feel good ... did hurting her make him feel good? He suddenly wasn't sure. He had wanted to hurt her to teach her a lesson, although now he thought about it she hadn't actually really done anything to deserve that. He had just felt belittled by what happened earlier and had wanted to make her his again as she had been when she first agreed to their deal. Now suddenly it all felt odd and weird. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward the bedroom. Once in there he threw her on the bed and mounted her. There was no pause, no waiting at all, no foreplay, he simply pushed her legs apart and rammed inside her with an animal growl.

"Now I'm feeling good, bitch." He snarled thrusting hard insider her. He wondered again how she always felt so tight, virginal tight. He knew next to nothing about girls, about biology, but he had always heard if they fucked a lot their pussies got more relaxed and open. "Fuck I love your tight cunt."
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Stacey shivered and nodded as Derek told her to undress him and she was dripping wet from him being so dominant over her, she would never have guessed he was like this behind closed doors. The girl was right.

She reached forward slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt watching him for approval and she kept going. Once she had gotten his shirt off she got on her knees and moved to undo is pants. She took them off and blushed slightly looking up at him as she pulled out his cock.

Ria cried out feeling Harold ram into her without warning.She gripped the sheets as Harold pounded into her telling her how good he felt and how he loved her tight cunt. Old Ria hated how he was treating her and new Ria loved every second of it.

"Ahhhh!" She cried out taking the pounding he was giving her. " Please ...." She begged not sure what she was begging for him to stop or him to make her cum. She felt the slight conflict but she knew her master would not like that.

She moaned and begged him "please... make me cum!" She cried out knowing that would upset him.
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