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Rampant Rabbit

Not really sure if I should post this here?

As some may know, my wife and I have a varied sex life ( as we all should )
On Saturday night we was both a little tipsy after having a BBQ and a few glasses (bottles) of wine. Out of the blue she mentioned a threesome that we had had (MMF I wrote about on here a while ago) and said she loved it and wants to do it again, I laughed and said only when we have a FFM. She went on to say she wants to see me actually have sex with a another man and she knows I will live it as I always cum so hard when she plays with my arse. We have a nexus, rude boy and a anal twist thing from Ann summers, and I/we enjoy them. I kept laughing and say no, it will it happen, I was happy for a MMF but I did not want to be penetrated.
At a bout midnight we decided to go to bed. She spent ages in the bathroom, I must have dosed off to sleep. The next thing I was woken with a nice warm feeling around me cock, I looked down and could see her head bobbing up and down as my cock Grew. I pulled her up and started to kiss her, she was really turned on and was pinching at my nipples and I was pulling and pinching here ( she likes rough nipple play) she pulled open her draw and pulled out a few toys, one of which was the rudeboy the other was her rabbit (with balls that go round and round in the shaft) she then laid back and started to play with her self, working the rabbit into her, she then started pushing my head down toward her pussy.
When I get there after having a suck and bite on her nipples she had the toy deep in her and was working away, she turned the toy so the "ears" pointed at her arse and said lick me- so I did, she was so wet and tasted great as normal. She removed her toy and really started to pull my face deep into her. She then started pulling my cock towards her mouth and actually pulled me on top of her, 69 position with me on top. She was busy sucking my balls and licking up towards my arse, with my cock in between us. I then felt the cold, she was putting some lube on my arse, and starting working a finger or two in, at this point I am licking at her arse trying to control myself. After a minute or two I felt the Rubeboy being pushed in, the vibrations always tickle, I felt contact, contact on my prostate, I tried to sit up but she held my head down with her ankle and pulled really hard, all I could do was eat her arse, she would not let me touch her clit as she had said "don't make me cum yet". The toy was making me leak a bit ( I guess) as every now and then she licked the end of my cock. I started getting close to cumming and said "careful I am going to cum!
She stopped, she removed the toy and just stopped, I went to move around to fuck her she said "stay there - make me cum now". I moved up so I could tongue and suck her clit, she started moaning.
Then without warning, fingers back in my arse, one? Two, three or more really stretching me, she the started cumming, and thrashing around her fingers still deep. She made me stop as she was to sensitive, made me role off and lay on my back with her fingers back inside with my legs bent. She licked my cock up and down, I said "make me cum" she said maybe.
I then felt a cold feeling of plastic at my arse, at first I thought it was the rudeboy again but it wasn't, it was her Rabbit, which is bigger than I have tried, she gently worked it in saying "imagine this is a real cock, see you love it". She pushed it slowly into me, with the ears pointing at my balls, the vibrations felt good, the rotating shaft felt amazing, she rubbed my cock head with one hand whilst she increased the speed of the toy, she kept saying "feel the cock up your arse, cum for me". This put me over the edge, I started cumming and cumming,
She then removed the toy, and said "one day you will take a real cock for me, you just need practice" all I could say was "after our FFM".
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