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Hot piss play video:

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Very nice.

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Originally Posted by Y_Diner View Post
To wake up to her doing that to me would be devine
Please come and use me
I want to be just like Lily Lark, she is the greatest

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Originally Posted by 4yourpleasureiam View Post
To wake up to her doing that to me would be devine
That is so hot

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If Mistress said to share... I'd be happy...

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Originally Posted by ChattyAnnie View Post
I dd it on purpose. It's something I do once in a while when no one is around. I really don't know why I enjoy it. I think it's the forbidden nature of it, but I do like the way it feels running down my legs and soaking into my shorts or jeans or whatever I am wearing.
Wow!!!! Too hot!!!!

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Originally Posted by Y_Diner View Post
Don't they realize that's leather?

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