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Lacy smiled at Mary, a very striking woman herself, who unmistakingly undressed her with her eyes. She didn't comment and felt it was a compliment. Lacy felt a sexual undercurrent about this place but had only been here several minutes. Everyone Lacy had met so far were very attractive and friendly.

Ms. Shuster opened the cupboard and got a clean apron...

" Why thank you Christine. Now tell me what you want me to do. Your wish is my command. " Lacy said, as she put on the apron.
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Chapter Four: Masquerade


Josephine awoke alone on her huge bed in the upper story master suite. A few hours’ nap, after the sweaty fun in her office with Karen, Dawn, and Maurice, left her feeling reinvigorated. She looked at the grandfather clock across from her bed just as it chimed four o’clock. The summer sun remained high in the sky, lighting the large room.

Two mannequins, set up for her by a representative of her usual costumer just before her nap, still stood by the door.

She had already decided she would appear tonight not in the lace and satin of a lady’s dress, but rather in the sartorial splendor of the Sun King himself. The clerk who had delivered the various costumes for her and her guests from Chicago had explained that the male costume replicated one Louis XIV had worn as Apollo while performing the Ballet de la Nuit, a ballet de cour, in 1653 at the age of 14. Josephine rather fancied the idea of playing someone with the lusts of a teenage boy and the powers of an absolute monarch. She chuckled as she climbed out of bed, thinking that most people would probably say she acted that way every day.

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Secretly Sexual...

Empress Josephine

P.S. Here are some of my secrets...
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The fancy costumer from Chicago had set up a couple dozen mannequins in the foyer and parlor for Josephine's guests and staff to inspect and chose for the evening's masquerade. One gown in particular caught Mary's eye. Its accessories included a short, thin sword.

"That's actually Swedish," the clerk admitted. "We did not have enough French outfits from the Seventeenth Century, so we included some from other countries."

"Well," Mary replied. "Certainly there were visiting dignitaries from other Kingdoms at Louis XIV's Court. Please fit it to me."

"As you say," agreed the clerk. "Is there a bedroom or other private space we could use?"

"Not necessary," Mary chuckled as she pulled off her sky blue summer dress. She wore nothing underneath. "This must be your first visit to this manor. Things here are rather... casual."
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"You want me to wear what?" Malcolm looked incredulously at the poor clerk. He had come with the large van, with a multitude of costumes and a few other people.

"Well yes, everyone needed to be dressed for tonight."

Malcolm simply looked at the man. Finally after a few minutes of silence as the man seemed to get more and more nervous, Malcolm breaks the silence. "Let me see what you have."

The poor clerk began to show Malcolm outfit after outfit, trying to impress him. Malcolm could not believe what the men of the day were wearing.

"This one is what all of the nobles wore."

"Before they got their asses kicked?"

Finally, the clerk had an epiphany. "Now this one is what the Musketeers wore. They were the personal protectors of the Queen and were quite known to do whatever they want. There is a story of a group having a picnic just out of gunfire range of the French, just because they could."

"you should have led with that one." Says Malcolm as he eyes the outfit. "and a sword too? I do like it."
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"Heroes know that things must happen when it is time for them to happen.
A quest may not simply be abandoned; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever; a happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story." Peter S. Beagle


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Karen awoke, her legs still entwined with with Dawn's, on the huge bed in the ground floor master bedroom. She and the chauffeur had slipped down the hall to this suite after a sudden crisis in one of his cases had called Maurice away from their lovemaking. Josephine had taken that opportunity to leave them as well.

"Rise and shine, Lover," Karen whispered when she saw Dawn's eyes flutter open. "We have a party to attend."
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Chrissy wrapped in plastic film the shallow ceramic casserole filled with completed, but not yet broiled, coquilles St-Jacques. She placed this into the refrigerator, among the chicken liver pâté, platter of all French cheeses, homemade buttermilk dressing, and chocolate mousse. While in the fridge, she retrieved a bottle of Zind-Humbrecht Riesling, 2014, and set it on the counter.

She reviewed the remaining parts of her planned menu in her mind. She would bake the baguettes as soon as the veal for the blanquette de veau came out of the oven. Her guest, Lacy Monroe, worked at the island counter in the middle of the kitchen, preparing the winter salad. Everything seemed in order and on schedule.

Though having just met, she and Ms. Monroe had cooked together like an experienced team, needing to speak very little. Every now and then, Chrissy would catch, with the corner of her eye, Lacy watching her intently. This stirred some fantasies in Chrissy’s mind, which she immediately rejected. No doubt the food critic stared simply to observe her culinary techniques.

Chrissy pulled a Durand corkscrew — not necessary for such a young wine, but what she always used — from its drawer and deftly opened the Riesling. She took two glasses from their rack and poured one for herself, then one for Ms. Monroe. Bringing both over to the counter where Lacy worked, Chrissy spoke for the first time in over a quarter hour.

“We have time for, and I think we deserve, a little break... with refreshments.”

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As Lacy prepared the salad she couldn't resist the urge to peek over at the pretty little female chef. Their was something about her...maybe that she wasn't aware of how attractive she really was...a sort of natural innocense ? Or perhaps it was those deep brown eyes...whatever Lacy found her fascinting, to say the least. That is why she selected Christina, out of the hundreds of others to interview.

Lacy watched as Christine opened a bottle of fine chilled wine and poured some into two glasses before bringing them over to the table.

" We have time for, and I think we deserve a little break...with refreshments. " Christine said.

Lacy smiled and licked her lips, taking the chilled wine glass, looking Christine in the eyes in spite of the sudden nervousness she felt. " Why thank you...you are such a doll. I do declare, I am simply amazed at your skill in the bedroom, oh my... excuse me, I meant kitchen. "

Did I actually say that ? she thought, hoping that Chrissy couldn't read her mind...

Turning to a more serious matter Lacy couldn't help asking, " So we are preparing this lovely french feast feast for this evening, what exactly is my role here ? Am I expected to dress in costume...perhaps as a serving wench or...what ? "
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The mistress as the Sun King. He couldnt not see that! Professor edgeways moved across the corridor.
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"Is there a bedroom or other private space we could use?" An unfamiliar voice came from the Grand Parlor as Ian entered the mansion through the front door. As he crossed the Foyer in that direction, he heard Deputy Mary Green's familiar chuckle in reply.

"Not necessary.... This must be your first visit to this manor. Things here are rather... casual." By the time Ian found the sources of this conversation, standing among a dozen mannequins dressed in Seventeenth Century garb, Mary had removed her dress, revealing that she wore nothing underneath.

"Ah, Deputy Green," Ian interrupted before the clerk could react. "Usually, I might apologize for interrupting at an inopportune moment but, considering our unfinished business, this might just be perfect timing. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you have been avoiding me."
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