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Originally Posted by TxRad View Post

A Steve sighting.

Hang in there man.
Originally Posted by johneb87 View Post
Everything alright?
Originally Posted by MagicaPractica View Post
Originally Posted by sheablue View Post
Steve! Hang in there! I'm making cumin roasted cauliflower soup. Want some?
Originally Posted by Handley_Page View Post
Careful there, man.
Best Wishes, huh?
Thanks, you guys. You're the best...

Originally Posted by Worker11811 View Post
Wanna' play one-upsmanship on "Fuck My Life?"

You start...
My stories

My AH Directory entry.

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Originally Posted by steve44uk View Post
Writing about problems can be cathartic. It has been helpful to me.

If we keep it as just a game, where's the harm?

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To alleviate server load, we're slowly closing down any threads with over 5,000 posts.

The new thread is here (clickie!).

As annoying as this may be, phasing out all or most of the active super-long/never-ending threads will increase the forum speed substantially. If you see a thread that's active with more than 5,000 posts, please feel free to PM me with the link.

Please note that these threads are not being removed - just closed to new posts.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!
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