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I put the Ick in Erotic
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Filming a sex scene

A famous actress, who has had several films flop, decides to shake up the movie going public by starring in an erotic thriller. It will be a little scandalous, something like Basic Instinct, was when is came out. So one of the sex scenes calls for her to tie up one of the male stars, cut off his clothes, and perform oral sex on him, 69 him, before riding him. Of course, since this is Hollywood, all the sex stuff is faked, with no real sex taking place.

So the day arrives for the sex scene shoot, the director, a woman known for making cutting edge erotic thrillers, clears the soundstage, leaving her to set up all the shots, alone with her two stars. The male star is an up and coming hunk. The actress thinks he is attractive, but is kind of bitchy and more concerned for her career. The male star is nervous, and apologizes in advance if he should happend to become aroused, or if he should not happen to be aroused.

So the shooting begins, the actor is tied up, and has his clothes cut off repeatedly, until the director is satisfied with the scene. Then there is a short break while the actors get makeup for the nude scene. They return to the set, the actor is tied up naked, and the actress is set up in her position. The director guides them through how she wants the actress to simulate going down on the actor, then turning around to a 69 position. The first few takes are clumsy, not what the director is looking for. The actor, gets aroused by having this actress repeatedly sticking her face in his crotch. Of course, he is well-endowed. Which creates a problem for the director, the next several takes are not right because the camera picks up the actors huge erect cock.

So, out of desperation to get the shot right, the actress actually takes his cock in her mouth, to hide it from the camera. The director doesn't pick up on what just happened, but she like how scene turned out his time. The actor, of course is speechless, so when they start setting up and filming the 69 scene, he thinks its OK to stick his tongue in the actress's pussy. She just wants to get the scene done, and tries to ignore it. But, the talented young man starts to get her off. Of course the director is happy with the 'realistic' looking 69 reactions.

Of course, not the actress decided to teach the young actor a lesson. Since he is tied up for the whole scene, he is helpless. So when the filming starts for her being on top, she slyly slips him into her. He, of course, is stunned, but doesn't protest. So the directory keeps trying different angles, differend ideas, and keep filming the scene, while the camera rolls, the actress rides him hard, fucking the shit out of him. When the camera stops, she just remains on him. Slowly gyrating, using those Ben Wa toned muscles, to keep him hard. But she doesn't let him get off.

Finally, the director says she wants one last shot, she rides him until he comes. The director is impressed, calls it a day. She is so busy with the cameras, that they two actors are able to slip off to the dressing room for some post filming sex. At the premiere, the two are the only ones that know the sex scene is real.
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Marie Lavallois
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Great idea! Are you going to flesh it out and write it?
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I really liked this story idea. If it hadn't been for six other stories in progress, I'd love to give this one a try. Oh well. Hope someone will write it!
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I put the Ick in Erotic
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Re: Wow:

Originally posted by Marie Lavallois
Great idea! Are you going to flesh it out and write it?
I have to finish my Bridget's Seduction multi-part story. I had part two written, just needed checking, part three was halfway done, and part 4 and 5 were outlined. Then I got a virus, and lost it all, the backup disk failed!
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