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Talking Bi Geeky Girl Here!

Helllllllllo everyone!!!!

Hope you are all ok!

I'm a bi girl looking for friends and fun!!!
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Helllllllllllllllllllo GeekyxGirl_Emily back!

sissy is ok today, how about you?

Glad you are looking here, there is always some fun on Lit.
Sissy for the of IT

Sissy Salina

Sissy Rules
Sissy will only refer to sissy-self as sissy
Sissy will be in chastity (except for cleaning)
Sissy will be plugged both penile & anal(except for cleaning or usage)
Sissy will have enema twice a day
Sissy is never allowed to say "no"
Sissy giving oral servitude will have hands bound behind back
Sissy will swallow all cum or nectar
Sissy should be milked once a month
Sissy is never allowed ejaculation
Sissy’s only duty is to serve others
Sissyies are always bound or caged at night
Sissies are never to wear any male clothing articles
Sissy's will remove all hair except the long head hair
Sissy will have pierced ears and other piercings
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Originally Posted by GeekyxGirl_Emily View Post
Helllllllllo everyone!!!!

Hope you are all ok!

I'm a bi girl looking for friends and fun!!!
Hello Emily,
Usually I don't greet anyone, let alone, the new people
but I'm feeling magnanimous today.
WOW, this feels weird...

Anyway, enough about me. How the heck are ya GeekyGirl?
I know ya said you are bi and looking to meet new people and make friends; And that's not to say that you are looking for something in particular.
BUT---, if you were---, looking for something in particular that is--,
What would that something be?
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what makes you geeky?
35 M very bicurious. Sub fantasies. Come dominate and humiliate me.
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Welcome. Hope you find what you are looking for. Or that what you are looking for finds you.
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Geek question. Did Spock's mother spank him as a boy?

Would you spank the new Spock?

Woulds you have spanked the old Spock?

What was the derogatory title that the STNG cast used for Deep Space Nine?
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