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My quirks show up consistently in my stories. With little or no thought. I've only recently became aware of it. This shows far too often in my posts as well. It's a pattern I'm well aware of, but I'm not going to change those little quirks.

Humor or comedy is forever present in some way. So too is seriousness or some amount of sadness. My main characters are often self centered and unpredictable in many ways. I don't really plan my characters per sey, they simply evolve into whatever they are. And a romantic is always there somewhere.

What troubles me most, is not that readers harp on this or that for whatever reasons. NO ONE is freaking perfect and shouldn't try to please the one for the sake of the many. The problem that annoys me most is when a reader fails to see the humor and simply doesn't let it go.
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I think so. My attitude about the morality of sex is, basically: as long as it involves consenting adults, whatever. I don't judge. I get "squicked" by almost nothing (except scat). I'm somewhat of a closeted perv, though not entirely so, and I'm intrigued by people who push against societal boundaries relating to sex. The characters and plot lines of my stories are projections of these interests and my thoughts about them. I'm also an optimist, of sorts. In general, my stories have happy endings, in which the character's exploration of a sexual kink or interest is vindicated rather than punished. This isn't always realistic, but I'm not interested in realism in erotica. I see erotica as a form of fantasy, but one which can, in an indirect way, say something about the world we live in.

I don't preach in my stories. Neither my characters nor my narrative voice say anything about politics or even much that could be described as a philosophical statement. I prefer to express my views through the story itself.
My stories are at https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions.
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Originally Posted by BiscuitHammer View Post
How about you folks? Do you consistently inject elements into a story compulsively? The kind readers comment about?

- tIr ngogh mupwI' (Biscuit Hammer)
Not very much, however, apparently enough that I have gotten some degree of comments.

In one of my stories, my main character had a conversation with her friend where she opined that Fox News Channel wasn't a legitimate news channel, but more like a propaganda network. It wasn't preachy,however, it was enough that one the readers felt it worthy of comment.

Another personal aspect that keeps showing up in my stories is that every female character I have keeps her vulva clean-shaven. Some of my fans have commented on this. I personally prefer not having pubic hair, and that preference has been transferred to all of my characters.

There are probably other aspects of my personality/preferences that have snuck their way into my stories, however, these are the only ones that readers have seen fit to comment upon.

Personally, I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing. The more personal quirks and personality traits a character has, the less they seem like a faceless drone. I think that having a complex, opinionated character with thoughts and feelings makes for a more interesting story than just bringing in a manikin with no backstory and having her (or him) go through the motions of having sex with another manikin.

Let your characters have quirks and phobias and compulsions and preferences! It helps to humanize them!
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