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~ Thank you kindly!

"Don't follow me, for I am as lost as you are!"
Apologies for slow replies, a little hectic out in the real world. ~ Seraph

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Looking for male cowriters length of post not as important as ability to post a few times a week preferred

On a little bit of a history kick

1. An Art recreated life

2. Love and the Archeologist

Supernatural beings

3. Writer's Ménage

4. Primal romance

Cheating spouses

5. Partners - Passionate affair


6. Did we?
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Seeking story partner.

Hi all! I'm new here and looking for someone to write a story with. I'm bisexual and equally comfortable writing with both genders, though I tend to write male characters myself (excluding supporting characters). Without further ado, some things I've got rolling around in my head:
  • Fantasy-based stories are my biggest thing going right now, so something like that would be ideal. We can work something original or an established setting (such as Forgotten Realms, Golarion, Eberron, Athas, etc...) Recently, I've kind of hooked on the idea of transmigrated souls in new bodies (e.g. from earth to fantasy realm people), which allows us to explore things without having to flesh things out.

  • Impreg/breeding is always a big thing with me, so I always look forward to stories containing such material! The less mundane, the better.

  • Characters I like to play alongside include: amazons, warrior women, rogues, noble demons, mothers, older sisters, pretty crossdressers, futa, shemales, monster girls (craving for Oni and Centaurs recently), and witches. There may be others, but it's escaping my mind for now. I generally prefer to avoid helpless and/or genteel maidens. If anyone wants to do something anime-themed, I do have a huge craving for Tier Harribel or Saeko Busujima or something based upon either (or both!)

If you have questions or any sort, feel free to shoot them my way.
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Looking to jump back in.

Hey everyone. I'm looking to start roleplaying again after a long absence. I'm open to most things so feel free to send me a pm with any ideas you have.

I do have an idea of my own. I'm thinking of a group roleplay set in a college. My character would be a freshman just starting at this college. Any other characters could be anyone. Professors, students or even just someone random.
I'd like a bit of story and progress to go in this roleplay as well. It's just a rough idea at the moment so feel free to ask about it.
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Hi Lierotica - - I'd love to get involved in a role play scenario involving a cheating wife (me). The other man can be someone I know or a stranger I get to know and I'm also open to family interaction. PM if interested.

My RP character:

Name - Julie

Gender- Female

Status - Married

Age- 29

Height/Weight- 5'8" tall, weigh about 135 pounds

Hair- Long blonde hair

Eyes- Green

Race- White

Sexuality- Straight

Usual attire- Depends on the scenario, but normally anything short and/or tight. Always wearing my diamond wedding-engagement set on my left hand.

Description- My fingers and toes are perfectly manicured with nail polish and French tips. I shave and normally leave a very small landing strip. My breasts 34C with large nipples that jut forth when I'm horny.

Personality- Quiet and reserved mostly. Not actively looking and don't intend to cheat, but can be seduced if the mood is right.

I like well-written, detailed exchanges between the characters. Also, I need to be seduced. Please don't pull out your cock in the first 5 minutes as this is just silly and booorrrrriiiinnnng.......

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Searching for a female Co-writer. Looking to do a story of tease and denial. Your character would be kind of quiet and shy on the surface and in public. Behind closed doors though, her sensual and seductive and Femdom side comes out. This could also be a teacher/student or boss/secretary story.

Please PM me if interested.
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PM me if you are interested in any of these ideas... I would be playing the male in the following ideas.

1: In a world similar to ours, there are three classes, The Upper Class, the Lower Class and slaves. The world appears normal as people in the Upper and Lower Classes go about their daily lives, the slaves go unseen because they serve only the Upper Class. Once a year, anyone from the Upper Class can choose to take anyone from the Lower Class and make them their slave.

A man is a member of the Upper Class, he was once a businessman but got sick of life in the city so he moved up to the mountains for a more peaceful life. After a year or so, he missed having female companionship so he goes to the city a month or so be for the date to find a woman to take as his wife and to be the mother of his children. The woman he chooses is a successful business woman who is just on the outside of being in the Upper Class. Her business is doing well and she is close to reaching the threshold for receiving membership in the Upper Class. She thinks she's untouchable because of how close she is... But, her dreams are dashed when she is taken by the man.
2: A woman has worked hard all her life and now owns her own very successful company. She had done somethings, some illegal, some immoral, to get where she is today. But, she is a complete bitch to her employees. One of them knows everything about her shady dealings. And one day, she pushes him over the edge and he rapes her. Then, he blackmails her into giving him everything including her body.
3: Two people bump into each other at an outdoor market. They find a mutual attraction to each other so they decide to go have coffee. During their conversation, they learn that the man is looking for a sub, and the woman is looking for a dom.
4: A woman answers a posting on an adult message board to become the submissive lover of a wealthy man.
5: A woman is forced to become a sex slave after she is caught breaking into a man's home.
6: A real estate agent is kidnapped and raped while showing a house to what she thinks is a potential buyer
7: Some women get lost and they find a nice man to help them. The girls learn that the man isn't there to help then he's there to enslave them and make them his new harem of wives
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Looking for someone to play one of the following... I would be playing the male

A famous woman has a secret. She want to be used as a sex slave. She finds out about a man who takes woman like her and gives them a weekend 'vacation' from there normal lives. He 'kidnaps' them and takes them to his place in the woods. There he chains her up, spanks her, 'rapes' her, and keeps her in a small room with just a toilet, a sink, and a small cot. She agrees to go on a 'vacation' with him and at the end she doesn't want to go home. She wants to stay with him.
A man kidnaps a celebrity as she is leaving a red carpet event and he takes her back to his place where he plans on making her his sex salve.
In an alternate universe, if a movie loses a lot of money or a TV show fails, the female lead becomes the property of the studio or TV network. Then, her and everything she owned is sold at auction and she becomes the sex slave of her new owner
A celebrity gets into a car accident on her way to a ski resort near Lake Tahoe. She's not hurt too badly. She has no cell service. A man who lives in the mountains finds her and her car and offers to help her. However it's late at night and there's a big blizzard about to come in, so she agrees to go with him to his cabin. Little does she know that the man is a serial rapist and she just became his next victim.

Here is a list of celebrities I would like to play with

Jennifer Morrison
Dakota Johnson
Jennifer Garner
Debby Ryan
Dove Cameron
Demi Lovato
Victoria Justice
Bridgit Mendler
Ashley Tisdale
Emily Osment

If there is a celebrity you would like to play or if you would like to play an OC who is famous let me know. Also, if you like to play more than one character, we can work something out.
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I have some recent threads that sort of died out, but I'm looking to revive some of them or make new ones. I am eager to either do a story where a young teenage girl is the apprentice of an experienced wizard/dragon slayer/demon hunter/whatever, and romance blossoms between them -- or a science fiction/space opera setting where two or more characters either get stranded on a lost planet or maybe they are assigned to a remote outpost and a fierce sexual relationship develops between them. I'm open to ideas.
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Still looking for a female writer.

Originally Posted by Firmhanded_Daddy View Post
Looking for someone to fill the role of a summoned succubus. This thread will be highly sexually charged, full of a great deal of teasing, and a constant contest of will power. The end of the store will be left open intentionally so that your character is left with the option to actually break my character if you are up to the task.

A taste of the incomplete intro post to whet the appetite...


He had spent months preparing for this ceremony. Several trips to recover powerful tomes of ancient lore to reveal the power eldritch forces he would have to wrestle once the incantations were complete. He had memorized each and every ability the creature possessed and they were formidable. The magic powers alone of the demonic being were enough to be a danger to most mortals on the prime material plane, yet here he was alone planning to summon one and bind it in his laboratory; pure and utter madness.

Then there were the physical dangers. Her claws could pierce plate armor like cloth, they were smart and devious as a demon could come and well it was a demon designed to allure; that was her most formidable weapon of all. Never having seen a live succubus, only renderings and descriptions they varied and he imagined that not every demon had the same look about her. One thing was made quite clear however in each description, they were built to provoke sin and carnal desire in mortals; to make the body betray mind, and soul.

He traced the last of the runes into the smooth marble floor with the silver and mithril powder and leaned back to study his work with an expert eye. He compared it to the five separate sketches that he had obtained of the binding circle. One thing troubled him, a single rune was out of place in this fifth drawing, it was flipped inversely and that could mean the difference between life and death. Was this the only magus to contain the lust demon, or was he one bent to her will and compelled to publish incorrect information to fuel more foolish mortals to follow in his footsteps.

He had chose to believe this man had solved the riddle and flipped the symbol, it was a gamble, but he this was only the binding circle for permanency. The redundant circles of protection should hold her long enough to allow him to banish her if his gamble was wrong, and all it would cost him was months worth of work and fifty thousand gold worth of spell components. He tried not to think about that now.

He slid out of his robes and stood in front of the large full size mirror, examining the runes of protection scrawled upon his flesh. Each rune had a protection spell imbued within it and then magically bound on his skin. It would protect him from her various magical attacks if everything else failed. Everything from charm spells to magical holding spells. He thought he had played this chess game thirty moves ahead, and yet still there was a hollow pit in the center of his stomach. A small part of him quaked in dread, even as the greater part of him exalted with the thrill of conquest. He examined his muscular frame one more time and then with a deep breath stepped out of the pool of robes.

His nude form was illuminated by the dancing torch lights that gave off no smoke nor odor; such things were a trivial cantrip to a magus of his skill. He pulled a small jar of viscus, creamy fluid that had been warming over a candle near by and he poured it in the center of the ring of binding. The smell of his stored seed was pungent, it had taken him time to store the required amount for the spell. If one wanted to catch a shark, one must place chum in the water after all. He set the jar outside the circle, careful not to disturb the powdered runes. He brandished a straight bladed obsidian dagger with his other hand and drew it across a bare part of his forearm, careful not to damage himself in a place that would hinder his casting ability, nor disrupt the runic protections he had painstakingly placed. His blood mixed with his own seed upon the floor.

He stepped out of the circle and wrapped a cloth around his wound and for a brief moment watched the blood pool, before tying it off with his free hand, and mouth.

Setting his jaw with determination he mentally ran his mind over the spell one final time and then raised his hands. Tracing delicate patterns in the air he spoke in a low, haunting tone the harsh words in the infernal tongue. The words were guttural and sounded like a mixture of a snarling wolf, and a grunting gorilla. The words came faster as he felt the magic take hold in his blood, it swept through him and he could not help feel his excitement grow with it. Standing there in his nudity, knowing what he was about to summon, his manhood stiffened to half mast. The runs burned a harsh white color and the turned solid in the floor rather than a powder, as if they were letters carved in stone. The offerings he had left for her vibrated as if reacting to an unseen presence.

That was when the world split open. He had done it! With the power of his will and his magic he had ripped a tear in the prime material plane to the burning hells. The smell of sulfur struck him so hard that it almost made him gag and lose the spell. He managed to continue his harsh chanting and that was when he heard a soft, feminine chuckle that made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. The voice was inhuman, it had an eerie echo to it as if it were reverberating off the inside of his skull and coming back out of his ears. Oh she was not hear yet, she was playing with him, testing his resolve. If she could get him to break the spell in mid cast she could escape the bindings and she knew it. So did he…

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Looking for a partner

Hello, I'm looking for either female or a male partner. I do have some pairings in mind but craving to do a lesbian one. If you are interested shoot me a pm and I'll share my ideas.
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Looking for threafs to jump into if any open. New here.
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Runner in training

Would like to RP a training scenario with a lady.
Two people notice each other in a gym training for a sports events (maybe a triathlon) one or both are beginners and start helping each other out (in more than one way) leading up to the main event.

Visit The Naughty Scribe website

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Super Incest plot bunny

I am looking for a solid mix of about six writers--three male, three female optimally but as long as it's not all same sex (mostly since so many people have problems writing as their opposite gender)--to come together and tell the story of a group of crime-fighters and their villainous nemeses as they let their adrenaline and hormones get the better of them and begin hooking up.

I would like to have it be all original characters, not Marvel, not DC, not any branded personages from any canonical sources. Once I get backgrounds from people in PM, I will develop the connections between everyone.

Ideally, I would set up a world where everyone has a circle of colleagues and foes that overlap and have some---aha!---moments like you might find in the best movie serials, comic miniseries or story arcs, and soap operas. (Which is where potential incest comes into play...think Thundermans where the family members were seperated from one another, or a Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch...Northstar/Aurora...set of twins that were raised apart for some reason)

If anyone thinks they might be interested, drop me a note here and a PM of your character. As seems to be thing to do, please take note to only have characters who are legit for Literotica, please be a writer with a sense of grammar and dialogue, and aim for posting three or more times a week.


I have had an expression of interest! Aliceinchains36 is thinking of joining, but wanted to wait and see both who else joins and what sort of hero or villain (or both?) they'll be bringing to the mix. So, if anyone has written with them before and think they might like to again, drop me a PM and I will pass that along.
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Breeding RP

Title: The Wife Collector
Setting: Modern times
Looking for female writer.

My character is a wealthy western businessman who conducts much of his business in the east, buying out small companies and street vendors, with a goal to own as much of the basic economy of those countries as possible. Vying with the large corporations that are present in those countries is my goal, those large corporations really only pandering to the 5% wealthy of the society who can afford their products. My acquisitions are strategically made to gain control over all the "small guys" on the street, the small mom and pop stores that no one cares about, because these are the businesses that the rest of the 95% of the population engage with.

I've been doing this in a variety of non-western countries, including some middle of the road countries - places like Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Pakistan, India, the Middle East - all over.

But I also have another goal. I collect "wives". I have at least fifteen already, most often requested by my character as part of the deal to increase the amount I'll purchase the business for. I have them all ages, from different countries. I have a need for new wives (it's the only way the families will give their daughters to me anyway, if I formally "marry" them), and I desire to make sure they are all impregnated as much as possible. It is part of my character's desire for his own "empire" in the world.

In this setting, my female writing partner can choose who and what she'd like to be. I was imagining someone young and petite, totally innocent, but aware of the situation she is getting into. But I'll let my partner decide how she'd want to enter into the story. There are lots of ways things could go. Each my character's "wives" get their own place, and sometimes he keeps one of them with him to make sure there's a good chance of them getting pregnant. There could be non con elements as well.

Obliviously this has the option to get other female writers involved as well (but if you'd like to keep it one on one in terms of writing that's fine), if we so choose to explore the dynamics of having an international harem of "wives" that may end up meeting each other from time to time. There may be much intrigue (plots to escape or encite rebellion), politics (plots to become more close to my character for the perks that it comes with), and other elements.

PM if interested.
My SRP profile.
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Conservative Cultures

If any female writers out there are from India or other such similar "Eastern" countries and are familiar with the culture around relationships between men and women, sex, etc, please PM me. I'd like to explore an RP writing idea with you - kind of a spin-off off of the above idea.

My SRP profile.
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I am looking for a man or woman willing to be a submissive to a demon futa. I am willing to add or change some kinks in my srp but here is what I want:


Magic spells that can either change or enhance a person


Use of sex toys


Cock worship

Cum inflation

Orgies and sex parties

Watching the Domme being pleasured by others

(If male) cock cages (if female) chastity belts

Orgasm denial or forced orgasm

Throat fucking

Nipple piercing (female character include clit)

Eating cum

Rim jobs

No control over what you wear

Again I am willing to leave some kinks out or add some. Please use the subject Demon Domme so I will know that you have actually read this post.
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Seeking an experienced writer as a Scientist/Doctor


An experimental drug is created that enhances breast size and firmness and creates a more hourglass figure on a woman. Narrow waist, plumper, firm ass. In addition, the experimental drug enhances libido and makes the orgasmic experience feel more intense.

A female client would be seeking out this doctor under different circumstances—perhaps she wants to be a certain type of model for a her career, change her body for herself or her partner, or she always wanted to be able to orgasm and has never had an orgasm, or she’d like to have a sexual experience with someone who is not her husband, but is technically not “cheating”. In the latter scenario, we could pretend that the female character is partipating in a drug study and is being paid well for her participation.

At times, we could include an “audience” as the doctor assesses her body and stimulates her sexually. . .to include voyeuristic, exhibitionistic, themes.

Very open to different ideas. Towards the end, if you like, the breasts could also produce milk or another substance that might enhance performance for males.
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A Couple Ideas

Morning Lit!

I'm looking to take on some more stories with female writers, so here are some ideas I've come up with:

The Hat Trick: This is about a guy who has sex with three different women over the course of a single day. I'd like to have at least one of the women be related to the main character, but outside of that, it's your call! If this idea interests you, please PM me with ideas for who the three women would be.

I'm also very open to playing three different men opposite a single woman. Please let me know who you'd like me to play if you want to take this angle.

Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer: When a college-aged guy walks in his house to see his friend fucking his mom, he seeks revenge by looking to fuck someone close to the friend. Soon enough, these two friends start to spend as much time as possible with each other -- but only to get to the women in the other's life.


If you have any other ideas that you'd like to run by me, please feel free to do so. Thanks for reading!
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Position has been filled. May open up a spot for another character in the future.
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*Currently not accepting invites to join other RPs right now. Thank you for the thought.

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Kicking around an idea.

She is a prostitute. Owned by the man she works for. Our fellow is a john. He falls for her. Wants to rescue her. Pays her debt. But as much as he thought he was going to set her free, he wants her for himself.

I tend to write very character driven stories. I enjoy detail and build up. Please pm with interest and we can work out the story.
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Still looking

Originally Posted by Steve5511 View Post
Searching for a female Co-writer. Looking to do a story of tease and denial. Your character would be kind of quiet and shy on the surface and in public. Behind closed doors though, her sensual and seductive and Femdom side comes out. This could also be a teacher/student or boss/secretary story.

Please PM me if interested.
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