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Looking for a roleplay partner, I enjoy incest, older younger, cheating spouses, pretty open minded so let me know if you're interested.
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Updated 1/31/17

Hi. I am new here -- as my post count attests -- but I have considerable real world writing experience and role play experience from other sexual and non-sexual sites.

I have a better than average grasp of the English language, and I check my spelling and grammar before posting, though -- like others -- I still sometimes make mistakes.

I prefer to play dominant characters but will write submissive ones as well.

I will write females as secondary characters in both sexual and nonsexual situations.

I like a lot of story to go with my sex, so if all you want is to fuck and suck, I am probably not your guy.

I post to all of my role plays at least once a day but usually more if my writing partners will do the same.

And I like a little color in my life ... meaning ... Literotica Role Plays tend to be filled with white characters. If you are of color in RL or wish to simply role play a character here who is, please let me know.

I have some ideas for RPs:

NEW 1x1 with a dominant female for a tribal character.

Me: A pilot lost in the wilds of deepest, darkest Africa.

You: The Queen of a tribe which has had no contact with the outside world. (Pic, presuming it doesn't get deleted. I don't know if IMGUR, my photo sharing site, allows nudity.)

Story: After my aircraft is damaged and crashes, I find myself in your hands. Oh, what shall you ever do with the pale man who fell from the skies?

NEW 1x1 with a female.

Me: Father of your friend and a portrait photographer by profession.

You: A high school senior, barely age 18.

Story: When you come to me for your senior portraits, I interest you in some modeling. Things get interesting, as you can probably guess. This is not a story of an older man taking advantage of a younger woman: my character will be suggestive but not aggressive. (I would like to find an online model, such as a young "porn queen", who pics we can use to illustrate the progression of the work. If you have an idea of who to use, let me know. Otherwise, I will simply look around for one when we begin.

Important Note: My ideal fellow writer would post nearly every day, preferably 2-5 times a day, sometimes as little as a couple of lines. This is a slow moving role play with a great deal of back and forth dialogue and movement, but if you are only going to post once a day, three or four times a week, we will never finish!

1x1 with a female (who will write 2 parts)

Me: A militia Commander; and an enlisted man.

You: A mother (34-42) and her daughter (18+).

Story: After a terrorist action lays waste to the United States (and much of the remaining world, directly and indirectly), society breaks down. Law and Order comes to an end, and power rests in the hands of those with the biggest stick. My Commander considers himself a benevolent leader of the small community under his thumb, but that doesn't mean he won't use his position and power to take advantage of his followers, particularly his female followers. Your characters come to be part of the community, and as such they are required to contribute. Your mother character would prefer her daughter not have to contribute on her back or knees. But hey, how long can that be avoided, right?

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I'm looking for a sister. I'd like to write a story based around secret perversions and deviant desires. College age-ish. The sister is a camgirl who specializes in getting high on cam and stuffing herself with toys. Also very much a lesbian, except for the weird secret kink she has for her brother. Brother is a drug-dealer and musician just barely scraping through college.

Dark, twisted. Bad situations, kinky resolutions. PM me and we can brainstorm.
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Looking for this

role filled. thanks.

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Originally Posted by LanaEide View Post
Hi I am new, and would like to do a roleplay with someone but don't know anyone. I would like to do one with me being a fantasy creature. Also would be a BDSM relationship, guidelines would be worked out in private message. Message me if you are interested, thank you. Also male roleplayer please.

Your private messages are turned off
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Originally Posted by The_J0k3R View Post
Your private messages are turned off
oh thanks didn't know, I'll change that.
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Happy Belated New Year Lads & Lasses

Looking for female co-writer(s) to join me in creative stories. You can have a look see at my SRP Profile and the threads & ideas I have washed around -- more directly, I am itching for a more character driven deeper story to stretch my creative legs.

I tend to post once or twice a week. The posts can range to (at the shortest) a couple of paragraphs, averaging three or four paragraphs, and depending on my inspiration would post a couple times a week (and I post only in SRP threads). This is about the joy of creating for me, so I love a good long development and good characters. So you can say, I am more about the ‘quality’ of posts more than the quantity.

If you have some stories you want to work on, I am always interested to hear them - but I have a few concepts (some old some new) to inspire:

Nerds - She's a nerd. She’s an actual nerd. Real nerds are ashamed to be called nerds, not calls themselves nerds to be trendy. She’s not wearing an actual nerd costume for halloween, it’s how she actually dresses. She wears glasses because she needs them to see. She has black hair because of genetics not dye, and it’s short because long hair itches and is hot. She likes games, syfy, and nerd stuff not to be ironic, but because it’s good. Maybe she has color on her skin because she went eventing last week, and it was outside. She doesn’t do it to be cute or flirty. She isn’t like those girls that wear skinny jeans and flashy blouses. She’s not that classically pretty that all the cool boys want to talk to. Cute guys aren’t supposed to talk to her. He shouldn’t be talking to her. He’s not supposed to be into the same things as her, or to be funny, and interested in her. He should be … well he should be with someone else … not her. So … why does he keep talking to her.

Kessel Run -- (Based on an unnamed rogue movie series that recently was ‘awakened’). It was not an argument of time, it was an argument of distance. You can make the run going as fast as you want, but to avoid getting scooped up and spat out you need to take a route that avoids those looking to impound your ship. That’s why the right navigator will find the route that will get you there in the shortest distance for the best investment. That’s why he needs a good crew, and sitting in the smuggler’s canteen, he waited for the right co-pilot to add. Though, it was getting so late, he was about to get desperate. (Not looking to use direct cannon or specific characters .. but to be honest, a little difference in alien species maybe part of my ‘interest’).

Eight Shows a Week -- The play was well into it’s second year of a long run. But the demand of eight shows a week is rough on anyone, so when the old lead male stepped down; they brought in a guy successful on the traveling version. The problem was, the two leads knew each other, and hated each other. Somehow, they would have to go on stage, put on that they madly, passionately, and physically in love with each other for eight shows a week - the same that they couldn’t stomach speaking to any other moment of the day. Surely all that time on stage together won’t break that ice, surely.

None of this is so hard set that we can’t discuss it - at the end of the day, this is a shared story so we both have to buy into the concept.

I’m always interested to hear your ideas as well - even if it goes in a different direction. If you are interested in these or any other ideas floating around, feel free to PM me. Every idea is up for discussion, and we can do whatever it takes to make it work.

---------------Get to Know Arctic Avenue---------------
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Looking to write a story loosely based off a novella found here https://www.literotica.com/s/a-masters-ring-book-01 in Lit's story site.

It's a story about a veteran going to university and he gets initiated into a secret society of masters and submissives. In the original it turned out much more like a harem story where a man collects a bevy of beautiful women as lovers. In this to make it manageable I'd like to cut the number of character down to only a handful of characters.

So I'll need one female cowriter to write first one character then a second and later a revolving door of characters for the third. Also I'd like to incorporate more bdsm elements into the story than the original had.

The first character is the hottest girl on campus. She was raised in a family within the society that is known to produce submissives for the masters in the society. So she was trained from a very young age to be an excellent sexual submissive. With mastery of a variety of sexual techniques and positions. And very experienced in using them. She's outgoing and confident.

The second character is the opposite. She's shy and quiet, and not experienced at all. She's from a family outside the society and the first in that family to go to college. She wouldn't have been able to at all if the Society behind the scenes hadn't recognized her potential as a submissive and hadn't offered her a full ride scholarship while arranging her to be roommates with the first character in order to woo her to their organization.

So in summation I'm looking for one girl to write a couple characters in this sometimes both in the same post. So if interested in this please send me a pm so we can discuss details further.
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The name of the game today is betrayal.

You have a husband (or boyfriend) who is the perfect man, on paper. If you have a list of what you want in a man, he checks every box. Looks, charm, devotion, wit, integrity, big cock, tickets to Hamilton, whatever it is that you look for in a man, he has it. None of the usual excuses for cheating are there. He doesn't neglect you, he isn't having an affair, doesn't leave you unsatisfied.

And yet, you find yourself drawn to me. I am his brother. Could maybe be a father or a son if you like an age gap, or a best friend, but I like brother. I do not look so good on paper. I have plenty of good qualities, to be sure, but I am a bit sleazy. I never have a serious girlfriend, but seem to have a different girl on my arm every time you see me, and if I haven't got one of my own, I have no qualms about taking someone else's. You know it's a terrible idea, but you find yourself wondering, wanting, wishing for me.

Then the moment comes. It's a party, everyone's there. You and your man are as happy as two people can be, except for your fixation on his brother. Then he gets a call. Mother's in the hospital, circling the drain. He is the responsible one, the one who has to be there immediately. He has to leave, right away. You (and I) are to follow a few days later. Just then, I show up. I haven't been drinking, so I offer to take him home and then to the airport. It's a bit of an emotional whirlwind, but we get him on the plane, and then we're alone together.

"Well," I say, glancing at my watch. "The party'll be over by the time we get back, but we could go to my place for a nightcap."
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Apollo Wilde
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This seat's taken!
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SRP Profile

My First Story

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Hi all!

I'm currently very much on the lookout for new SRP partners. I'm looking for men OR women, and we'll get on especially well if your interests include some of: BDSM, Spanking, Non-Con, Blackmail, Humiliation, Public Nudity, Bukkake, Facials. Should you be into the rarer fun of sploshing, bimbofication or bastinado, so much the better. I enjoy a range of scenes, modern, historical and fantastical, and post regularly. If you have any story ideas, or would like to work one one together, please say hi!

I do have some ideas rattling around, and these are offered purely as a starting point, so if they float your boat, we can begin to work out a scene around them,

Cleaning Up

She is the hated, bullying CEO of an investment bank. He is down on his luck after the army, cleaning her offices to make a living. When he discovers evidence of vast insider trading,cides that he can use it to blackmail her into the most humiliating punishments imaginable....

The PE Mistress

She made his life a misery at school; as a vicious PE Mistress. Now, she is trawling through dating sites, looking for some younger cock. She doesn't recognise him at first, as he has buffed up physically, and is hyper-successful. But he knows her, and he knows exactly how to make her suffer for what she put him through a decade earlier....

Batgirl in Arkham

After the Joker planted evidence, Barbara finds herself on her way to Arkham Asylum. Once there, every villian in the Bat-universe lines up to take a unique and terrible revenge on our crime-fighting redhead...


For fans of the TV show - Alex Parrish and/or Shelby Wyatt take on their toughest undercover assignment yet....
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Happy 2017 everyone, looking forward to some great role playing fun this year!

Seeking a female companion for the following:

Chase Daniels was a hot shot junior lawyer, only a couple years removed from law school. Working at one of the largest firms in Chicago things certainly seemed to be going his way in life. High rise downtown condo, sports car, designer suits, etc. While getting dates was certainly not an issue what he really wanted was someone who could challenge him, who could be his equal or even get the better of him from time to time. After all, winning your whole life gets boring after awhile.

Occupying the office across the hall she seemed to always follow him wherever he went in life. His father the head of a major construction company, her father the head of one of the largest law firms in Chicago. They went to the same east coast boarding schools, both went to Yale undergrad and Harvard law. Both incredibly smart and talented, Chase preferring a bit more fun in his life than she did. And now here they were, working for her father's law firm. While her father loved Chase like the son he never had ultimately everyone knew the firm would be her's one day and he had no chance at beating that.

I'm looking for a female to occupy the role of my counterpart who's father runs the firm. While we are competitive there is no overt hostility between us. Rather this is two rivals coming together.

Please let me know if interested, thank you. ;-)
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Deleted and posted elsewhere

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I have 1 writer. Need 2 or more more to start.

"Pest Control: Eradicating the Human Pest"

This will be a small group role play: 3-5 writers with 3-15 on again, off again characters.

An alien race has arrived at Earth with the intent of making themselves to home, but before they can do that they need to eliminate the currently dominant species, humans.

This is going to be dark, brutal, and tragic. Characters will die. (I suggest you create more than one! )

I will write the aliens, one or two primary human characters (whose primary purpose is to provide exposition), and some secondary human characters as needed.

Can you survive the eradication of the human pest?

Writers for whom I am looking:
Those who check their spelling, grammar, and punctuation before posting.

Those who will post almost every day with a total of 5-10 posts a week. If you have more than 1 character or characters who are significant to the story, you need to post more. If you would not be holding up other writers by not posting that often then you can post less often. Common sense, common courtesy.
BTW, while there will be opportunities for sexual interaction, this is primarily a non-sexual story and, as such, will be hosted in the Online Role Play forum. Because it is not a sexual role play, I would appreciate if you either end your sex scenes in a handful of posts or write them fade-to-black.

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day to day fun

Hello literotica peeps.

I am in search of a female writing companion that enjoys roleplay along with live chat interspersed throughout most days. I am not interested in a writing companion that I have no connection with beyond the story we are working on.

It is the intelligence and duality of having sexy stories being co-created and a background personal connection as well that I seek. Flirtation and mental intimacy within and outside of the stories we write will be integrated.

I am open to many themes and varieties as we explore our inner sexual interests. I have written with vanilla writers and many various others. Kik and Yahoo are options, Daytime flirting and possible pic sharing is not out of the question once trust levels are comfortable on both sides.

Feel free to pm or email sot1974@yahoo.com
"As soon as I saw you, I had plans.

kik id sot1974
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Vegas Bachelorette Party

Hey Lit!

I'm looking for a female writer to play out a bachelorette party in Vegas. We can discuss scene details over PM, but I'd prefer that there are at least three female characters involved -- the bride-to-be, her mom and the groom's mom. I'm very open to including other bridesmaids as well.

I'd love to keep it as a 1-on-1 RP, with each of us writing for multiple characters, but I'm open to multiple female writers. I prefer to do all of the male writing.

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The Tragic Princess
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I'm switching things up this time!!!


Still another incest story, but this time I want to take the role of the older brother and in this I will also be controlling dad. I am looking for a little sister and some to play the victims. It may be a while for things to happen with bro and sis, it may not. It all depends on how the story goes.

This is a bit of a darker story. The whole 'victims' thing probably gave that away.

Dad... is a serial rapist and killer. Sis doesn't know, but my character is forced to be dear old dads accomplice. Mom is dead and the only person you can rely on is me. You have no idea of dad's hobby... and I want to keep it that way.

I start to notice that dad starts looking at you differently. Every time he says how pretty you are or how much you look like mom it makes my skin crawl. After a while it becomes very apparent who his next target is.

Sooooo yeah kinda dark lol message me if interested!
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hey! 29/m looking for females to write some fun stuff trough threads or pm's here are some ideas i have but i welcome new ones:

1.my character is a telekinesis user who hunts other magic and ability users who use their powers agaisnt the law, the setting is modern but with said abilities, he could come to get your characters but she could convince him to let her free in change of her servitude to him.

2. a college student earns some extra cash teaching spanish as a tutor, your character is a young women who tease him until he decides to make her his slave.
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Cause I hate typing twice...follow the link.
Please and Thank You

More than meets the eye
You can call me Grdy and I'm only here for the SRPs
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A few thread ideas needing a male cowriter. Length of post not a major issue frequency of posts of st least a few times a week preferred. Some fairly mundane romantics some paranormal. Equal story and sex.


1. Writers ménage one male to play two characters a vampire and a were feline.

2. Primal Balance

Mundane Romantic.

1. Bodyguard... Lover... and Friend

2. Hearts of Gold and Stone

3. Her past is present
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Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a female writing partner who would be interested in writing the following (non-con) story with me:

My character is a successful physician - sought-after, smart, wealthy - even has good looks to boot. Outwardly, he looks to be the picture-perfect man (and though he never settled down, people in his circle of work simply assumed he was a playboy of sorts). And they weren't too far off from the truth, except he hides something sinister within him. His desire for control runs deep, and so he feeds his darker, controlling side with regular servings of women. Women who have been leading normal lives, that he "acquires", and then breaks - within the confines of his home. The sight of a woman subjugated to him in this way is exhilerating, and the process of "converting" a woman to her rightful place, even more so.

In this case the situation is different than in the past. Usually he will make a purchase from traders, who have taken a girl from her rightful home or place of work. But currently he has laid eyes on your character, a young woman and daughter of a successful businessman, whose business is going down hill. It so happens that my character can help, but that help will come at a price...

Your character would be utterly aghast, shocked, horrified by her predicament. And her horror won't lessen, until she's "fixed". But that will take some time.

(If you'd be interested in someone who starts out as non-con but then realizes - to her dismay - that she actually deep down has a need for this kind of control, that would be fine. If you'd like to play it so that she literally has to be completely broken in order to become his slave, then that's fine as well) Either way please be warned that the first few interactions will certainly be fully non-con.

PM me if interested.

This story taken, thanks!
I am TheLostWriter.

Here is my SRP Profile.

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I have a thread idea in need of a female co-author. It's a bit of a revenge tale with some elements of non-consent and perhaps humiliation. How gentle or harsh this is completely negotiable with the co-author.

My character is currently a very successful entrepreneur in a fictional land that still hews to an ancient tradition of indentured servitude. Individuals whose debts are truly egregious can either go to prison or agree to restitution by selling themselves into servitude. Such cases are sufficiently rare that servants are regarded as status symbols amongst the wealthy elite. Wanting to fit in with high society, I attend an auction.

I'm subsequently surprised to see your character on the list for sale. Seems your arrogant father thought he'd come make a fortune here in this "backward land" and wholly underestimated the risks. Now deep underwater financially, he's selling everything he can, including his daughter.

This is a a boon to me because years before in school, you were the queen bee of teenage society who took great delight in being mean and snarky to anyone you considered less popular, less wealthy, and less attractive. Oftentimes that included me, and particularly so once you found out an embarrassing secret that you could blackmail me with. You made my life hell for a year holding that leverage over me.

But now I can turn the tables. As my servant, I can do most anything I want with you. Revenge will be sweet.

If we've not written together before, please check out the SRP profile link in my signature and peruse some of my other threads. I tend to write at length and in detail, so I strongly prefer co-authors with similar styles. Any female authors that have questions or interest in the thread should send me a PM. I look forward to hearing from you.

Likes & Dislikes: SRP Profile
updated May 2016
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An Impossible Relationship

I'm looking for a female writing partner to play the role of a petite, innocent virgin girl from a conservative family whose older brother, a drug addict, sells her off to my character for a hefty sum. My character is a well-off businessman who starts out essentially as a heartless owner of your character, using her as he pleases. Between "sessions" however she is left to live her own life in his estate, him calling on her to help with various tasks. Slowly, over time, an odd kind of relationship actually begins to develop, as your character breaks under the duress of the circumstances, and my character softens to her by interacting with her during their "non-intimate" times. An unusual relationship where your character becomes psychologically dependent on mine (after all she was steadily broken in as a sex slave and house help), whereas mine is now longing for her to develop her own indepdendence, after what he has done to her, is the end result. Of course it can probably never happen, but we can talk more about how you'd like to see things work out.

This story would require being comfortable/enjoying writing non-con scenarios, but also a penchant for unusual psychological circumstances.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions based on the above theme.

This story is taken, thanks!
I am TheLostWriter.

Here is my SRP Profile.

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Fun with Portals (and Men)

Here's another one for a female writer.

An alternative universe Earth has men as the rather inferior sex, used by women for their pleasure and for reproductive purposes. They aren't officially slaves, but they're not all that much better. It is understood in society that men have a significantly second-class status. Women are exclusively the leaders, the generals, get paid much better (or get paid at all), you name it. Then a virus wipes out the men's fertility, and threat of extinction is at hand. While men can still be enjoyed for pleasure (and of course there are women who really celebrate this new development) the majority are of course concerned for the longevity of the human race.

A chemical that can be injected into fertile men and cause them to generate artifical semen using the man's underlying genetic code is developed by a group of genius scientists (mostly female) - but it's just not the same in consistency, taste, experience -and, the humans produced by these means are prone to illness, mental retardation, and even the ones that come out good just can't perform like the men of old used to.

In steps my character who (conveniently, and yes, rather comically) steps through a portal to this alternative universe that he finds in a chest in his dead father's basement. Ha. My character of course is a young, attractive professor of biology - who also so happens to ride a Harley Davidson and has his fair share of women.

You choose who you'd want your character to be, and please send any ideas for how you'd like to see things play out once he steps through that portal!

PM if interested.
I am TheLostWriter.

Here is my SRP Profile.
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