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Strangers on a Train

Tom wanted this - to have two hung blacks fuck his ass at the same time. Tom wanted male sex of any variety, to revel in his queerness, his love of the male organ.

"Yeah, yeah you two fuck me. Somebody lay on the floor and get it up my ass while I ride it for you. Then somebody get behind me and shove your cock on top of the bottom guy's. . . destroy my white faggot ass"

Zander and Jerome looked at each other in amazement. This fucking guy was crazy or something.

"OK white boy. C'mon."

All three men got out of the cramped bathroom.

Jerome laid on the floor of the sleeping room with his massive coal black dick standing up like a flagpole. Tom staddled his chest, and moved backwards to get Jerome's meat into his tight white anus.

Tom gripped Jerome's dick and placed the big mushroom at the tip of his anus. He was lubed and horny, and pushed back smoothly, taking the entire cock into his asshole. It felt like a warm overstuffed slab of sausage.

"oh fuck goddamn its huge, Oh geezuz god fuck yes I LOVE IT" bellowed Tom.

Zander saw the white man's zeal and got between Jerome's legs on his knees, and placed his black dick carefully against Jerome's fuck pole, pressed both together, and slid his black prick in slowly, gliding along Zander's prick, tearing the white guys ass to pieces with every inch of dick that he had pushed in.

Now both blacks were balls deep in this white faggot's ass. He was groaning, whimpering, on fire with homosexual lust.

"fuck it, fuck my ass now, c'mon fuckin give it to me"

The two blacks moved as one. Slowly, careful not to have one cock slip out while the other stayed in. Zander and Jerome had done this double fuck a number of times and Tom's gripping spread ass felt amazing against their dicks. So they fucked him seductively. Two long thick cocks violating their faggots backside.

It looked so sexy, a cute white ass completely stuffed with Negro cocks. They plunged in together, like two trees into a small white thimble.

The two growled as Tom wailed aloud. He was now a forever queer. Taking two black men into his once virgin ass and being fucked like a male whore. Which Tom now was. In spite of the incredible mass of dick inside his violated anal tunnel, when the the two dark dicks were withdrawn back near his O ring, Tom pushed back hard, impaling himself in this wild interracial fuckfest.

The three men enjoyed this filthy sex, the married man taking these enormous cocks in glee, and after a few minutes of this depravity both Jerome and Zander's mighty cocks convulsed and shot cum like a fire hose deep into the married man's plundered ass.

Both came almost at the same time, and thick cream shot up and flowed back, dripping out of Tom's supremely fucked ass. Then Tom's cock erupted and blasted over Jerome's stomach and chest.
Love everything about sex, and pleasing other people.

Guys, please PM me if your are bi-curious or gay. Nothing turns me on more as I stroke it imagining that I am sucking your dick. . .
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