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Question Flirting / Fucking Your Boss?

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My neighbor's new cow-orker at the local minimart is fucking their boss. Oh yeah, that'll be great for career advancement. But she's excused from cleaning the restrooms -- my neighbor is stuck with that. Oh yeah, ethnic tensions are involved here, too.

Have you cow-orkers who'll resent your possible relationship with your boss? Is your boss married? Could a relationship, revealed, damage the community standing of you, him, the firm? Do you see (or care) about any long-term prospects?

The heart does what it must. Yes, you could grow together. Is that likely?
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just this guy, you know?
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most employers and bosses know that sex with someone reporting to them is bad news; it makes for tawdry gossip. based upon your post, it seems like the only reason you're interested is simply because you haven't been with someone in a while and here's this person with whom you actually have some chemistry. if there's more to it, you haven't articulated it.

so from a risk/reward standpoint, i'm not sure there's a lot that you offer to overcome that.

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Fucking the boss. Not usually a good idea. But I've done it. More than once. Office romances.
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