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skates like Eck
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Senator McCain confronted by Frankenvoters he created

In the old films, Frankenstein's monster was chased by the villagers. The villagers yelled and waved their pitchforks.
This week, McCain was chased by the monsters he created. McCain wore his Compassionate Conservative mask.

"We are a Judeo-Christian nation." (That statement won McCain attention from citizens, who are not of the Judeo- Christian persuasion.)
- John McCain

McCain's monsters did not buy McCain's new act- They howled and moaned the slogans from the old Wing Nut act.

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Splendid Isolation
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You would have thought he would have learned from this...

But I get the feeling that McCain is as far gone as the whackadoos. He's embraced the insanity; let him wallow in the muck with them.
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Blunted Reality
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it doesn't matter what you think.....
keep yourself Entertained.
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