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This was the opening to a sci-fi post apocalyptic novel I had in mind...unfortunately the characters took me to a dark place I couldn't handle. I still can't really handle it now, six years later. I doubt if I will ever be able to handle it. It is unedited, so pardon the typos and grammar errors.

May 27, 2009

A new and deadly strain of swine flu kills sixteen hundred people in Mexico City. Swine flu is found in five states in America and four countries in Europe.

June 10, 2009

Twenty seven hundred more people die of swine flu in Mexico. Two hundred people die in Texas, another one hundred in Arizona. Two thousand people die in Europe. Panic begins to spread throughout the western world. So far Asia is the only region unaffected by the disease, except Japan where three hundred cases have been reported. The pandemic that everyone was so worried about has occurred, but it didn’t start in Asia as is thought it might.

June 25, 2009

Thirty thousand die in Mexico, twenty thousand deaths are report along the border states, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, with Mexico. Travel is restricted in the U.S. Southern California is ravage by the flu, fifty thousand cases report as of today. Western European countries are decimated, half a million deaths in France, Spain, Germany and Poland. World health organizations are at a loss as to how they should combat this virulent strain. Every day thousands of cases are reported.

July 4, 2009

It was reported today that less than one percent of those infected with swine flu survive. Population centers around the world are deserted as the survivors flee the infection. Russia, thought to be unaffected by the epidemic, today requested medical aid from the United States. They reported the death toll to be three quarter of a million people so far, with another half a million cases reported. The Red Cross reported today that North Korea has unreported cases of the flu and estimates that more than half of the population of that isolated country have died.

In the United States only ten cases have been reported in states other than Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, three of them in Las Vegas, Nevada. Canada today reported its first case of the flu in Montreal.

December 25, 2009

So far half the population of the world is dead. Only three places so far have been unaffected, Iceland, Alaska and Hawaii. Those who are left have deserted the cities and returned to the countryside. End Report.


She braced her rifle against the tree as she waited for the deer in the field to stop. He dropped his head to nibble at some spring grass. As he chewed, he scanned the tree line in front of him. Gently squeezing the trigger the woman could feeling the stock kick her shoulder from the recoil. The buck dropped where he stood. As she rose from her crouch next to the tree, three others appeared out of the grass in front of her.

“Good shot Sue,” John yelled.

“Thanks,” Sue shouted back as she hurried to catch up with them.

Today was her graduation from training. She would now be able to go on scouting trips and medical runs when needed. Susan was a doctor by training and now she was also a frontiersman by necessity and training.


It had been ten years since the pandemic of swine flu had flashed around the world decimating population centers and wiping out half the people on the planet.

Susan and her friend Michelle had worked feverishly for two and a half years to help the sick, but in the end, they could only try to make them comfortable. The clinic they ran started out with fifteen doctors. Some Sue had known for ten years or more, some she had just met. After two years only five doctors remained. Three had died the others had fled. Those that remained stayed on another half year.

That is when John and Jenny, old patients and friends of Sue and Michelle, showed up with a caravan of trucks, military trucks. The trucks were full of supplies and people. John asked Sue and the others if they would like to accompany them. John told them of a compound not far from the city they were going to live.

John sent all the truck but one on with his friend Waylon, while the doctors and their families decided. In the end they all chose to go with John and Jenny. In the end they all knew there was nothing they could do about the epidemic but to let it run its course. In the ten years they had occupied the compound only two cases of the flu presented. One person, a young woman survived, the other person didn’t. Those two cases were the only case and they happened in the first year. After that the compound had little contact with the outside world.

In the beginning there were excursions into the surrounding area to pick up relatives of those in the compound. A trip was even made to northern Wisconsin. Susan and Michelle, along with John, Jenny, Waylon and four other men made the trip in a duce and a half. John, Waylon and the other men were armed to the teeth. Jenny carried a shotgun and a sidearm. Michelle and Susan had backpacks loaded with medical supplies.

The trip was being made to pickup John and Jenny’s grandchildren. They had gotten word that they were with their other grandparents when the pandemic hit and were now stuck in Wisconsin. It was a six-hour drive to the house where the children were staying.

As they pulled up in front of the house, the four men deployed first. Then John and Jenny climbed out followed by Waylon. Sue and Michelle stayed in the truck. John and Jenny calmly walked up to the door and knocked. An old man with a pistol in his hand opened the door. He started yelling at John and Jenny and waving his pistol in their faces.

A young boy about twelve came to the door and started to argue with the old man. The boy took the gun away from the old man and handed it to Jenny. Jenny then hugged the boy. The old man threw up his hands and turned his back on the trio. A young girl of about fourteen or fifteen soon joined Jenny and the boy. Jenny was crying as were the children.

John went inside to talk to the old man, Waylon followed. Jenny, crying all the way, walked with the children to the back of the truck where Michelle and Sue helped them in. Michelle examined the girl and Sue the boy, who was embarrassed to be poked and prodded by a girl. Jenny just sat there with the biggest smile on her face and tears streaming down her face.

As the doctors examined the children, the boy, Mike, told Jenny what had happened since the flu had hit. It seems his mother and grandmother both caught the flu and died. Their grandpa hadn’t and the three of them had been living all shut up in the house for the past six months. They were just about to run out of food when John and Jenny showed up.

John and Waylon returned to the truck, as did the four other men. John asked Mike to come inside and try to talk some sense into his grandfather, as he refused to come with them. Mike stuck out his hand to Jenny who handed him the pistol he took from his grandfather. He then climbed down and went with John and Waylon only to return in five minutes. Mike was crying, all the while trying not too. John was just shaking his head and Waylon was as somber as ever.

They all climbed in the truck and started to drive away. A single shot rang out and Mike buried his face in Jenny’s shoulder. The young girl, Ashia, asked Mike if grandpa was dead. When Mike shook his head yes, she waved at the house and said “bye grandpa.”

That was all behind them now. Ten years of living off the land and cultivating the land within the compound. Ten years of almost complete isolation waiting for the world outside to resettle into its new order. From what they could determine through shortwave radio broadcasts things were settling down. The flu had run its course and the second dark ages were beginning to end. Reports from around the world were that half the population of the world had been wiped out. China suffered the worst, half a billion Chinese dead. Russia was the next hardest hit, two hundred and fifty million souls. The US was a little better off, only seventy five million lost. Mexico was by far the worst hit as ninety-nine percent of the population was wiped out.

In the US large population centers were abandoned. New York, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, Denver, Dallas all ghost towns, as people returned to the small community of so long ago. The country was once again wide open, centralized government was all but non-existent. Local government wasn’t in much better shape. Small villages held their own elections, decided their own laws. Once again the power was with the people.


Sue stood as she watched the men butcher the deer. She had already passed that test last time she was out with a hunting party. She smiled as she congratulated herself on a job well done. Even five years ago she knew she could never do what she had just done. With her training taking a life was incomprehensible. She was a doctor and life was scared, but she had come to realize the world had changed almost overnight and to survive one had to do things that just a short time ago would have seemed unlikely.

Sue never thought that she would see the downfall of the global village. A downfall so swift her children would not remember the luxuries they had just ten short years ago. They would know a hard life. A life of survival, not quite what she and her husband had planned. Her husband, Mark, he had surprised her early on. He had taken charge of designing and constructing the new building needed in the compound. All done to a code he, himself wrote.
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Some interesting stuff. But maybe this would be a more productive thread if we encouraged (productive) comment. Just a suggestion.
‘Writing is the ultimate decision-making experience. Every paragraph, every sentence, every word, is a decision.’ – Michael Bremer
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This is my Far Cry 3 fantasy I started a while ago, but I never got around to wrap everything up with more scenes:

Callum wanted her ass ever since they met on the cruise ship. But Tisha was ex-military, always on her guard and with a sidearm at her fingertips. She knew how to protect herself. And no wonder, she always kept herself in top shape.

“I have you now, darling.”

There was no point fighting anymore, he had her pinned down on the ground. Breathing heavily right into her face, his blue eyes locked onto hers.

Secretly, she wanted him as well.

He pushed her legs apart with his knees and pushed his body into her, just to show her who’s in charge. The look in her eyes gave her away. Desire and lust filled her eyes, biting her lower lip and feeling the wetness down below. It took over her self-defence and she finally let herself go.

She became harmless. When he was certain about this, he finally proceed by pulling up her tanktop and kissed and licked around her belly. He was still pushing her arms above her head with one hand, but the grip was slowly letting go. Together they pulled her tanktop off and Callum finally got to look and taste her perky breasts. He licked her aroused dark nipples, then dragged his tongue across her neck until he pushed inside her mouth, frenching her as deep as he could.

As he was getting busy with her gorgeous upper body, his left hand found a way past her white pants and into her sex. His long fingers started dancing in and around her now dripping clit. She wanted to scream, but he kept his mouth hard pressed onto hers, muffling her pleasures. She wiggled her hips around to push herself onto his hand even more, but Callum didn’t bother to pull down her pants, he was satisfied enough with the fingering already. Tisha was on the edge, she finally separated her lips from his tongue, arched her head back and scream her orgasm away. Her liquids burst out, filling his fingers and soaking her pants

Satisfied, he pulled his soaked fingers from her cunt to enjoy her taste. She was heavenly, he cleaned off all his fingers without giving anything to her.
“Bastard.” She smugly replied. Callum didn’t say a word, just smiled and enjoyed her, then proceed to remove his trousers and expected a returned favor. He laid on the ground and she got down on his dick.

Tisha was an expert in this, already sucked through countless black and white dicks during her military career, before meeting Callum and other two on the cruise ship. The thought of surrendering her body to all three men at once was constantly filling her mind.

She grabbed his not yet fully erect dick and gave it a couple of swirls with her tongue around the tip, then dragged all the way down to the balls. She pumped with one hand and took his cum-filled scrotum in her mouth, licking and sucking at the same time. Pre-cum was starting to ooze out, she returned up again and took his cock all the way in her throat. Callum grabbed her head and pushed his body towards her, to help her getting it all in.
“Ohhh, Tish, you’re one amazing cocksucker...” He barely let out, breathing heavily and trying to hold back to make this last as long as possible.

But she was relentless, switching between blowjob and handjob while licking his balls, until he finally exploded into her throat. He timed it perfectly. Just as she was in a BJ cycle, he grabbed her head and pushed her all the way to his body, while pushing his hips upwards with every load. She was taken by surprise, he didn’t announce his orgasm, like other guys. She was getting filled with jizz, but his hands were too strong, she couldn’t pull off his dick! She started to swallow but he came so much it felt like she’s gonna drown with it.

His grip was finally letting her go, she gasped for air as she was coughing and spitting out his load. “C’mon Tish, don’t waste it like that.” He made fun of her.
“Fuck you, Callum!” He enjoyed the sight, she was staring at him all fired up, on all fours with his cum still dripping from her sexy lips.
“Hey!”, he got up and grabbed her. “We’re far from done here, darling.” He jumped behind her and started to pull her pants down with one hand while pushing her body down with another. “Stop snaking around, will ya!” He smacked her ass to settle her down.

He pushed her pants low enough to reveal her bubble black butt and expose her slit for his taking. He immediately stuck two fingers up her pussy, then approached his head and started to lick her asshole. She stopped struggling as emotions took over her. She braced with her hands, lowered her upper body to the ground and pushed her ass into his face. Once he pulled her clothes completely off her legs, she was finally able to spread those gorgeous legs wide for him. He once again threw his tongue and fingers onto her delicious pink pussy and ass.
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I needed God. It was hypocritical of me since I never really believed. I couldn’t fathom his existence, so I ignored the issue altogether in the past. If God wished me to know of him, he would have simply stopped by and said hello. The lack of an introduction meant God didn’t exist, or he didn’t give a shit. To me, clergy were no different than used car salesmen promising an eternity of maintenance free driving.

More blood seeped through my fingers. God would be handy right now. The wound was probably deep. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it should. That was disconcerting. I tried to reach across my body to open the car door. My twisting torso hurt more than I thought it should. That was disconcerting as well.

My car had spun laterally in the collision. The car that hit mine overturned and rolled into a wire fence that separated the desert proper from the pavement. It steadied after it rocked on its hood twice. I pushed the bloody airbag back and spat some of the powdery residue from my mouth. The pink mist I created frightened me. I licked my finger and it came back bright red. Most disconcerting. I was dying.

My head fell back against the broken headrest. I slowed my breathing and tried to feel how bad my insides were. I reevaluated my need of God. I actually needed him not to exist. For if he did, I was screwed. Hell would have been devising my eternity with relish. As a human being, I sucked. I coughed up some blood that was blocking the back of my throat as I wondered if I could drown in my own fluids.
I write because I dream.
I dream because I'm bored.
I'm bored because my life isn't as fun as my writing.

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Harry happily watched the Mexican girls lick his cock and balls. Sisters! Or so they said, and who was he to doubt them? Of age, they said. Harry tugged one girl's dusky leg over his head; his tongue probed her curls and furls. Yes, he faintly thought, she tastes old enough.

Harry felt his groin grind under him, a foreshadowing, an announcement -- here cums!

And he came and came, deep into the hungry mouth of Maria and Lucia, or Juanita and Marina, or whomever he had hired. His precious bodily fluids went thataway. His spent cock slipped away.

Splendid! Harry snuggled the two soft tawny babes. Now if he could only rest a bit...


The producer and director wanted BEN HUR to look a certain way, and set decorator Harry Oliver made that happen. But nobody was changing sets right now. There was no need to interrupt his entertainment. He pushed the one girl off his face and pulled the other over. Ah, tasty!

Waves pounded the shoreline at Pismo Beach, two hundred miles north of Hollywood, the best expanse of sand to be had this side of Los Algodones or the Sahara. Chariots racing across the dunes were spectacular. That mammoth palisade was a peice of work; Harry's touches made it sing.

Other singing was heard. Someone hand-cranked a turntable and put on a Caruso record. Christ, what a racket!
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A few months ago, someone proposed to write a storyboard-type story. Here's his first outline:

Our Story begins with our hero Draven who is known all around the world and universe as a conquering hero who will always help anyone in need no matter what. I fly above the city of Metropolis when I hear a woman screaming for help and I use my super human hearing to pinpoint where the scream for help is coming from and speed to the downtown Central Metropolis Park, I land on my feet and see a woman in the distance, "Excuse me Ma'am, Ma'am are you alright."

Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Here's my reply:

The woman removes her dark glasses, revealing glowing violet eyes which pierce right into Draven's mind. He takes a step back, surprised.

"Konnichiwa, Draven-san. I've just moved into town and I wanted to meet the local big man."

"Are you the one who called for help, ma'am?"

"Actually, she is."

The woman points to the nearby pond where two men have stripped a very young woman and are unzipping their pants.

With a gasp, Draven recognized the naked woman. She's his sister who doesn't know that her big brother is the powerful super hero. He's always resisted using his super powers to spy on her, so he's stunned for a moment at the sight of the sexy petite five-four figure of the girl who is always so modest even around their parent's house. The last time he saw her in a bathing suit, she was fourteen, the summer before he went to College and met his Destiny.

He takes in the firm B-cups with the pinkish small nipples, the flat stomach, the bulging mound. His super vision sees the drops of cream at the edges of her flaring lips and his super sense of smell detects the unmistakable scent of an aroused female.

Two seconds later, he's holding the men by the collar of their hoodies... and his sister is screaming at him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, you big bully?"

"These miscreants were about to rape you, miss. I saved you."

"What a moron! This is my boy toy and his brother. Ever heard of a role playing fantasy? Let them go so I can fuck their brains out. The real rescuer is due here in thirty minutes to take over once I've burned them out... Unless you want to take their place? How much stamina does a super moron have?"

Blushing a fiery red, Draven drops the two would-be rapists and turns to find the woman who lured him to this embarrassing situation, but there's no trace of her. Literally no trace, even with all his powers.

It's like she was never there.

Then I sent what I thought a real story outline should look like:

Ten years earlier at the English Lit faculty of University of South Carolina in Columbia, a young Asian woman sat on the front lawn, observing a very ordinary student taking advantage of the beautiful day to lounge on the grass... and to smoke some.

‘That’s supposed to be the famous Draven’s successor? No way!’ She thought. ‘There has to be a catch. Why would Master Manjirō want me to seduce him so he’ll miss his appointment with Destiny? We’d be better off letting him become Metropolis’ new guardian. It would make our takeover that much easier.’

Hisako was about to take a break from her assignment and walk to the student bar to see if she could score some young virgin -- she was down two against her friend Mary Sue – when a gorgeous tall, really tall brunette stopped to talk to her target.

The chick must be at least six-seven. Her buzz cut brown hair and lean ripped body made her either butch or military. Hisako didn’t care either way. All she saw was the long powerful runner’s legs she’d love to have wrapped around her head as she feasted on her, the tight ass she was sure she could bounce a quarter off of, the buff back and sides she could see between the crop top and the Spandex shorts promising not a single ounce of fat, the wide torso and strong shoulders of a body builder, the muscles along the arms more than suggesting she could pound her forever with the long thick fingers on her big hands.

>Turn around bitch.< She ordered silently. >Show me what you’ve got.<

In a natural movement, the woman looked over her shoulder and followed her gaze with her body. She stretched her arms over her head, running her fingers through her short hair, exposing herself to the concupiscent observer. Her small breasts were firm, the hard nipples clearly visible through the stretchy material of the tight top. Her belly rippled as she moved this way and that in an unconsciously seductive twist. The inseam of the sports shorts molded her so closely that Hisako could tell she was shaved, a Brazilian cut, at least.

With a hand behind her head, keeping her body at full extension, she let the other one slowly run down her face, pulling at her lips, sucking a fingertip while it was there, trailing her fingers down her long strong neck, over her collarbone she traced for a second, running them on the side of her breast, then her belly, to slip them inside the top of her pants.

Panting, Hisako was about to reveal her presence when the guy called to the woman of her current dream. Seeming to snap out of a daze, she shook herself and turned back to him.

Enraged, she lashed at the nearest target, a group of jocks crowding two women who clearly had no interest in them.

>Go fuck each other under the bleachers!<

She knew she wasn’t supposed to use her power in such a childish manner, but she was so hot for the tall butch that she didn’t care if the women’s soccer team was practising on the field at that moment.

Master Manjirō had forbidden any mystical attack on the target and that was not a prohibition lightly overlooked. She shivered as she remembered the last woman who had gone against his wishes. She had taken a week to die under atrocious tortures – Hisako had noted a few for future reference. In fact, she died in such a short time only because the Master got bored with her and chose to distract himself with one of his young disciples.

The competition for his attentions had been fierce, but they were forbidden to kill each other for the privilege. She had lost to Ingrid who convinced her closest rival to stick a double-headed dildo in the screaming bloody woman on the rack and to ride her. Master Manjirō laughed at the prank and rewarded her mastery at mind control by taking her to his pleasure tower for three days.

They all heard her scream in near continuous orgasms out of the windows left purposefully open and could only gnash their teeth, planning the next competition.

The fateful night was three days away. That must be an omen.

When tall and gorgeous walked away from the target, she followed her, making her presence known in increments so anyone looking her way would think she had been there all along, not that she had appeared out of nowhere.

Hisako grinned when she saw the woman walk to a classic cherry red Firebird. She had a thing for muscle cars.

She walked up to her, playing the damsel in distress to the hilt. Hisako shivered in anticipation as the woman’s eyes caressed her body going up from her purple tennis shoes, to the multicolored leggings fitting her like a second skin so the contours of her shaved mound might as well be fully exposed – Hisako concentrated a moment and the woman gasped as she thought she saw her lips pout and expel a goodly amount of cream which she could see stain the pants --, to the fishnet crop top where her breasts played peek-a-boo through her long black hair, finally arresting on the most beautiful face she had ever seen with its delicate features, from the full lips slightly pouting as if begging to be kissed, the high cheekbones and the perfect oval violet eyes that were twinkling with merriment.

She didn’t have to use much glamour. Hisako knew she had her from the moment the woman became aware of her walking her way. She gave her a sob story about an important appointment and a broken car as she gradually invaded her personal space and her mind. By the time she had her hands on the woman’s sides, caressing the surprisingly soft skin, they both knew where this was going. The woman scooped her by putting both hands on her ass and sat her on the hood of her car. While she had her in the air, she showed her strength by lifting her so their lips could meet without her having to bend.

Hisako liked aggressive women. It made overpowering them so much more fun.

When she was sitting on the car, she wrapped her legs around the woman’s thighs to keep her in place and lifted her top so she could suck her nipples. The woman arched her back in pleasure, oblivious to the other students walking around in the parking lot.

She moaned loudly when Hisako pulled her shorts down below her ass – it was indeed as hard as she had thought – so she could finger her to a quick orgasm to reinforce her commands.

The woman lowered glazed eyes to Hisako. She looked at her in adoration, willing to submit to her every wish.

The next three days would be fun indeed.


Hisako was sodomizing the butch with a thick strap-on when she happened to look at the clock.

Shit! The kid was due to meet the dying Draven for the transfer of power in only an hour.

Well, she had plenty of time to finish her unwilling if fully satisfied lover before she had to drive to the woods where Destiny was about to strike.

With a last flurry of pounding, she brought herself to a crashing orgasm from the extension buried in her vagina and the other in her ass.

After a quick shower, she left the unconscious woman to pay for the luxury hotel room whenever she woke up.

What a wuss. Only three days of continuous intense loving and she was burned out. Of course, she didn’t feed off her partner’s orgasmic energy, but still...

She drove to the woods near the house where her target lived. He often took a shortcut through them from the bus stop to his cheap apartment. She parked at the head of the trail he usually took. She lifted the hood and bent over the engine, every contour of her ass in plain sight through her skin-tight pants.

She sent all the horny men who slowed down to ‘help’ on their way with an impatient thought.

Where the fuck was he? The moment of Destiny was nearing. Then it was upon her. She felt the surge at her back while she stared at the bus driving by without stopping. Turning, she saw the mystical light of the energy being transferred.

There could be only one explanation. He hadn’t been on his way home, but was coming from it.

‘Damn! The Master won’t be happy when he hears of this.’ She cringed at the thought of his reaction.

She was tempted to walk in the woods to see if anything could be salvaged from this debacle, but Master Manjirō had been very clear: she couldn’t reveal herself. They weren’t ready to begin the take-over of the prize that was the Metropolis Crime Cartel.

There was no option open to her. She had to travel to the Congregation’s refuge in the abandoned Buddhist monastery in a remote valley of the Tibet mountains. In itself an arduous trek made harsher by the knowledge of what waited for her at the end. With any luck the Master would only strip her of her mental powers and throw her to the peasants maintaining the monastery until he remembered to bring her back into the fold.

More than one had served as practise minds for her and the Master always made sure they remembered who abused them for just this punishment. At least, her perversions were of a sexual nature whereas some like Ingrid’s were of a more exotic bent and left scars.

If she could only get them to wash before they took her.

I could write a whole series from that.
I wonder why I never heard from him again.
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Lord and man

The Lord sits on a cushion and gazes at the peaceful garden he has worked on for so long to achieve this level of perfection.

Respectfully, at the edge of his vision, ready to serve, but out of his direct sight, lest she disturbs his contemplation, kneels one of the tayū, a woman who has achieved the highest rank of her courtesan profession. No mere geisha would be allowed in his exalted presence.

She waits patiently for his pleasure, whether he requires chanoyu to be performed, wishes to listen to music, or to discuss any of many subjects from politics, arts or philosophy.

The perfect blend of leaves has been prepared and the water is simmering, ready to be brought to the exact temperature in a minute. The exquisite service of the finest porcelain rests on the delicately carved tray.

Her own Kugo rests at hand, tuned, new strings ready to be plucked to bring pleasure to his ear, as is her vocal mastery. She has developed a vast repertoire of classical and contemporary pieces.

An avid reader, she can hold conversation on most any subject her Lord may wish to exchange on. Over the years of their special relationship, she knows he has come to regard her insights favorably and takes great pride in this.

She perceives that he is uneasy on this day though anyone else would only see the facade he chooses to present, as a Lord must. The subtle tension in his neck, the way his hand wraps around the katana resting across his thighs are unmistakable signs to her keen eye. Something is troubling him. She knows he will not broach the subject directly. It would be unseemly for one of his rank to confide his thoughts.

Her heart goes to him. She is aware of the current political climate. His enemies are emboldened by the rise of the merchant class and the money they spend so freely gives them unearned power. He will have to take action soon.

She presumes, as no one else would dare, and touches his hand, not the one holding his weapon, of course.

“My Lord, would that I could ease your mind.”

“Sweet Kimiko, it is beyond your many gifts.” His eyes don’t leave his garden though Zen harmony fails to still his troubled mind.

“A hot bath and a shiatsu to ease your body then?”

He shrugs his heavy burden, even if for a moment, and turns to his mistress. He knows time has marked her as it has him, but the mask of her class remains intact, impeccable as it was the first day he sent for her. As he looks at her, he comes to a decision.

Taking her hand in his, they rise and walk around the tea house, to the bath house. Inside, he allows her to undress him after putting his sword on its rack. He sits on the wooden stool so she can wash him. At his nod, she unties his hair and gives him a scalp massage. He leans into her expert hands. At her touch, he rises so she can wash his lower regions. His control is ever absolute.

Once she has rinsed him and would have led him to the steaming bath waiting for him, he stops her.

“After all these years of our being Lord and tayū, the man asks the woman to join him.” He bows respectfully and awaits her decision. It is unprecedented for a client to ask such a thing, but he is no ordinary client and she is no common geisha.

When she would untie her obi, he takes her hand, gently kisses her fingers and slowly, layer by layer, undresses her. He lets her take off her make-up, but pulls the pins holding her long silky hair back himself.

He washes the naked woman, bare as she hasn’t ever been for a man, gently, tenderly, lovingly. While he does, they talk of beauty, peace, harmony. Her control is no less complete as he touches her.

She is but a feather in his strong arms to lift and hold. They enter the bath together and sit so. He has yet to let go so she rests on his lap. Their eyes locked, she puts her arms around his neck. She knows a time of momentous change is upon them. She rests her head on his powerful chest, listening to his regular heartbeat.

They stay this way, in silent communion. The peace which had escaped him earlier settles on his heart and mind.

He caresses her hair tenderly. Hand on her cheek, he brings her mouth to his. Her heart soars. A Lord doesn’t kiss a tayū. He uses her body to relieve himself, to take pleasure, but he never shows affection.

Timidly, she returns his kiss. Soon, though, desire rises in the woman for the man she has admired for so long as she has served and serviced him. She lets her tongue speak for her as her fingers run through his still thick hair, holding him, pulling him closer.

She shivers when one hand cups her breast, caressing it gently. She feels her nipple harden against his palm, then between his fingers. The other hand touching her from neck to buttock raises goosebumps in its wake.

Her control crumbles. She is normally the one doing this to him. She brings a hand to his muscular chest, but is quite ineffective as he kisses her neck, lightly biting. Only fellow tayū, have touched her this way as they sought comfort in each other’s arms. The sensation of a man doing it is most overwhelming. She can feel wetness fill her that has nothing to do with the water they are immersed in. To make matters worse, or better, she feels him rise.

This she knows. She has to... Ooooh! He kisses her breasts so... so... tenderly. This is new to her. As is the hand touching her sex as if it would... give her pleasure. The fingers caress her, open her flower, lightly rub her pearl. She has known pleasure, but this... When the fingers enter her, a true moan escapes her, not a practised one. This comes from deep within.

She has heard of this, but never experienced it, an unfortunate consequence of her profession. She has never had cause or reason to question it. She now knows she will never be the same. After only knowing sex with clients as her avocation or other women for relief, a man is making love to her.

With a cry, she opens herself to it, to him. He skillfully takes her to unexpected heights of pleasure. She shouts as he draws orgasm after orgasm out of her, unable to contain the emotions accompanying the sublime sensations.

After bringing her down from these peaks of bliss, he takes her mouth again. With his hands, he guides her. Willingly, she acquiesces. When she lowers herself on him, takes him within, joins their bodies, she becomes a true woman. Without moving at first, she uses her skills to give back a modicum of his gift to her. Her slow rocking soon gives place to frantic abandon as she is again swallowed by passion.

Together, they discover the ecstatic music of love.

The Lord looks at the woman sleeping in his bed. She is so beautiful, this delicate flower. He knows the quality of the gift she has given him. He also know the price she will have to pay for it. His faithful retainers will whisk her away after he has gone to fulfill his wishes for her safety and future.

With a silent sigh, he turns his back on love. War has come for him and he knows he will not return. Still, he will face his fate with a light heart.
An Angel... Really!

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I might use this one some day, but not likely. It's been sitting around without a story to go with it. More musing and remembering than anything.

I was dragging, we had run everywhere that day, as usual. First thing after breakfast we ran to the rifle range. Our M16’s, helmets and web gear were bouncing in time as we stayed in step the whole way. We sang about ‘going up the hill, over the hill, round the hill, through the hill, gotta go, can’t stop, won’t stop, running so good,’ Then the ever popular ‘I wanna be an Airborne Ranger,’ and ‘C130 running down the strip.’

The Drill Sergeants called it the ‘Airborne Shuffle’.

Once we got to the range, out by the beach overlooking the Pacific ocean we stopped.

Fort Ord was too beautiful to be an Army base.

We were in a carved out space between sand dunes and our sweat met the cool air off the ocean. Steam rose from every trainee.

After firing we ran back, then ran somewhere else, then somewhere else. Finally we finished supper, finished our final formation in the Company street and we were let go. Sweat had dried on my black combat boots in odd while lines.

Drill Sergeant Chase walked up to us as we headed into the barracks.

“You! Trainee!” he called out.

Everyone froze. I was the first to turn. And lost.

“Yeah, you, MacGregor, Building 3217, Battalion Bake shop, night KP. Double time. NOW Trainee!”

The bake shop cooks were cool. Not like the cooks in the regular kitchen. And the work was fun. Would hav been better if I wasn’t so tired. They told the always fun joke about the Mess Sergeant when he was cook, how he made hamburger patties by squashing them in his arm pits, and the caution to ‘never think about how he made doughnuts.’

It was was after midnight when I got back to the barracks. Good old Charlie Five-Three. I got stopped by the nigh guards patrolling the three different company areas between my company and the Bake Shop. They were all carrying sawed off pool ques. Finally got to our company area, got pulled into the orderly room, Drill Sergeant Wannakay was on duty as CQ. I told him what I was doing out. He took five minutes to check the duty roster.

I was dead on my feet. Some poor guy from 4th platoon was pulling CQ runner, dozing in a chair. I’m not sure he ever woke up.

The Drill Sergeant was drunk, as usual for him on night duty. Gave me the story, again, about how the only reason he ever got married was so that he could fuck a civilian every night.

Not this night Drill Sergeant, this night you’re Charge of Quarters, and I saw the Battalion Staff Duty Officer walking around on my way here.

I didn’t tell him. I hoped the SDO would spot the Wild Turkey bottle sitting on the floor by his chair. Maybe Wannnnakay’d get lucky and our company night guards would alert him, or the SDO would by-pass good old C-5-3.

I didn’t bother showering, just stretched out on my rack and slept. I knew Drill Sergeant Chase wasn’t going to let me sleep in, night duty or not. Before I dozed off I thought, as I often did in those early days, about running, wondering how far away Canada was.

Fucking draft.
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Naked And In The Tub

As soon as she got home from work, Natalie had suddenly heard a noise coming from the bathroom which made Natalie become curious enough to take a peek inside and see both Susan and Jack naked and in the tub together.

And when she saw Susan playing with Jack's cock, Natalie took her clothes off and fingered her pussy before Susan looked up and smiled at Natalie before she pointed at Jack's stiff rod and said, "Go ahead. Sit on it. You know you want to do it."

And of course, that made Natalie become horny enough to sit on Jack's lap and allow his dick to go deep inside her pussy before Susan cupped Natalie's breasts and kissed her on the lips until Natalie placed her finger on Susan's lips and said, "No. Please. Not in here. Let's go into the bedroom."

And after they got out of the tub and dried themselves off, the trio had gone into the bedroom where Susan laid herself down on the bed and allowed Natalie to lick her pussy while Jack gave Natalie some anal fucking and kept on doing that until a large amount of cum shot out of his dick.
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