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He took my hand and we went to his beat up van in the parking lot after a lackluster lunch. I should say he was older than me but so hot he gave off heat. At least to me. We held other and talked about art and his parents who hated his wild behavior. My first boyfriend smoked weed and dropped out of high school to follow the waves all the way to Costa Rica. My parents wanted to like him but they didn't like my infatuation with him. He was electric. But this kiss is what this is about. Sure he did things he should not have but he asked. His lips on mine were like all of the good things in life touched my lips. He loved me and I loved him and he was my first kiss.
He was the bad boy you should avoid. He was the boy all parents fear. But he was my first kiss.
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It wasn't much. In fact it wasn't anything at all. A dry hesitant uncertain brush of lips. It had been coming for some time. We boys used to talk about it in class, how to kiss a girl. When? Immediately? One friend boasted he always snogged hard and deep even before they got to the end of the path on the first date. Tongues too if he could. I was terrified.
First date, held hands, talked a lot-nervous giggles. Second date- in the dark in the cinema-no resolve. Shit I'm a wimp. Held hands on the way home. The garden gate. Paused, silent, stiff with resolve and uncertainty. eyes in the darkness-was she expecting this- shit I'm a wimp. I sort of lunged, hesitant, almost apologetic. Just a brush, I was ready to run!!!.

Then she leaned against me- breasts pressed-and she kissed me deep. I almost came.
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Too much of a good thing

Great thread, super posts.

I started writing my own, but as often happens, my characters ran away with it and I ended up with a 4,000+ short story and a cool idea for a series.

Thanks ms.read.

I'll try again tomorrow.
An Angel... Really!
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I met her through her work, I liked her she was pretty and kind. One day she said she had some free tickets to a film and would I like to come? Over a period of time we began going out together. It was all just innocent and platonic. I enjoyed her company she was intelligent and amusing. Finally one night I put my arms around her and kissed her lips....it looked like she was floating in heaven, I don't think she had ever felt that way before. Her eyes half closed as she gave herself over to my embrace.

She didn't know it but I am gay and I just wanted to see what it was like kissing a girl. Her emotional reaction looked silly to me, I didn't want her like that.

I pushed her away and told her she looked silly. She went very pale but took it quite well when I told her I was gay and just wanted to see how it felt.

(I never trusted a kiss again.)

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Her name was Laura. We were twelve, and ending sixth grade. Sitting on the swings, pondering growing up and going to middle school. We had been friends for a few years, two of the smartest kids in our class, and I think both of us wanted to be a bit more, but on that raw, awkward, first edge of puberty, we were both shy.

We sat there on the swings, in the late June sun, and I thought she was the most beautiful, magical being I would ever see in my life. Short blond hair, long and lanky (we were both on the school track team), and an almost invisible dusting of fine blond hairs on her arms and legs. Laura had amazing emerald green eyes.

She turned them on me, and asked "have you ever kissed anyone?"

I don't remember exactly how I reacted, except I'm sure I sweated, flushed, got dizzy, and almost puked. This was it, I was going to kiss a girl.

wow, sorry for the tease, but I have company. "Laura's Kiss, pt. 2" coming soon.
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Originally Posted by RabbleVox View Post
Her name was Laura. We were twelve, and ending sixth grade. Sitting on the swings, pondering growing up and going to middle school. We had been friends for a few years, two of the smartest kids in our class, and I think both of us wanted to be a bit more, but on that raw, awkward, first edge of puberty, we were both shy.

We sat there on the swings, in the late June sun, and I thought she was the most beautiful, magical being I would ever see in my life. Short blond hair, long and lanky (we were both on the school track team), and an almost invisible dusting of fine blond hairs on her arms and legs. Laura had amazing emerald green eyes.

She turned them on me, and asked "have you ever kissed anyone?"

I don't remember exactly how I reacted, except I'm sure I sweated, flushed, got dizzy, and almost puked. This was it, I was going to kiss a girl.

wow, sorry for the tease, but I have company. "Laura's Kiss, pt. 2" coming soon.
Laura's Kiss, Pt. 2

Her skin smelled like vanilla and "girl-sweat". Her breath smelled like cinnamon. Her eyes looked bigger than eyes can be. She leaned into me with a bit of "pucker".

Our lips touched, tentatively, hesitantly, but they touched. And then we brushed them back and forth for a few seconds. Soft and slow and shy and hungry.

And then the spark lit the flame, and we were mashing our mouths into each other. No technique, no finesse, just raw hot pubescent passion. Forever I will remember that kiss.

And it was about that time that the school groundskeeper yelled at us, "Hey! You kids quit fooling around and go home" Thus ended the first kiss.

postscript, We had more adventures, her and I, but most are outside the rules of the board for teen encounters, so will remain in my private stock of pleasure.

Laura and I reconnected online a few years ago. She is a happily married mother of two, with a grandbaby on the way, and her lips, her eyes, still intoxicate me. And I bet she still tastes like vanilla and cinnamon.

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I was 14 and terrified. It was my first real date. Shirley Gilliam all but told me she wanted me to take her to the movies. That of course meant walking her home and providing the mandatory goodnight kiss. Living up to her expectations was going to be a challenge because Shirley was an experienced kisser. Boys talk, and while they might exaggerate and embellish what they had done with Shirley and her generously proportioned breasts, there was not doubt that Shirley had done her share of kissing. When we reached her house I braced for the big moment. I was surprised when she invited me inside. We went to the den and sat on the couch. Shirley took my arm and put it around her shoulder, then leaned into me with her face tilted towards mine, put her hand behind my neck and pulled my lips to hers. I puckered but Shirley was already ahead of me. She pushed her tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth and slowly figured out what I was supposed to do. Shirley pulled me down on the couch and we continued kissing.

I dated Shirley several more times before she moved on to her next victim, but now I had my own stories to tell... and yes they were real and they were spectacular.
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My blood pumped breath into her veins...
She's mine now.
And She doesn't even know it.

I always allow room for confusion.
Nothing Is Too Much When Your Ready
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I inhaled her scent, wonderful.
Our noses bumped and glasses clashed.
Eventually our lips touched. Rested. Hers were so soft and her arms tightened around me inside of my winter coat. I pulled her even closer.
Our legs were intertwined and we pushed into each other.
Her porch light came on and we parted.
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Nicely done.

Best regards,

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Scene from a piece I'm writing. It's a rough draft so it may not be the best but anyways:

“If I may?”, he asked respectfully.
Both parents gave approving nods. Vance then offered up his left hand an attempt to coax the Princess's hand away from her bosom. Oprhelia glanced at his proffered palm, noting the dried dirt stains and rough scrapes dotting his broad, thick fingers. Her mind realized what he was silently aksing.
She slipped her gloved right wrist from the grip of her left fingers and rotated her slender hand. Softly she placed the gloved fingertips onto his outstretched palm.
Vance felt the faint contact of the glove as it lay on his hand, her fingers relaying a faint initial heat. The fabric was smooth and soft to the touch. He gently closed his fingers around her own, brushing the glove's fine fabric. Then his thumb started to grip into the glove, gently tugged at the fabric, pulling the white fine material into a fold.
Orphelia felt the hemline around her left elbow start to tug downward, the skin of her left arm starting to become more exposed. She blushed as the strong fingers easily pulled at the glove, seeking to strip it from her hand.
Vance had to hold himself back, feeling the lightness of her right hand. He leaned his right side in close, inching his right boot closer to her shoes. Then he gently curved his free right arm around her slender frame, placing his broad palm onto the small of her back. His hand trapped the thinly fine white cloth of her dress to her flesh, his fingers explaining the perceived warm softness of the skin beneath.
Orphelia held in a gasping surprise, the shock of now having a man's hand pressing onto her the back of her waist, mere inches above her rear. She could not help but stare at the tanned muscles that were now holding her against his side.
His left fingers continued to pull the glove down into folds, as more of the fabric balled into his palm. The cloth slid down her forearm, exposing more creamy pink skin, The hemline then pulled past her wrist. Her fingers were being undressed.
Vance locked his gaze onto her face, his coaxing smile asserting a soft control. Orphelia could do nothing but allow this man to play with her. Vance watched her soft lips parting, wanting nothing more then to taste her skin. Her blue eyes watched with embarrased curiosity.
“Nervous?”, he softly asked her.
Her blonde eyebrows pulled from her blue eyes, reflecting the perceived questions. She pivoted her blue eyes up toward Vance's own, confessing to him with a silent nod.
His fingers were pulling the glove from her fingertips. Her hand felt strangely naked as he balled the white silk glove into his fingertips, rolling the fabric through them. Smirking at her, he flicked his fingers, the white glove unceremoniously plopping to the stage floor.
Then he softly brought his hand down to catch her naked fingers into his palm.
“I,” she softly confessed to him in almost a whisper.
Vance touched at her slender fingers, his hand curling into hers in a soft grip. His fingertips explored the warmed softness of her skin. Orphelia tried to think, feeling her fingertips being examined by his own rough exploring fingers.
“Have never done this,” she finished.
She closed her eyes and looked downwards as if ashamed to admit her innocence.
Vance grinned softly and then brought her hand up to his chin. He pressed his right fingers onto the thin material of her dress, holding her steady. The flesh underneath transmitted a warm sensation of softness.
Orphelia tested the weight of his grip, finding his palm to be unmoved. She found her inablity to escape from his muscled grip to be strangely exciting. Tingling sensations began to emerge, her skin starting to feel electrified. His fingers brushed hers, making them feel hot.
Vance let Orphelia watch him as he brought her fingers up to his lips. Gently he pressed his mouth to the outside of her fingers, kissing upon flesh just above her knuckles. Vance sampled the first taste of her skin. His mouth watered as he brought the hand from his mouth.
“ An honor to be your first then Princess,” Vance grinned.
Orphelia blushed. He brought her hand down from his chin, rotating his fingers around to lay flat along her own. They sought then to enter the spaces between. She allowed her fingers to part, the hand locking into hers, feeling at the skin between them.
“Your turn, Princess,” he smiled.
Orphelia reflected an obvious nervous blush. She swallowed, the saliva in her mouth becoming heavy. Her eyes looked at Vance's chin, observed his rough lips. She was going to have to kiss them.
“What,” she asked softly,” what, do I do?”
Vance gave her a knowing smile. He let go of her fingers and then brought his left hand up. Then he gently touched the tips upon her chin, feeling the soft skin there.
“Just lean in and put your lips onto mine,” Vance answered.
Orphelia nodded at the instruction, then swallowed.
Just do it, she told herself.
She found her left gloved hand move up within his curled bicep. She held the hand vertically flat as she leaned in closer with the intention of balancing herself. She knew she would have to lean up into him to reach his lips. Her hand hovered just above his exposed pectoral.
Vance watched her hesitate and then gave her an approving nod. Orphelia, couldn't believe that she was about to touch that sweaty tanned chest muscle. But she had to do it. Her glove lay flat onto his form, feeling the hardness of his toned frame.
She gulped, watching her fingers press at the hard muscle. There was little give to them. Slowly she rotated the fingertips, allowing herself to briefly tickle through the chest hairs.
Vance kept himself still, allowing the Princess to explore his chest. He almost couldn't believe that Princes Orphelia's slender fingers were now openly touching him. She was drawing closer, the scent of flowers almost overpowering his nostrils. He blinked down at her exploring fingertips, watching the nestled breasts moving closer, almost near close to touching his torso. His eyes glanced at the lacy string.
Instead though, he focused on the cute face that drew unbelievebly closer. He inspected her blonde hair, the follicles so finely combed, that he could not find a single stray lock. He closely inspected the small pink ears the blonde hair traveled around, his mouth watering to lick at the lobes.
Orphelia leaned in closer, her face so close that he could hear her silent breathing. His hand held at the small of her back, coaxing her to press in more.
Her soft lips were close. Her breath upon his mouth. Orphelia closed her eyes.
She swallowed one last time.
Then she puckered her lips. Vance readied his own mouth, ready to taste the Princess. Her lips fell tightly onto his skin and then softly touched the corners of his mouth.
Orphelia's lips touched upon the rough skin. Vance felt their softness for a brief few seconds on the right corner of his mouth. Then just as quickly, she drew back.
Her face was blushing as she looked at him, her face looking relieved. She had done it! She swallowed, taking a more drawn in breath.
Vance blinked for a moment and then realized what had happened. He had barely felt her lips. She started to smile, her expression revealing to him that she had completed her objective. Although he experienced a brief disappointment, Vance's mind flashed mischievously.
“Princess,” Vance sighed,” What was that?”
Orphelia looked confused. Then while still gripping her by the small of her back, Vance brought his left hand to her chin and then gently angled her face with a simple grip, touching upon the softness of her skin.
Orphelia gasped at Vance's sudden movements, the touch of fingers on her face. It was in that moment, Vance seized the opening.
“ This is a real kiss,” he informed.
Then he quickly leaned in, pressing his torso against hers. He spread open his lips and then plunged his mouth directly on top of Orphelia's opened orafice.
“MMM?!!”, Orphelia's covered mouth tried to complain as her eyes widened in complete shock
Orphelia felt a spongy muscle slip through her lips and introduce itself to the wet insides of her mouth. Her lips were suddenly being assaulted! A man's lips were pressed atop her own as sticky, wet hot air shot in between.
Vance tasted the flesh of her lips, pushing his tongue against her parted flesh.. Vance felt his saliva inside his mouth trickle down his tongue as he tasted the Princess's wet flesh.
At first, Orphelia was too shocked to move, but in the next second, she tried to push away. Her hands flatly landed in his muscles, her arms pushing. His hand was now flatly gripped onto the small of her back, keeping her locked. His muscles were too strong. She could not move.
“Wait, No!,” she kept on trying to shout, but all that was heard was “MM! Mmh!”
Vance continued licking the insides of Pricess Orphelia's mouth, seeking to find her spongy tongue. He memorized the watery warm tastes that his tastebuds were stealing.
Orphelia tried to wrestle his tongue from her mouth, the tip of her own tongue touching at the moving slimy muscle. But it was too persitant. His tongue kept on licking at her insides!
Vance pivoted his right hand, his palm pointing his fingertips south. As he kept her locked in his grip, he decided to take the chance to explore. His hand started to slip downwards.
Orphelia felt the hand move. His fingers were creeping lower.
WHAT?!,her mind shouted, His hand.
Vance sucked at the saliva from the Princess's mouth. He slurped at her lips, as his mouth openly wrestled with hers. His continued licking drew more and more saliva into both their mouths. Although Orphelia could do nothing but allow her mouth to be violated, her blood was beginning to feel strangely hot.
She couldn't think of that now. Her attention was drawn to his exploring fingers crawling ever downwards, toward a place no man's hand should go.
Vance sank his fingers atop the starting curve of her left ass cheek, feeling at the flesh underneath the thin dress. That fabric did little to hide her round fullness. Orphelia tried to resist, to pull her rear away to keep his hand from curling downwards. But his fingers were snaking over the top curve.
No, she thought, a man is touching my butt.
Rough broad fingers were being allowed to sink into the cheek, curving fully atop the rear and then rounding below inwardly. She tried to keep pulling away, to keep his hand from exploring the fullness of it. But she couldn't stop them from groping into the cheek.
His lips were too powerful. Her tongue was slurping at his, attempting to push it from her mouth. Saliva was creeping from their lips, dribbling from the side, down her chin.
Vance kept on tasting, helping himself to the Princess's mouth. Her soft muscles were too addicting. He kept on tickling her tongue with his, while his lips munched hungrily, drinking her in. The blood rushed downwards through his body, the sensation of warm lips causing his penis to stretch into an aching throb.
He continued to tighten his hand as he pressed his fingertips upon her rear, wanting to observe her soft fullness. He pressed his thumb against the thin dress, slipping the fingertip between the fleshy cheeks. Orphelia shuddered, her eyes pleading as she helplessly felt the thumb slip, pushing her dress in between her butt crack.
Vance gripped the female flesh underneath the dress tightly. Then he squeezed, slightly parting the canyon between her rear as her held the cheek firmly in his grip.
No. Her butt.
Why was this happening? She had never been touched there by a man. But now there she was, feeling rough fingers tightly holding it, groping her curve with perverted intentions. She was being molested. Publicly.
Her mouth was being sucked on and her rear was being fondled. She couldn't think straight. She felt herself weakening, succumbing.
Then Vance and Orphelia both suddenly felt their mouths being forcibly ripped from each other. The hand on Orphelia's rear was yanked from her dress, the warm sensations still lingering.
The sudden freedom of movement caused her to stumble backwards as she tried to blink, attempting to take in the scene that was befalling her.
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First time posting in this area, hope this fits.
A bit of life and a bit of fantasy, I'll let you all figure out what is what.

Her perfume filled my lungs, the sweet vanilla scent intoxicating. A month ago we were graduating---I watched her walk across the stage and I would never have thought she would be riding in the back seat of my friend's car, much less leaning her head on my shoulder. The day had been amazing: a chance meeting had turned into an impromptu fishing trip, and now we were cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina sprawled out on one side, Virginia rising on the other. Fields of wildflowers whirl past as a bump jostles the car. I watch as she stretches. The hem of her shirt rising, revealing the olive skin of her stomach. She smiles as she catches me staring. She speaks first, breaking the white noise of the tires.

"You have pretty eyes."

She leans in for a better look and I take my chance. I meet her halfway as our lips brush against each other. I can feel the car spin. The radio tunes out as my hands touch her hips for the first time. Instinctively, I lift her onto my lap, pulling her into me. My senses overload as the smell of her vanilla perfume mixes with the wildflowers and her. My fingers shake with nervous excitement and my heart thumps against her chest pressed against mine. She breaks away first. I can't take my eyes off of her as she sucks on her bottom lip with a coy smile. It ends too soon as she leans into the front to talk to our friends. I'm about to say something until her hand slips back and she intertwines her fingers with mine.
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