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Artists looking for models?

Hello-- I'm still quite new here, so I'm not sure if this an appropriate question...

Are any of you artists looking for models to base your illustrations on?
I'm a huge fan of classic erotic and pin-up art (Sweet Gwen, Vargas, etc) & would be delighted to share some photos for inspiration to those who's taste & styles run the same.

(oh--I'm 5'6", about 125 lbs, pale skin, black hair, 36c/d; have done a bit of modeling but no big deal stuff or anything. There's a snap of me up on the photo forum to give you a general sense).

So, if interested, let me know!

L. Noir
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If you're interested in modelling, you might have better luck on a specifically modelling-related website. You can post a profile and list what kind of shoots you're interested in doing. I think there's a decent one called PureStream or something like that. I forget the exact name, but Google will probably be ale to help.
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I think she is in the right place if she is looking to become muse. I have a high respect for models, it's an art form in its self, not unlike a dance. If your looking for a career as a fashion model: pay to have a professional photographer build you a portfolio and then set up a website/social media network of fans before you start going after agencies. If however this is more for the pleasure of collaborating on creativity then find some creative people to throw visual ideas at.
Ps. Please throw some ideas at me
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Hey there,

I'm an ol'sketcher who would love to draw you. Let me know on Private Message how you can send me photos to work with. I will send you ideas for pose with soon. I will be busy until March though. You look ideal!

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