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Originally Posted by noissimbus View Post
Gotta love a man who has his bitch doing his dirty work I have at least 4 pm's regarding this mess of a thread, quite amusing to say the least. Entertain us! And you miss spelled my screen name child

You = submission taught by a non Sir or Master. 50 Shades of grey sub is what You are sweety.
I do not appreciate being called a bitch by a stranger. It is rather rude and inconsiderate of you considering this is a site for like-minded people to come and learn from each other. I think you are being quite hateful. I am not sure what it is you are looking for here, but I do hope you find it as you are obviously unhappy with some area of your life that you bash others online. I truly wish you peace and prosperity in your life. Wherever you are hurting, know there is help. There are plenty of hotlines to call. Google is your friend here.

I also apologize for misspelling your name. Know that any comments about me are welcome although I will not respond unless they are in correspondence with the theos of this site.

Happy Hunting
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My god - I've been gone for two months and this thread is still going on!
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