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Originally Posted by Hypoxia View Post
That was a couple of months ago. How is it going? I cook them slowly too. Hopefully I'll squeeze more out before year's end.
To answer your question. I've actually written several. "Mom's Sweaty Ride" series. "Incestuous Film" series, and my latest series "Cross Country Taboo." I'm currently working on part two of the later. All of these are with the "Mom and son" theme. Check em out if you like let me know what you think. They are pretty popular.
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Blaster666 is a fast rising Oedipal fiction Grandmaster!

I have recently started to pay attention to Blaster666 who has established himself in recent years as a quality author of mother/son sex stories. His use of grandmothers and sisters in the incestuous mix is appealing. I usually do not care for grandmas, but he does well with them. He is still writing, while so many other grandmasters of this topic have retired from writing, died or just disappeared without explanation. So one can look forward to a new Blaster666 tale of Oedipal lust! There are few greater pleasures than finding a new story from a favorite author. When that happens, just cancel my appointments, let me put together my gallery of Jocastas du jour, for I will be whacking off for a while!

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