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Gay For Pay

Our main character is a young, handsome, and very well-built college student (or maybe business student or law student) at a very prestigious, but very expensive, school. He knows if he can make it through, he'll get a great job and be set for life. But he needs money, and he can't afford to work more than a few nights a week, since he needs to study a lot. Also, he has a high-maintenance girlfriend that needs occasional wining and dining and fucking.

One day he meets a well dressed middle-aged man who asks him if he is gay. He says no. The man says that is too bad, because he runs a high-class gay escort service. Our hero could make a thousand dollars a night, he says, if he came to work for him.

That is too good a deal to pass up, so our main character agrees to work two nights a week. The clients are paying through the nose, they expect him to be enthusiastic, uninhibited, and to stay the night. He does.

What goes through his mind on his first "date"? What about his second one? His hundredth one? What goes through his mind while he is fucking his girlfriend? Does he even tell the girlfriend? And does he start wishing she had a dick, or wanting to fuck her in the ass instead of the pussy?

And what happens when he eventually graduates (or saves up enough money to stop escorting) and gives up the "gay for pay" job? Will he miss it? Will he decide he was gay (or bi) all along? Lots of intriguing issues for a serious writer to explore. To serious for me, but maybe someone else could spin a good tale out of it.
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seems like there are a number of issues for him to figure out:

how to have and enjoy gay sex? does the owner of the escort service 'break' him in?
is he a top, bottom, or switch? how does he figure that out?
how to behave like an escort, at the command of another, submitting to their kinky desires?
is it that easy taking money for sex?
how does the gf deal with his suddenly having lots of money? does she even care, as long as he keeps spending on her?
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That's a lot to figure out. I'd like him to be confronted by:
a. his growing enjoyment of gay fucking
b. the prospect of a following in the gay community if not wider notoriety
c. a job interview where someone recognises him
d. the GF finding out and her reaction - shocked? doesn't care? wants to join in? becomes his manager?
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And that inevitable scene when the first time he meets his girlfriend's father turns out to actually be the second time.
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Sounds hot. I would read it. It sounds a bit like https://www.literotica.com/s/turning...r-pay-pt-01-02, which I also really luck.

Be sure to make it humiliating for him, and have a slow progression to harder and more humiliating stuff.

There really needs to be more stories on lit involving straight hunks forced to go completely gay to their humiliation.
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Personally, I'm not really into the humiliation aspect, though it does have an enticing twist to it.

I like the idea of a slow awakening that he is not just doing this for money, but that he is gay, or bi, that he loves being with other men. The challenge is, being an escort doesn't allow him to really connect, he is just used and paid, moves on to another client. What happens when he starts developing feelings for one of his regulars? Or, he starts having feelings for another guy, knowing he is gay, but can't come clean about being an escort? And then there is the girlfriend...

What sort of concerns, anxieties, angst, confusions does he face? how does he overcome the challenges of recognizing his own homosexuality? One of the challenges is that he can't come out of the closet as his gay sexuality is also tied to being an escort! Yes, maybe he could find the inner strength to admitting to the world he is gay, but not to being an escort!
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He thought the first decision—to do it or not—was tough, but he realizes that the tougher one was to become the cock-hungry gay faggot he secretly dreaded in becoming, to love cock in his mouth and ass, if he was going to be a good professional.
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