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Uptight Teacher lets her hair down (Hair fetish)

The two main characters are an uptight AP math teacher and out protagonist who is a bit of a Class clown.

The story begins when one fateful day, the Teacher is bending down near our protag when he gets the wild idea to take out the Clip holding her large, tower Hair bun up. As she walks to the front of the classroom, her thick Hair tumbles all the way to the floor. Our protag is completely taken by the sight of her Hair. He is awestruck like a deer in Headlights and barley reacts when the Teacher snatches her Clip out of protag's hand.

Over the weekend our protag further explores his newfound Hair fetish.

Somehow our protag gets the teacher to loosen up.

When her Hair is up, she is an uptight school marm, but when her Hair is down, she becomes a wild sexpot that is out of the control of even our protag.

The endgame will involve the teacher tickling the protag with her massive mane of Hair as he lies down on the floor, naked. The final act will be a Hairjob and our protag will cum in her Hair.

Somewhere before that, I would like to involve a Hair brushing scene. 100 strokes of the brush.
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I'm really not the right person for this. My first thoughts were having the teacher tied up with her own hair, while the 100 strokes of the brush were applied to her naked buttocks.
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