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Not so respectable moms with their not so innocent daughters

A story about an upper middle class neighborhood where the outwardly respectable prim and proper moms have a secret lesbian play group. Unbeknownst to them, so do their seemingly all-American girl next door daughters. Until one day, the girls find their moms in a daisy chain. Sapphic hilarity ensues with no small amount of lesbian incest in the muff munching mix!

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I'd read that! Nice and simple formula. Love the possibilities with age differences, venues for their activities.. Etc. Sounds hot!
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I think after the discovery, there should be a bit of buildup and not have all the daughters join in right away.

For example, after they find out about the moms, the girls team up on one of the women who seemed to be a bit of an outsider at the party. They seduce her and get her to talk. Then they move on to other members of the society until their moms invite them to join.

Alternatively, one of their friends was at the party and they get her to talk about the group and the incestous relationship with her mother (first out of concern, then out of interest) she admits the group was reluctant to let her join but they are open to incest with several members being sisters and a few older daughters/mothers. The girls then seduce her and her mom into giving them names of other members while each girl works on seducing their mothers and aunts.

Maybe one scene could be two of the girls, who are cousins, going up to a member who is their aunt/mom and play at being lovers who don't know how to have sex with a woman. They get her involved and by the end of the night, they have her eating out of their hands.
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Then the hubbies/Dads find out too?
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:

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This would be best with a supernatural context...meaning the matron in question discovers that her beloved daughter has joined an occult circle among school friends.

The coven draws power from subterranean realms through rituals of sadomasochistic lesbianism. The young ladies appear nude in a circle illuminated by black candles to feast on bodies and souls...with lots of face slapping, hair pulling, ass biting, tongue sucking, vulva worshiping, etc. etc. etc.

When mom finds out, the girls conspire to draw her into their lair...a whirlpool of depravity from which no respectable reputation can ever escape.

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