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Crossdressing Vacation (Crossdressing, Pegging, Gender Play Themes)

I have written a story series titled 'Jenny' & 'Mike' and published it on lit. It's got some decent amount of reads and some positive feedback. I've been thinking of how I could add more fantasies to it for a while now and came up with an idea.

Our loving couple's anniversary is coming up and they both prepare to give each other presents. The wife gets her husband (who loves to crossdress) a pair of fake tits he can wear. Its like a vest he can put on and wear (similar to what can be seen on this website [Shopping/pay adult site removed per forum rules.]). He presents her with a gift to an adults only resort for a week away for the two of them.

This resort is a COUPLES ONLY resort and is open to all gender identities. It is located in a remote place with many amenities. Some of the amenities included here are special rooms where couples can do fantasy roleplay scenarios i.e. a classroom for student/teacher roleplay, A library, A doctors office, A normal office etc.

The catch is they both have to stay dressed in the opposite genders clothing and fulfill their fantasies.

What do you guys think?

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I had to take a peek at your stories in order to see if Jenny was also already into 'gender bending'. It appears that she is Thus, your idea seems plausible to me. It affords a lot of latitude to bring in all manner of kinky scenarios for the couple. It could also be written up as a stepping stone that could lead to a more permanent reversal of roles within the marriage. If you haven't already decided to write this up, I would say go for it. You already have a fan base following them, so that would help too...and probably be appreciated.
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Sounds awesome. Please do it!
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What I find tiresome about these types of stories is that the focus always seems to be on the male and his experience of 'being a female'.

If only for this boredom reason, I would be far more interested in hearing a woman's angle on taking the male role, with any male-as-female characters being strictly peripheral.
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