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Looking for an Editor - Lesbians/Fantasy/Nonhuman

Hello once again! I didn't think it'd be so soon that I'd be walking around this place once again, but this kind of writing has been a great thing for me to do in this surprisingly-stressful time.

Anywho, let's get down to business. I have a 9,588 word draft of a story called, 'Witch-Goblin'. This story is Lesbian, Fantasy, and involves a bit of Nonhuman.

The story concept is this: A village discovers that they have a 'Witch-Goblin' living in their forest, and send Rose Rubiker to find out, on the grounds that a young woman with a basket of cakes isn't offensive. She finds out who and what a Witch-Goblin is, and let's just say some surprising things are revealed.

This story does involved Lesbianism, a Goblin (short type of nonhuman), and using magic to be able to feel what the other person is feeling, touch-wise.

What I am looking for: Good critical feedback. What works, and what isn't. What's missing, what could use elaboration, what you think doesn't need to be there.

What I don't need: A spellchecker/grammatical correction. I'm writing in Word, and those little red squiggles are enough of an eyesore for me to go back and check in on them. I'm wholly confident in my writing capacity to be able to spell correctly, and knowledgeable enough about grammar to know what's what.

If you happen to be interested, throw a private message my way and we can continue the discussion over there! Thank you for your time!
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