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Working Title: Suzy gives her boyfriend a surprise


Suzy —
A college student, with very controlling parents. Her mother permits her to live at home... as long as she behaves herself and keeps her grades up... Because she is the free-spirited, adventurous type, she frequently crosses over the line where her mother’s rules are concerned. She has two strikes against her already. She needs to be on good behavior.

Mrs. Smith —
A mature widow who recently moved in next door to Suzy. She is 49-ish and still looks remarkably attractive... when she takes care of herself... However, lately she just wears sweat pants and old T-shirt’s...(She is still grieving for her husband who passed some time ago)... as therapy she works in her flowerbed. Taking care of the flowers her husband always liked, is good therapy for her... Most days she’s on her knees in the dirt (wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat) and working hard to make her flowerbed the best in the neighborhood. She is a contender for the “House Beautiful Award” and wants to win badly!

Bobby —
Suzy’s boyfriend. He likes dating her because she is so adventurous in bed. She goes along with pretty much anything he desires... He’s very attractive in Suzy’s eyes, he’s her “good-time Bobby”. Although he strays at times, she doesn’t mind too much as he always comes back to her welcoming arms.

During a recent weekday afternoon Suzy skipped classes and invited Bobby over to her house just to hang out... maybe drink some beer... watch a movie... As expected, Suzy and Bobby got a little drunk... and wound-up in her bedroom... Intense sexual activity began shortly after!

Mrs. Smith was out in her flowerbed — just outside Suzy’s bedroom window. When she heard noises coming from the neighbor’s house, she got curious and went over and looked in...

Mrs. Smith just dumbly stood there frozen and mesmerized... apparently excited!... as she watched the youthful lovers express their desire in a number of different ways! She struggled mightily as she realized watch through the window was wrong... but...
She even witnessed Bobby telling Suzy to put on her gardeners hat (very much like Mrs. Smith’s) and get on her hands and knees... Bobby then mounted her from behind and shouted out Mrs. Smith’s name as he thrusted vigorously into Suzy! Knowing they were using her as a sex prop was a bit unsettling... but kind of exciting too! After she watched the couple have a wild orgasm... she sneaked away back to her yard... On the way however, she clanked her small shovel on a rock... she knew the lovers may have heard and looked out to see her... she worried about being told on for peeping.

The problem

Afterwards, Mrs. Smith felt the need to confess to Suzy — I promise not to do it again.
At the same time, Susie worried about Mrs. Smith telling her mom… That she had been having sex with a man in her room...
when she should’ve been at school!
When the two of them met at the mailbox one afternoon… They sought each other‘s assurance that neither one would cause problems for the other.
Susie agreed not to tell her mother or the House Beautiful folks that Mrs. Smith had been peeping in her window.
Mrs. Smith agreed to not mention anything about Bobby and Suzy’s sex filled afternoon to Suzy’s Mom.

They started spending a little time together after that...during one discussion Mrs. Smith revealed some of the things she had seen in the bedroom window. She asked about the role playing that she had witnessed that day. Suzy revealed Bobby had quite a fixation on Mrs.Smith! She also revealed for the last several days Bobby would watch her tending to her flowers and then ask Suzy to pretend to be Mrs. Smith during sex!
As Mrs. Smith hadn’t had sex in quite some time... this info worked on her mind... She masturbated for the first time in 2 years! When she told Susie and about that during one of their girl-talk confession sessions, Suzy proposed a novel idea!
The idea was to use Bobby as an unwitting participant in their own version of “his” fantasy! Suzy would tell Bobby she wanted to dress up like Mrs. Smith BUT, instead of playing it out in the bedroom ... they would take it to the flowerbed!!! — to make the fastasy more real for him!
However — the woman in the flowerbed would NOT be Suzy pretending to be Mrs. Smith... it would be Mrs. Smith pretending to be Suzy — pretending to be Mrs. Smith!
Suzie would tell Bobby the ground rules… rules designed to keep Bobby from knowing the true identity of the person he was f***ing till the very last moment before his orgasm!

Bobby would see her in the flower bed ... he would come up behind her and tell her what he was going to do to her…the wide brim hat would conceal her true identity... Bobby would then proceed to do just that!
Susie revealed to Mrs. Smith what she had told Bobby!

Mrs. Smith had a good idea about what was likely to happen! She had seen it in the window that day!
Suzy said the fantasy usually played out the same way... He would yank down her sweat pants and grab hold of her boobs..lightly pinching her nipples, as he thrust in and out of her....when he was close to orgasm he would pull out and hurriedly move up to cum in her mouth!

Suzy told Mrs. Smith excitedly, that she would be watching from the window! that she just had to see the look on Bobby’s face when Mrs. Smith pulled the sunhat off! — and revealed that he had just f***ed his fantasy woman ... and was about to cum in her mouth!

After that day, they would occasionally all get together... for more games...
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Looks like you have a hell of an outline ready. Will you be writing this story?
"Her freedom was worse than chains."
~Pauline Réage
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Thanks for the reply... With a basic outline summary this long... one thing is certain ... if I wrote it — it would be a long one...
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