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I have had one story posted, but I have had two more rejected.

These two stories have been rejected on grounds of grammar and punctuation.

Now don't get me wrong they are not perfect, but when I see some stories on here and how they are written, I can't believe that mine are that bad, that they would actually be rejected.

One story I have submitted four times, and it gets rejected every time. I have edited this story to the point I now believe it is getting a grammatical mess as I search for the format which is acceptable to the mods.

Is there any author out there that would take a look at my stories and tell me what they think is wrong with them ?

I don't want the stories rewritten as I would like to stand or fall on the quality (or lack of) of my own efforts.

I am sure these stories will not go down in history as the best ever and might actually be a pile of crap, but I'm sure they are not so badly written that they are not good enough to be even accepted.

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You need to turn on your IMs - in the top left of the screen there's a tab marked "user CP" click on that and check the box that enables instant messaging. also you might do better posting this in the editor's forum.
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Yes, you need to post this to the editors' forum rather than here. The problem might be misuse of quotes. That's often the case, and the author often never figures that out because if they knew how to do it right they would have done it right to begin with. But it could be that you're trying to correct the wrong problems.
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