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Gender: Female

Age: I am in my 40s but I can play anything between 18 and not yet 6' under.

Orientation: Straight. I will work with another female sub or slave but only with direction from a Dom. I am sure I can dig deep and maybe find some dormant Domme characteristics to use on her.

Power Exchange: More slave than subservient. I am not bratty but I do have strong opinions. I will do my best to please the Dom I am serving but I am not a doormat.

Race: Humanoid. Anything else will be a learning experience. And I would love to learn. Vampires are fascinating creatures.

Body-type: I am 5'4", voluptuous but it would depend on the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am open umm...as long as there are no scales involved. Or anything slithering and slimy.

Settings: I don't do incest and underage. Anything else will work fine. I love playing the innocent who is made to accept her true nature even when she fights its tooth and nail. My inner devil often sits and my shoulder and eggs me on, shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Just to see how far I can be pushed.

Likes/kinks: Some like it rough. I guess I am one of those. Bondage, pain, coercion because the inner me is dormant. Wake her, make the slave come apart in a blaze of painful glory.

Limits: Incest, minors, scat, water sport, vomit, spit, face slapping, male submissives, females (unless part of the story and controlled by the male dominant, as long as I don't have to submit to her) oh yes, and PVC, Saran Wrap, body bags, that sorta stuff too.

Availability: on and off during the day sometimes at night too

Finally: pm me with ideas.

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Gender: Male.

Age: I will play any legal age, up too eternal.

Orientation: I am situational Bi. Mainly Heterosexual, but if I am with a bi-couple I will play with both, as long as I am in charge.

Power Exchange: Primarily Dominant and I am a R/L Dominant. I will do vanilla, but I will push your limits.

Race: Human Caucasian. I have no problems playing with other races, but I am what I am.

Bodytype: I am not of the chiseled body type. Last I checked my BMI was 28.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: In another arena I am an Elven Mystic and no it's not WoW. I have no issues playing shape-changers, aliens, fantasy characters, though I am not into vampires.

Settings: Earth, Middle Earth, or in places far, far away.

Likes/kinks: I am a Master/slave type dominant. I can be sadistic. As a former Paramedic I know how to inflict pain. Mind Control is a big thing for me. I am extremely good with knots. What I like will depend on my partner. If it's enjoyable I will do it.

Limits: Necrophilia, body fluids, extreme violence, nothing under the age of consent, World of Gor.

Availability: I will work with you.

Notes and Comments: I like originality and intelligence. I will not insult your intelligence, so don't insult mine. Do not lie to me. I won't lie to you, so I expect the same from you. I will not jump right into a role play without knowing the real you first. "What do you want to know about me?" will end our conversation. I want to know everything, or I wouldn't have asked in the first place. I am turned on by descriptive language and detail. I can be contacted via PM at any time.
Out of the darkness rises a brilliant star. It lights the way for the righteous and warms the soul of the worthy. It protects the innocent and will lay waste to evil. Behold the Fire Star rises!! Beware it's light for it can reveal your darkest desires and make you long to live them.

Please do not make promises you are not willing to actually keep. I promise you I won't.

My SRP Profile

Even a Fire Star has a voice

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Exclamation Sexual Role Playing Profile

Gender: I only play female characters because I'm female in real life, too, and I can't imagine myself as a male character.

Age: I'd do characters with an age of 18 years up to their mid-forties, but I really prefer to play characters within their mid-twenties because this is my real life age, too.

Orientation: I'm bisexual in real life and want to be like that in stories, too.

Power Exchange: I'm a true submissive. I might be able to think as a dominant woman and play as one for some story development, but my main character should be submissive.

Race: I'm Caucasian and want to play as such. For story purposes, I could do other female races if needed.

Body Type: I'm a Brunette, curly hair, ca. 1,70 m, 65 kg, quite voluptuous with nice, big boobs. Therefore, I prefer to play as a girl with large breasts. I'm really into boobs... So, I won't do any skinny model types.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I'm not really attracted by that kind of stuff. I want to stick to the human race. I guess the only thing I'd do is playing as a vampire girl because they're still in human form.

Settings: I prefer modern-day scenarios where my specific fantasies can take place. I could fancy some historical settings during the 18th or 19th century, though. I'm more into hardcore descriptions within the stories, so if you are all about vanilla love, I might not be fitting.

Likes/Kinks: I like to be submissive. My main fantasies are all about abduction/rape scenarios where I'm being subdued with some kind of anesthetic, e.g. Chloroform. I really like to be molested and sexually abused during all kinds of BDSM and Bondage role play with me being the victim, kidnapped girl, submissive slave etc. Verbal humiliation should also be included. Sexual torture including all kinds of sex toys is a big turn on for me, too. My other kinks include dressing up in sexy lingerie and/or high heels and a general focus inside the stories on big breasts. I really like my large tits and enjoy playing with them.

Hard Limits: Anything that would create severe wounds is taboo. No bleeding! Therefore, I don't do needle sex, cutting, implements and stuff like that. Further taboos are golden shower, scat, vomiting, animals, minors, choking and of course: No killing!

Availability: I'm usually online every day. Most of the time, I go online between 2 pm to 3 pm GMT and stay online until late in the night. Due to real life issues, there might be days when I won't be able to get online, but that should be maximal for one or two days in a row. I'm German and therefore I'm not that fast in writing English stories. I can draft a normal page per day, but might need some time for checking on spelling and grammar afterwards. I consider myself being quite good at writing in English, though. I guess that I'm able to post a story installment almost every two days.

Comments: I'm not a professional writer, I just do sexual role playing for my own personal fun and pleasure. I've been doing it for almost a year now and I'm trying to improve myself all the time. Please check my sexual role playing stories for further information about my style and quality of writing. The links are included within my signature. I really put emphasis on correct spelling, grammar and punctuation inside a story and check all my texts with dictionary software. I expect some sort of good formal writing style from my co-authors, too.

Standard/Favorite Character: Below, I've described my standard story character, Tanja, who's based on my real life experiences. It's just for information purposes because I can play different characters in stories if needed.

Name: Tanja

Gender: Female

Age: 24 years

Birth Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Nationality: German

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair Color: Brunette

Hair Type: Curly, shoulder-length

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Complexion: Slightly tanned skin

Body Type: Voluptuous

Breast Type: Natural

Breast Size: Big and firm with medium-sized, brownish areolas and sensitive nipples

Pussy Hair Type: Neatly trimmed, dark-colored pubic hair

Body Art: No tattoos or piercings

Height: 5Ē7

Weight: 142 lbs (always a little bit changingÖ)

Measurements: 36DD-28-38 (in real life I usually wear a bra size of 36D which - depending on the bra manufacturer - fits a little bit better most of the time, but for story purposes I want to go with a DD-cup)

Occupation: Bank employee at Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main, working in the Investment Banking Department (in real life I used to work at the loans department of another, mid-sized German Bank)

Family Relationships: Grandparents are already deceased; parents live in another town; no siblings

Relationships: Single; no long-lasting relationship so far; only a few friends at work (colleagues) and some former schoolmates

Interests: PC/video games, movies/TV-series, internet

Sexual Orientation: Quite shy concerning real life encounters; sexually not very much experienced, but likes to dress up in sexy clothes/lingerie; has kind of a submissive mind and likes to fantasize about being molested/sexually abused; occasionally masturbates using sex toys like dildos or vibrators; visits a sexual counseling class at a sexual research facility in order to overcome her shyness concerning social encounters and sexual endeavors with real life people (only in a story)

Biography: Brought up as a single child by very caring and protective parents; was very good at school which led to being a little bit of an outsider with not too many friends; was more interested in learning, reading books etc. than going out or partying; started working at a bank after graduating from school; lives nowadays in a small flat at the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main; generally does some shopping after working hours in the inner city of Frankfurt am Main or visits the movie theater; stays at home on weekends most of the time, relaxing from work; has to go to a sexual research facility in the Taunus region for her sexual counseling lessons on several days of the week (only in a story)

Pictures: Following are some pictures of the story character Tanja. They are not showing the "real" me, but should be used for story purposes as they are clearly depicting my general outward appearance in real life, too. I might not be a supermodel like being shown in these pictures, but I'm pretty good-looking with nice womanly assets at the right placesÖ

Comments: The story character Tanja is almost 100 % based on my real life alter ego (I've made some notes at the appropriate spots if there's a major difference between the story character and myself).
Tanja ... has been naughty and needs to be subdued & punished!
I'm not online all the time or every day, so please have patience with me answering your posts and private messages.
Please check my Sexual Role Playing Profile and have a look at both of my sexual role playing stories:
Busty secretary with chloroform fetish kidnapped & Busty Tanja's Chloroform Adventures - The Feagra Files.

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Gender: Female, don't think I could play male very well.

Age: 19 (but I can play anything 18+...)

Orientation: Iím straight for the most part, though a little bi-curious (great lady SRP-ers, feel free to PM me if you want to help me explore those curiosities... :P)

Power Exchange: I'm quite submissive for the most part, though an equal exchange of power is present in most of the threads I'm currently involved in. I can play somewhat dominant in certain scenes but I'm not dominant by nature.

Race: I'm bi-racial but I can play anything here.

Body Type: I typically play characters whose body types closely resemble my own. (5'2", slender but curvy) but I don't see why I couldn't play someone taller or chubbier.

Alternate Species: So far I've only played humans. I'd be willing to branch out a bit and play witches, or vampires, or something of the sort but I can't promise I'd be good at it initially.

Settings: Present day, medieval times, future, whatever you want. Just give me a clear picture of what our world looks like so I can adjust my writing accordingly.

Likes/Kinks: I have a wide variety of likes and kinks so chances are you won't scare me off with any suggestions. I'm very much into rough sex, and I'm very much into loving sex. It all depends on the situation and the storyline.

Hard Limits: I don't do scat, piss, blood, minors, vomit, vore, or bestiality (unless we're talking werewolves here :P). Other than that, I'm an open book.

Availability: I'm available pretty much every day to chat, and I can post every couple of days. I won't leave you hanging for weeks on end, and I ask that you pretty please refrain from that sort of behavior as well.

Notes: If you aren't able to write up a post with minimal to no spelling or grammatical errors, you should probably just find someone else to play with. I'm a bit of a stickler for that sort of thing. I like long, intelligent, detailed posts. I don't need 8 paragraphs or anything insane like that, but I will not respond to one-liners (this extends to posts that contain less than 5 sentences as well).

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Originally Posted by fed0ra View Post
Gender: Female

Age: I am in my 40s but I can play anything between 18 and not yet 6' under.

Orientation: Straight. I will work with another female sub or slave but only with direction from a Dom. I am sure I can dig deep and maybe find some dormant Domme characteristics to use on her.

Power Exchange: More slave than subservient. I am not bratty but I do have strong opinions. I will do my best to please the Dom I am serving but I am not a doormat.

Race: Humanoid. Anything else will be a learning experience. And I would love to learn. Vampires are fascinating creatures.

Body-type: I am 5'4", voluptuous but it would depend on the story.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am open umm...as long as there are no scales involved. Or anything slithering and slimy.

Settings: I don't do incest and underage. Anything else will work fine. I love playing the innocent who is made to accept her true nature even when she fights its tooth and nail. My inner devil often sits and my shoulder and eggs me on, shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Just to see how far I can be pushed.

Likes/kinks: Some like it rough. I guess I am one of those. Bondage, pain, coercion because the inner me is dormant. Wake her, make the slave come apart in a blaze of painful glory.

Limits: Incest, minors, scat, water sport, vomit, spit, face slapping, male submissives, females (unless part of the story and controlled by the male dominant, as long as I don't have to submit to her) oh yes, and PVC, Saran Wrap, body bags, that sorta stuff too.

Availability: on and off during the day sometimes at night too

Finally: pm me with ideas.

OMG Where are you from?
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Gender: I have only played males, as I am male, though I would consider writing a female role if the scenario was right.

Age: I normally play a character between the age of 18-25, however as I can write older roles as I am 25+ in the glorious world outside of Lit.

Orientation: I am straight in real life, but I live by the motto ďIíll try anything once, twice, if I like it.Ē

Power Exchange: I normally like to be in control, but not as a Dom. I consider myself to be assertive, aggressive (in a non-violent way), and like to set the pace. But I would consider succumbing to a dominant woman, if there is such a thing here, if for no other reason other than to at least try it.

Race: I'm Caucasian, so again this is my preference, but this is not essential. I would play other races if it was requested.

Body type: In reality, Iím just an average guy. I will cater to any requests.

Alternate species/fantasy races/mutations: I have not experimented with this, but that doesnít mean that it is not something I wouldnít consider, if I had someone willing to teach/train me.

Settings: It has to be modern day, or some significant time period in the past.

Likes/kinks: Gee there are so many, so letís say that if they arenít listed below, then they would definitely be considered.

Hard limits: I don't do scat, blood, minors, vomit, vore, bestiality, choking, and of course, no killing! If you are not sure whether I would fulfil a role, feel free to PM me.

Availability: I'm usually online every day. Due to real life, I sometimes will have days where I can't get online. I am in Australia, and will usually be on until about 10PM.

Comment: What I do here, I do for fun and pleasure. I've been role-playing for a while, and consider myself to be a literate and detailed writer. With this said, I do enjoy good spelling and punctuation. However, this doesnít make me a Nazi. Iíd appreciate some good writing from my partners too.

Standard/favoured character: Below I've described my standard character, John, is largely based on my real life persona, and experiences. This doesnít need to be the character used in every role play, but he John is my favoured character.

Name: John

Gender: Male

Age: 21 years old (And staying 21 forever LOL)

Birth Location: Sydney, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Mediterranean mix

Hair Colour: Black

Hair Type: Short cropped, military style haircut, with a neatly trimmed goatee

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin: Slightly tanned

Body Type: Muscular and fit

Pubic Hair: Waxed, and maintained regularly

Height: 5Ē9 (175cm)

Weight: Give or take 80kg

Past Relationships: Never committed for too long. John bounced for one girl to another after being together for short periods of time. John also has the reputation of a player, and works part-time as a male escort.

Interests: Porn, internet, movies, TV, PC, and of course girls.

Sexual Orientation: Normally the one to be in control. Enjoys setting the tempo for the night. Is very adventurous, and is always willing to do something outdoors, or sneak in a quick feel in public, or maybe go further.
I'll try anything once... Twice if I like it... Three time if it hasn't killed me...
Feel free to PM me if you'd like... I don't bite... Hard... Unless you like that sort of thing...

My SRP Profile
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Gender: Male only.

Age: 18 and up.

Orientation: Hetero.

Power Exchange: I prefer a naturally dominant role. As long as the role fits in with the story smoothly I can write from any point of view, other than a complete submissive.

Race: I'm Caucasian, so naturally I'll gear towards that. I can write for any race though.

Body type: Fit characters are my preference.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Angels, Demons, Vampires, etc... Not into furries or non-humanoid species.

Settings: Modern Day/Contemporary as they are the easiest for writing pairs to be on the same page with. Futuristic/Sci-Fi are also of high interest to me as long as my writing partner was on the same page.

Likes/kinks: Not limited to: Spanking, sarcasm, attitude, rough sex, teasing/being teased, toys, public sex acts, seduction, anal, blackmail.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro, beastiality, gratuitous violence/gore.

Availability: I'm online daily and have ample time to write, respond, and discuss the direction of the story with my writing partner.

Details of the story are important to me as I believe they can truly bring it to life or bury it deep into the ground. More importantly is the adherence to proper spelling and grammar. Mistakes are inevitable, typos will happen, no one is perfect, but they should be limited.
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Here goes nothin'

Gender: Male.

Age: 27. I'll play anything from 18-40.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Dominant and sadistic. Abuse and rape are also strong kinks I want to explore here.

Race: Angolan/Portuguese mix. Given the choice I'll play black men but I'm open to anything.

Body-type: I'm 6'5" with an athletic build. Again, given the choice I'll play something close to my body-type but I'm open to any body-type that isn't extreme.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Nothing furry or anthro, no exceptions. Mutations I don't know about... nothing too extreme. Fantasy species like a vampire or sorcerer would be ok.

Settings: For me there has to be gritty realism, whatever the setting. Contemporary & historical would be favourites. Future/sci-fi/fantasy etc would have to be a plot idea that really grabs me. Again, I don't want to limit myself.

I have a current urge for something with a religious twist.

Likes/kinks: Verbal humiliation, sadism, rough sex, asphyxia, degradation, rape... even psychological abuse and violence. My kinks have been locked in a box for quite some time now, so I have a lot to get out of my system here. Mild age-play and corruption of innocence is another hot button for me. I'm open to incest between siblings but daddy/daughter stuff doesn't attract me.

Limits: Toilet play, under-age, necro, bestiality, GBH, total mindless compliance, wide eyed devotion. I should probably put 'your character's death' here... but I'm not going to.

Availability: Late evenings, some weekends.

Finally: I'm looking to collaborate with articulate and inventive writers. I'm prepared to put the effort in to make your toes curl, so I appreciate the same in return. I can post a couple of times a week but not more than that if you want quality work.
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Red face

Gender: Primarily female characters. Bake me cookies and maybe Iíll play male. Maybe.

Age: I prefer to play ages between 20 and 30. I myself am 23.

Orientation: Heterosexual, bi-curious. Polyamorous relationships intrigue me.

Power Exchange: I switch. I like to play submissive domís, in a sense that I go after what I want, but like to be pushed around a little too, forced into submission. However, I adapt to the situation given.

Race: Generally white, since thatís what I am. Not opposed to other races, though.

Bodytype: Tall (5í10Ē), hourglass shape yet athletic, busty (36DD).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am willing to try some fantasy races vampire, witch, elf, angel and/or demon, lycan/werwolf , etc. The only race I have any experience role playing as is a vampire, but it has been a few years, so I am a bit rusty at the moment.

Settings: Medieval, Renaissance, mid/late-1800s, modern day, near future.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is submissive yet stubborn, a submissive masochist if you will. I like roughness around the edges. Spanking, hair pulling, biting, scratching and clawing, choking, sexual violence, bondage, etc.

Hard limits: HORRIBLE SPELLING, SHORT POSTS, minors, animals/furries, necro, vomit, blood (unless called for by non-human character), established characters from books/movies, foot worship, etc. Just not into it, never will be. I'm also not a fan of large age differences, so my limit for that is about 15 years difference.

Other: If thereís is anything I missed or you have questions, please feel free to ask. I may be able to post several times a day, or only once (generally would be evenings California time). I also try to type at minimum of 2 paragraphs, if not more (though sometimes I have no choice but to reply with only one...) I also try not to "god-mod" other writer's characters, and I would appreciate it if I could be given the same respect. My character/s is/are mine, and yours is/are yours. And please, if the RP that we're doing turns out to be something that no long interests you, at least have the decency to tell me, don't just stop replying.

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My Sexual Roleplay Profile

Gender: Seeing that I'm female, I only play female characters. I like to keep it as real as possible.

Age: 18.

Orientation: Heterosexual, but bi-curious and will consider girl-on-girl in the right circumstances.

Power Exchange: Not sure what to put here. I do like the guy to be in control so long as he's not controlling (does that make sense?), and I do like older guys (25+).

Race: Caucasian.

Bodytype: Slender but with curves in the right places, or so I'm told.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: What? No thanks.

Settings: Let's keep it modern day. Again, I like to keep it as real as possible.

Likes/kinks: I enjoy roleplays that are reality based and with older guys (25+). I enjoy discrete play with older neighbors, friends dads or friends older brothers. Emphasis on "discrete". I enjoy large **** (not huge!) and a man who knows how to use it and can really give it to me long and hard (and gentle at times, too) to the point where I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. A man who puts my pleasure first will get my best (insert smile here). So long as he's putting my pleasure first, I don't mind if he gets a little controlling physically or however he wants. (Yes, that may sound contradictory to what I put in Power Exchange, but if he's driving me wild, I don't mind being driven wilder!) I do like a guy who is descriptive in what he's experiencing, seeing and feeling; jiggly, fleshly things and sounds as we're "playing" (but not smells - yes, that's an "Easy A" reference lol). I like to wear a very short skirt and feeling it bunched up at my waist later, and even being used as a grip (a guy wrapping his fist up in it for support) or short, tight shorts for the right guy.

Not sure what my kinks are yet, unless you include everything up to this point. I'm open to learning! Keep my pleasure first and I'll be open to your kinks and suggestions. I'm open in particular to calling you "daddy" if daddy is willing to tease me sexually, maybe even a little spanking so long as daddy rewards me afterwards.

Hard limits: No bathroom stuff or anything like that, that's just gross. No anal.

Turn offs: Guys who type "mmmmmmmmmmmm" lol. An occasional "mmm" is okay, but to make that an entire singular response is a major turn-off. Guys who lose track of the action or simply can't keep up. Guys who can't fill out a profile, especially posting an age.

Availability: That all depends. I'm often busy, but summer it fast approaching and may be even busier, or free-er!

If all this sounds good, give me a call on my YIM cyber-cell (it's a roleplay thing) at courtneywil2012. I'll probably edit and expand this as I go.

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Sexual Roleplay Profile

Gender: Female Ė Iíd prefer to always play female unless someone out there can persuade me otherwise.

Age: Iíd say mid/late 20ís to around 50.

Orientation: Personally Iím straight, but when Iím writing I can be anything.

Power Exchange: Iím a submissive; I love being that and truly enjoy writing as one. I could see myself playing Dominate if I found the write partner, but I always try to find a dominate partner.

Race: Caucasian, thatís what I am.

Body type: Iím short; I tend to stay around short woman that the tall male figure can stand over me in whichever way he wants. Depending on the mood my writing partner I can easily work with their preference.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I like human, thatís what I know. I also like fantasy so Iíd be willing to dabble in it, please note I havenít done anything like this so my writing partner may have to give some insight.

Settings: Past, present, future as either fictional or non-fictional settings.

Likes/kinks: Iím a submissive so I go towards that direction as default. I love being controlled whether physically or through verbal orders (knowing if I disappointment I would be punished). I like rough sex, teasing, power-struggles (with or without sex), blindfolded, being tied upÖ
Hard limits: No minors, incest, bleeding, cutting, vomitingÖIíll add to it as I find thingsÖ

Availability: I work full time and take care of a home, but this is my ďget awayĒ if you will so I check in every day as my real life allows.

Comments: Outside of the normal posts of stories I do enjoy emailing back and forth. Starting with a word, phrase, or random thought and seeing where it takes us. It makes my imagination think and blossom with ideas I may not have thought of before. I enjoy having intellectual conversations that donít always end with ejaculation but a shared understanding. More insight from other folks can only make my writings better.
My Stories:
Making of a Cum Slut - 2 Part Series

My SRP Profile

It's in ones own imagination where you'll find HER waiting to drag you further in...
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Gender: Female Ė I`ve always been one and do wonder what it would be like not to be one.. though i have written a short co production where i played/ wrote as a computer..

Age:well i`m 42 and have done age play back to teens so that may give you a clue...

Orientation: married for 20 years as a hetro straight woman . divorced and i the first month that changed . now i`m kinda off men but not entirely if you get my drift

Power Exchange:here the sticky point... depends on the need and desire..

Race: Human Caucasian,

Body type: Iím tall ( 6ft 2 to be exact in stocking feet.) and though i have a 42dd chest.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations I`ve played a Gorean freewoman and slave in rp for several years now

Settings: The present day ... but i dont think i`d mind going off kilter and heading to feudal japan.

Likes/kinks: Iím a switchy woman with a serious sense of humor...

Hard limits: No minors, (18 or older only please!) vomitingÖ

Availability:I will be unavailable for the future who knows it may change.

Comments: Out side of the writing, working on my autobiography, I enjoy serious role play with possible emotional bondage thrown in .. and have now embraced the girl side of my life to find.. that i really really love the lesbian in side my mind that is now fighting to get out and play... but Rarely here .

writers that are interested.. Sorry but for the time being I wont be able to take new threads.
Life is an adventure, its words a vice, its regrets ever present.

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Gender: I am all Female

Age: Let's just say I am well into adulthood. As for the age of characters I like to play or write, 20's seems to work best for me...

IRL I am Straight. For RP and Writing, I prefer my character to be straight as well, but that does not mean I will not dabble with another female, for the sake of the story and role play.

Power Exchange:
I prefer my characters to be submissive. Now, allow me to explain for a moment. I prefer to write characters that are strong, intelligent, driven, and show many dominant qualities. But, deep down in the depth of their soul, my characters are submissive, but often they must be shown this particular quality. This is why I choose to only write with a Partner who can bring to life a very Dominant Male Character and Personality. Does this mean the Writer has to be Dominant, no, the Writer's preference is not required, but I have found, in my experience RPing, that a Dominant/Master is best written, oft times, by a Dominant Male Writer.

Race: I am White (Italian with a smattering of French heritage). Race in my stories matters not to me.

Bodytype: Never really gave it much thought, but to be honest, when I chose Character pictures, the females are always attractive, sleek, slender, lean, etc . I, for whatever reason, like red haired Characters (my own hair is very dark auburn brown, LOL)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have no issues with writing/playing and alternate species, or a fantasy race. I have played a Lycan, a Vampire, and a character who Shape-Shifted into a Tiger. I enjoy playing and writing those kinds of Characters and playing/writing with those kinds of Characters. As for mutations, that is a bit more complicated. Yes, I have RPed in that scenario. I am ok with tentacles, Angels or Demons. I am NOT Ok with Gender mutation, where a female grows a penis, or a male develops breasts. I am not comfortable with that and choose not to write in the genre.

Settings: I enjoy almost any setting. It is the story that interests me, the setting is secondary to the storyline. But, I do enjoy most any setting, Fantasy, Reality, Sci Fi, even dabbling in Historic or Apocalyptic.

Likes/kinks: Wow, this could get long, LOL! I will hit the main points. My Writing Partners and myself can discuss specifics when discussing story and writing ideas.

Details, Details, Details. I like Characters that have history, backstory, well fleshed out ideas and personalities.
Paint me a picture, Who is he? Why is he? What is he? His thoughts, his motivations, his experiences.

I much prefer a story that is erotic and dark, sexual and mysterious. I prefer to NOT plan a story out in advance. Yes, I want to get the basics down, and the guidelines and ground rules, but I do not want the story, or the Characters to be predictable. Shock me, surprise me, make me and make my Character think, react to what you are doing. I like when my Character thinks she knows what is going to happen, or thinks she can control what is happening, and then is helpless, out of control, dependent on the Dominant Character.

And on the flipside, I too will write my Character to be unpredictable. Believable (in the context of the story) but unpredictable. You never know how my Character may react, what she may do or say at any given moment. My character will think, feel, react. I want my character to have depth, emotions. I like th throw a curve ball when writing, as much as I like getting a curve ball when writing. I like to make my Partners think... I like to be made to think!!!

I write best with Dominance/submission, Master/slave, Mind Play/Mind Games (or as many call it, Mind Fucking) Force, Non-Consent, Psychological play. I enjoy my character begging for the caress of a whip, or begging for mercy. I like my character to feel fear, to feel want, to feel need, to feel confusion, to feel some pain, to feel devotion, to feel love... I like Binding (chains, ropes, leather) ... Being Controlled...

I enjoy Vampire and Lycan, Demonic and Angelic, Master and slave...

I enjoy the Dominant being cruel one moment, romantic the next, confusing the slave until she is unsure what is happening. Mind Play, I so enjoy Mind Play, and Breath Play. I like my Character knowing that the Master could end her life if he chose to.... I like that fear...

Hard limits: Yes, I do have some very hard limits that I refuse to cross. No golden showers, No scat, No bathroom play at all (other than a shower or bathing type situation, that is totally different). No vomit, or anything like that. No animals (outside of a Demonic type or Lycan), no harming of animals (I am a devoted animal lover), no extreme humiliation... I am not into incest, Nor am I into gender mutation...

Any story idea is always up for discussion..

Layla, you've got me on my knees.
Layla, I'm begging, darling please.

heh, keep begging!!

Call me Layla

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Realized that I should probably do one of these.

GENDER: Male. Probably would be terrible at roleplaying as a female.

AGE: 18-45


POWER EXCHANGE: Varies. Can be both dominant and submissive, but probably prefers submissive.

RACE: Caucasian. Might try other races if the character really needs to be a different race, but I'm worried I might offend someone by accident.

BODY TYPE/APPEARENCE: Can do any really, but probably most comfortable with 6'2, 240-pound.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: Have only done human, but willing to try most.

SETTINGS: Open to most, but admittedly not very interested in medieval/fantasy.

LIKES/KINKS: Sexually aggressive females, romance, most normal stuff. I like some buildup in my stories instead of just hopping straight into bed.

HARD LIMITS: No bathroom. No vomit. No mutilation. No humiliation. No anal (goes both ways).

AVAILABILITY: I'm currently available to post only 1-2 times per week. Sometimes I have more time, but at the moment that's all I can guarantee. If I won't be able to rp for a while I'll try to send you a PM and explain the situation.

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Gender: I am male and will only play male characters.

Age: I am 30 and will only play characters 18+ no exceptions.

Orientation: I can play any orientation. I love men and women equally.

Power Exchange: I don't ever "submit". But I can dominate if need be and I don't mind playing a beta male to the right man.

Race: I am european-american (aka white lol) and will most likely play a white character. I don't mind going fantasy and doing were-creatures, elves, or any thing like that - that's fine. I also don't mind any other nationality.

Body type: I am a tall fit/slender guy and will usually play tall men but I usually add on some more muscles in my writing. I don't exaggerate how big my member is and from what I'm told it's a nice size. So in stories, unless it's requested to be bigger I make it proportional or maybe a little above average.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am okay with most things. I like elves, vampires, werewolves (as long as sex takes place in human form) and other fantasy creatures like that. I have NO interested in furries AT ALL. No tentacles, no monsters, nothing too out of the box.

Settings: I love modern, historical, sci-fi, fallout, based on certain things like (taking the Tolkein realm and creating a story with it), futuristic, fantasy, I am pretty happy with most things.

Likes/kinks: My kinks I guess are different depending on the sex of the partner.
Women: I like being grabbed and scratched, forcing orgasms, intense kissing, pulling hair, slapping ass, biting/nibbling, different positions, light bondage, dirty talk, pregnancy risk, getting her pregnant and pregnant sex (this isn't required since it's not for everyone), general rough sex, and other stuff I guess - I want you to look up at me when you go down on me. If I think of anything else I'll write it here.
Men: I like a strong man, good hands, and a nice sized cock, 5 o'clock shadow is quite nice, I like playing the "virgin" with men, or inexperienced lover, romantic settings, biting, licking, kissing, hair pulling, general rough sex, softer love making, light bondage, dirty talk, facials...
If I think of anything else I will put it here.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/etc, necro, vomit, drinking piss (or anything with piss), graphic gore, rushed/unedited posts/horrible grammar, non con, huge age differences (at least 20+ year difference is a no)
This might also be edited as time goes on.

Availability: I am here and ready to write! I am looking for a male partner to do a romantic/steam m/m story and a female to do a pregnancy story it can be as romantic or as scandalous as we want. I am always available for PM's and will sometimes be on yahoo chat.
My SRP profile
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Post Sexual Role Play profile for MyRubiLips

Gender: I happen to biologically be a female, and am bi/pansexual so I don't think I'd have a problem role playing as male or trans.

Age: In reality I am thirty-eight and have those years' experience to show for it, but I don't think I'd have any problems role playing any other age.

Orientation: Pansexual. (That means I am attracted to men and women, both naturally so and trans.) It does not matter what my character's sexuality is.

Power Exchange: In reality I am submissive; very passive and subservient. I know I have an evil streak to me and could probably write a Domme character, though it wouldn't be a favorite.

Race: I am Caucasian and Native American. I don't foresee a problem playing another race if necessary. (Including fantasy races like the Fae.)

Body Type: I have short strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, am about 5' 7", and a thicker body with a C cup. It does not matter to me what body type I play.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I don't have a preference. Sci-Fi can be fun. Faeiries, vampyres, lycans, elves, etc, are fun fantasy races. Mythical beasts and monsters are fun too. I suppose, if nothing more, being a human with a sci-fi/mythical beast of sorts would be fun.

Settings: Time period and location do not matter to me. Very open minded here.

Likes/Kinks: BDSM, Sadomasochism, rape play, incest, golden showers, depravity and humiliation. Certainly there's more that's escaping me right now.

Mild Turn Offs: Mommy/son: Maybe it'll become a writing challenge for me at some point, but right now it's not something I can wrap my head around. FemDomme: Again, being naturally passive/subservient it's hard for me to wrap my mind around switching. Perhaps in an elaborate tale, where I write in an additional character, I can do this? But not as my "main" character. Sorry.

Hard Limits: In writing, hard limits are different than in real life; however, scat and extreme torture would be turn-offs so there's no point adding them to a story.

Availability: I am online at least once per day to peek at Lit and check E-mail. CST The times, however, can vary. If involved in an active role play, I will make sure to check PMs even more frequently.

Comments: Role playing can take place in a thread in SRP, PMs, or even in E-mail if you'd prefer. If you want to go darker than Lit allows, we can go private.

Standard/Favorite Character: I do not have a favorite character or a standard in writing as this is new to me here on Lit. I suppose if that changes I can add that here. (I'll leave the blank template up just in case.)



Birth Location:



Hair Color:

Hair Type:

Eye Color:

Skin Complexion:

Body Type:

Breast Type:

Breast Size:

Pussy Hair Type:

Body Art:





Family Relationships:



Sexual Orientation:


*Note: I shall update this profile as necessary. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Template completed 21 May 13.
Template updated 18 Sept 15.

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Morbid Fantasies

While Iím new to this site, Iím not knew to roleplaying. Iíve been a part of this game, off and on, for over ten years now. When it comes to my imagination the possibilities are truly endless. Iím a person who enjoys darker, more depraved stories that leave you wondering if anyone will make it out alive. My writings arenít for the faint of heart. If youíre a person who enjoys gruesome, violent stories with sex thrown into the mix (can be consensual or not), feel free to message me. I can tame things down some, if need be, but I prefer to explore my morbid side.

Gender: Iím actually a female in real life and while I prefer to write from a womanís perspective, Iím not against writing as a man (if the story calls for additional characters).

Age: Iíd rather not declare my age but Iím a woman whoís young enough to still have loads of fun but old enough to actually know right from wrong (though I tend to be improper quite a bit). As for my characters, their age varies.

Orientation: My characters tend to be heterosexual, most of the time, though the women are often curious about their own gender.

Power Exchange: Iíd rather you take charge but there are some characters who will fight for their dominance while at the same time urging to do to the same.

Body type: It honestly depends on the gender and what the story is about. Women look like normal, curvy women and men vary, again, pending what the situation calls for.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Quite honestly, the majority of what I write would be classified as supernatural. Iím all about vampires, werewolves, lycanthropes, demons, angels, and humans. As for furries, if youíre thinking of the animals that can talk and are cute and cuddly, Iím not into that. The animals in Underworld are about as furry as I get.

Settings: Iím comfortable with most anything. As I said, I write supernatural and horror themes, and most lead to the modern era as itís easier to write.

Likes/kinks: Iím open to most anything, quite honestly, so thereís not a lot that will turn me off. I could write you a list but it depends on the character and story. Really, there are very few limits. Please keep that in mind should you choose to write with me. Iím all about pressing limits and the same should be said of you.

Availability: I will warn you, as much as I enjoy stimulation of this type, I do have other obligations that requite my attention. I wonít be around all the time but Iíll try to check things daily, at least once a day, and post if possible. My posts focus on quality rather than quantity, so there may be times they come quicker than others. All I ask is you be patient as Iím more than willing to be the same.
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This is subject to change. I was done with replying to my role plays and figured I should make one of these. (: Don't hesitate to message me with a plot idea!

Gender: I myself am female, so I typically role play as such, but sometimes do enjoy role playing as a man for a change.

Age: Anywhere from 18-40. Prefer on the young side because that is what I am.

Orientation: I'm straight. I would play a gay male, but cannot role play as a lesbian. I just can't get into it.

Power Exchange: It depends. Most of the time I like to be a cock slut (or at least turn into one), but sometimes I like to be a dominating mistress. So either way is fine.

Body type. 5 foot 6 inches, 34C bust is what I am. I'm nowhere near overweight, but I'm also not a twig. Average in that area I suppose. I'm a brunette with hazel eyes. As for role playing, I am open to playing whatever your desired female body type is. I'll be fat, thin, curvy, flat as a board, whatever. Also, for males, if you'd like to role play as a guy with a five inch cock and don't want your character to have washboard abs, that's fine. In fact, realism makes it more sexy sometimes. However, I don't want to role play as a morbidly obese person or have a partner as such. Don't mean to offend, just not my preference.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: This intrigues me. I'd be willing to role play as any of those things, except furries are kind of meh. I've never done that before, but I'd be willing to try. If you have some wacky humaniod or monster you've come up with, I'd be curious to see what you have in mind.

Settings: Currently craving some fantasy or post-apocalyptic world. Will do anything, basically, as long as the plot is strong.

Hot Kinks: Rape, dubious consent, first time/awkward sex, slightly older man (under 10 years difference preferably), size difference, being dominated, blowjobs/deep throat, fingering, angry sex, angst, humiliation, bondage and blind folds, lots of foreplay/sexual tension, gang bang, teasing, hurt/comfort (like a guy comforts a girl after break up, leads to more...), fluff, moaning, dirty talk, exhibitionism, public sex, realistic sex, voyeurism, masturbation

Meh Kinks: Incest (between cousins or siblings), bloodplay (unless vampire, then it's a hot kink!), threesomes, spanking, anal sex (will like more if I'm playing a gay male), hardcore violence, affairs (on a trustworthy partner), double penetration

Hard Limits: Anything bathroom related, incest, fisting, super age difference, rimming, horrid grammar/spelling and ultra short posts every time

If a kink is not mentioned, please feel free to bring it up. I likely am a fan, but just forgot to add it to the list.

Currently I am interested in writing some kinky fanfiction. Here's a list of the fandoms I'd love to role play in. They will be books, movies/tv shows, or video games. Also, I'm aware that some are against the rules if sex is involved, but still pm me and we can keep it pg-13 or move to another medium for the role play

Fandoms: Books: Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby. Movies/TV: Titanic, Supernatural. Video games: Dragon Age, Fallout, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (7, 10, 13), Persona 4, Mass Effect.

Currently Craving:

Anything fantasy themed, especially a forced marriage

Desperately craving the fanfiction.

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Gender: Male, and that's all I play as. Although now that I think about it, I suppose I could play a dominant lesbian female.

Age: Anything 18-50. I'm 28, but I'm open to playing any age outside of underage or really old. Elderly sex doesn't do it for me.

Orientation: Hetero male, or possibly lesbian female.

Power Exchange: Really open as far as this goes. I have a certain taste for non-interest in females, although whether that works as dom or sub I'm not entirely sure (see my story link below for an example of what I mean). I have no preference otherwise.

Race: No preference. I'm white, but I can RP any race.

Bodytype: In real life, I'm what I would describe as "slim athletic." Don't weight much, fairly thin frame, but lots of muscle definition. I'm also around 5'9", with (currently long) black hair and a full beard. That being said, I can roleplay anything and have no preference how much the character resembles me. But feel free to request my real appearance if that's what you're into.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: MAYBE fantasy races (probably just elves and/or fairies), but that would be it from this list.

Settings: Realism for the most part. Time period or locale doesn't make a difference to me. Anything from ancient Rome to near-to-distant future is fine with me.

Likes/kinks: As mentioned, my favorite type is female non-interest (again, see story link below for example). Basically, I enjoy playing heavy seducer with hard-to-get female. I do, however, also enjoy dominant females, and can play submissive male when the mood strikes me. I can do dominant male, but fairly minimal on the violence aspect.

In terms of actual sex, I'm a huge fan of exhibitionism, mutual masturbation, oral, anal, incest, and swinging.

Hard limits: No minors, no rape, no scat/golden showers, or excessive violence.

Availability: For the most part, if I'm online on the forums, I'm available. I am up for play by post in a thread and Skype and/or Yahoo messenger (PM for contact info).

Anything else you'd like to know, just ask.
My first story! Attack & Defense

My SRP Profile
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Been around for a while but only recently noticed this thread

Although we are a couple, this is not something that has ever appealed to my better half, so just the fella who likes to roleplay

Gender: Generally I play male characters, although on the odd occasion I can step outside and try female, but I would never suggest I'm an accurate portray-er of women.

Age: I remember 18 so would be happy to do 18 - 45 ish.

Orientation: I play heterosexual men.

Power Exchange: I think I can play a range of power, although I'm not overly keen on extreme dominance.

Race: I'm white myself, but as with most things I'm open to suggestion.

Bodytype: I think I could play most body types. My wife would say I'm slim, but I'd be happy with trim.

Non- Human: Not really into the furries, if they are human looking for example the majority of the Star Trek Universe or Vampire. Then sure that's doable. But not into playing a dog.

Settings: I think I would struggle with the more ye olde settings.

Likes/Kinks: My sexual nature is very much like the rest of my life, I am open minded and open to new ideas, I think I can play submissive / cuckold / Vanilla / Aggressive and Rough. I enjoy RPs with nonconsent although I prefer to stop short of men raping women, so ie taking my wife out and getting her drunk to the point of being open to degrading acts and a lack of ability to say no, but not into attacking a stranger in the dark who would never enjoy the experience, either now or later on. It's pretty tricky to say were my limits are.

I can take and give verbal humiliation,mockery,contempt,mindfuckery, but I also like to be able to be able to romance and sweet talk a girl out of her knickers, it's not always about jumping to the extreme.

I enjoy a range of senarios, that most would see as naughty rather than extreme. Pregnancy, cheating, Brides, Older women, friends of my wife, my friends being involved.

Hard Limits: Ok so there is probably more, but no kids, no poo, no vomit (although choking and gagging is fun). No Rape to women that they never enjoy at any point. Torture can be ok, but not to the point of cutting.

Availability: I am available nearly every week, sometimes it can be several days at a time, other times it maybe once a week.

I'm happy to roleplay on forums, or via pms, or instant message.

Other than that just ask, as you can never cover everything. Even now I don't always get it right when judging sex with the wife, so communication about what you like and don't like is important.

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Gender: Male

Age: I am old enough to be a grandpa, but I am not.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: I do not do dominate or submissive. I write characters.

Race: If am white and it is easiest for me to write as such for characters, but I do change up sometimes. I like all races equally when it comes to characters to write with.

Bodytype: I have recently (over a year or so) lost 80 lbs. This is a big deal for me. I am working now to build some muscle. The characters I play are of various physical types.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Sure, I don't mind them, but I am not into elves with wings. Sorry, but it is just a thing with me. They bother me. The wings could never support all of that body weight.

Settings: I like most historical settings. I also enjoy any sort of fantasy setting. When it comes to science fiction, I like Star Trek, Doctor Who and even a bit of Firefly, but I find it very difficult to write science fiction. I am not saying no, but it is a stretch for me. Techno-babel is not my friend.

Likes/kinks: big women, thin women, busty women. I like them all.
It is not important to me if sex becomes part of a story immediately. It is all about the story. I do not write to get off. I have a girlfriend for that, than you. Sure, it occurs in stories, but only when it makes sense. If I am playing a shy character, or something like that, don't expect swiftness! Again, it all depends upon the character. I try to avoid ever playing the same character twice though I do write awkward better than I do confident.

Hard limits: rape, incest, underage, anything to do with the bathroom

Availability: I am available when I am available, and it varies. My job keeps me vary busy and is the sort which involves long hours without internet access, stress and not leaving when the schedule says. The schedule is a rotating shift one as well. I can promise to post twice per week, or call it every 2-3 days, but that is all. If I am off I post a lot, but if I am not I do not.

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Seeking Inspiration
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SRP Profile for Inspirinious

I enjoy SRP as story telling. The story and the characters are important. I want to feel that we are collaborating on telling a story to others. I like the surprise of plot line twists and turns that my partner creates, as long as those are within the framework of the story we are telling.

I am currently using two different forms of SRP in different stories. In "Sam Grossman, P.I.", "The Food Critic's Temp Wife", "One Big Happy Family" and "Watching Jennifer" I am using the traditional two-person role-playing format, each author writing from a 1st person point of view. In my SRPs with Stackeydreams, "East Eden" and "The Sales Team" we use a format of two authors who alternate telling a story. While we each have our own main character, we tell the story in more of a 3rd person POV which allows us to control more of the action and dialog. This format allows us to include many more characters and often results in longer posts. I am comfortable writing either way.

I generally follow the guideline of "write what you know about." So I write about a male in the modern world, office, campus, vacation, and home settings. I would like to stretch myself and learn new things. So I am willing to try new things, new roles, new settings.

So this describes what I am currently comfortable playing in ORP.

Gender: I play male characters

Age: I will play a male from 20 to 60

Orientation: Heterosexual, but will play in 3-ways and groups as long as there is minimal contact with another male.

Power Exchange: I am not dominant, but I will lead. I can control the action, but I don't have to control the action. I am not submissive, but I can be lead. Does that make sense?

Race: I am white, so I play white. Not apposed to trying something else, just no personal experience.

Body Type: Tall, lanky male. Probably best that I play this character type.

Alternate species/fantasy races/mutations: For now, I play humans only and only play with other humans.

Settings: I feel most comfortable with modern day settings, as that is what I know.

Likes/Kinks: I am into romance, passion, straight and slightly kinky sex, exhibitionism & voyeurism, toys, light bondage, anal, and oral. I really love oral, giving and receiving. I can do gentle loving or hard rough sex. I have no problem with incest. I do have a problem with non-consensual sex.

Hard Limits: Violence is not my thing. Also I stay away from any activity that produces blood or permanent physical scars. And no activities normally associated with a toilet.

Availability: I am generally available for one long post, or several short posts each day. I only write SRP on the threads and not in private chat.

current SRP Stories I am involved in
"Brother & Sister Reconnect" - Oct. 2016 (with MidnightBliss)

previous SRP Stories I was involved in
"Secret Desires - V2" - inactive (with girlintexas99)
"The Third Roommate" - inactive (with MidnightBliss)
"Sam Grossman, P.I." - inactive (with jenwishuknew)
"The Food Critic's Temp Wife" - inactive (with MidnightBliss)
"Watching Jennifer" - inactive (with Sidney_1)
"Secret Desires" - inactive (with AngelEyes1994)
"One Big Happy Family..." - inactive (with Angelika0)
"East Eden - a camp for swingers" - inactive (with Stackeydreams)
"Teaching Him, Teaching Me" - inactive (with AngelEyes1994)
"The Sales Team" - inactive (with Stackeydreams)
"Savoring Emily" - inactive (with Stackeydreams and emmy_christina)

Read my stories:
"Breakfast in Bed"
"Private, Don't Look" (10 Part Series)
"Sara's First Pussy" and "Sara's Second Pussy"

My SRP Ideas thread - It's all about the Inspiration

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Been around here a while, but I've finally decided to go ahead and write a profile.

Gender: Male

Age: I tend to write relatively young characters in their 20's and 30's.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Dominant, but not extremely so.

Race: My characters generally tend to be white, but since I'm a bit of a genetic mixed bag myself, I try to get at least a little cultural variety in.

Body Type: My characters tend to be in at least good physical shape, though I've written characters with more unusual proportions (5'4" and very thin, all the way to a 7' bodybuilder).

Non-Human: I like a little non-human every now and again. In particular, I'm partial to furries and have a soft spot for writing werewolves.

Settings: Very flexible. I write a lot of modern settings, but I also like the occasional period piece, fantasy or sci-fi.

Likes/Kinks: Again, I'm dominant and enjoy hearing women beg, though I don't go so far as master/slave relationships. That's a little too kinky for me. I like to write non-consent every now and again (man forcing himself on a woman) and a little bit of bondage for variety. I love girls who are screamers and I have an affinity for exotic beauties, Goth girls (no body piercings, please), and innocent girls. On the more uncommon side, I have a mild fetish for stockings, striped ones in particular. My stories are mainly character driven and I prefer my writing partners to contribute at least a paragraph at a time. Most of my characters tend to be artists of some variety or have an interest in the arts and music.

Hard Limits: Incest, scat, cuckolding, anal play, gore, master/slave, S&M... I do not like body piercings anywhere below the face. I expect half-way decent spelling and grammar at the very least and no one-liners.

Availability: PM me with ideas or check the "Seeking RPers and Inspiration" thread. We'll hammer out the details in private and get the thread going from there. I don't do RPs through PM, IM or email. Bad experiences.
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Sexual Role Play profile for Roleplay_Mom

Gender: I am all female.

Age: In reality I am 45, but I don't have any problems role playing a much younger age.

Orientation: Bi-Curious

Power Exchange: Primarily, I am submissive, but I consider myself a switch, as I have a Dominant streak and can readily play that role with as much enthusiasm as I play a sub.

Race: White, but with a dark tan (partially natural, partially tanning bed).

Body Type: I'm a redhead, 5'8", 120, 34B-26-36, round spankable ass, long dark nipples, nice tan, sexy toned legs, shoe size 7.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I don't have any interest in these fantasies.

Settings: While I'm open, I guess I can relate easier to modern times.

Likes/Kinks: Cuckoldry, female foot fetish, taboo (mom/son, daddy/daughter), sexy shoes, cumplay, facials, swallowing, face-slapping, having guys cum on my feet (and perhaps licking it off), oral bi-curious MMF (voluntary or "forced"), rimming, anal, Dom/sub, BDSM, rough sex, spanking/paddling, cock-gagging, interracial curiosity, golden showers, general depravity and naughtiness, teasing, 3somes, bi-curious fantasies, sexy dress/shoes, blindfolds, masks, exhibitionism, humiliation...........and I'm sure there's more that I've left out.

Hard Limits: Scat, blood, spitting, TS, extreme torture, animals, adult babies, diapers, giantess, drugs/illegal activities, drunkeness, and male-male anal.

Availability: I am online at all crazy days/hours - no set pattern or schedule, as my personal life and job duties remain ever-changing.

Comments: My 3 biggest fantasies are cuckold, foot fetish, and taboo. It is very exciting when I can combine any combination of those. I am very flexible on the age I play and am fairly open to new kinks/fetishes.

I detest those who can't type quickly, have poor grammar, use texting abbreviations like a 6th grader, or who are lazy and expect me to do all the typing/work in a role play. I appreciate a writer/role player who is creative, detailed, and has a somewhat gifted vocabulary.

For those interested in my feet, I describe them as size 7, painted toes, high arches, and soft wrinkled soles. I love teasing and prancing around in stilettos, strappy heels/sandals, anklets, and giving footjobs.

Standard/Favorite Characters: Hotwife wannabe, milf/cougar mom, flirty foot tease. Generally, I like to play the role of being reluctant, but once convinced to try something, to be very eager and sexually depraved.
INTERESTS: cuckold, feet, taboo, teasing, bdsm, oral bi-MMF, cumplay, numerous other kinks - just try me!

I'm always looking for QUALITY roleplayers for Yahoo chat. See my criteria post at: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=670569

If you love female feet, see my pics here: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=758309

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Greetings from a long-time lurker

Gender: Female

Age: Early 40ís (wishing I knew then what I know now)

Orientation: Bi-sexual ()

Power Exchange: Considered a force to be reckoned with at work, Iíd prefer the opposite outside of the office

Race: White (Hungarian Welsh background lets me tan well when I get the opportunity to go outside), although Iíd do my best to portray whatever a storyline needed

Body Type: I'm a brunette, 4í11.5" (yes, darn itÖ I WILL claim that half an inch); 34 D/DD (large nipples that are normally at attention whether I want to be sporting fripples or not); size 4/6; however, with a little imagination I can be taller (my 5 inch platforms, lovingly referred to as my Equalizers, allow me the occasional glimpse of what it would be like not to be vertically challenged... I can even see into the ice maker with those babies on!)

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: As a recovering Everquest (high elf cleric, half elf tank Ė donít ask, wood elf druid, dark elf mage) / World of Warcraft (played both Horde and AllianceÖ but I gotta say For the Horde!) addict, Iím not adverse to this type of roleplay

Settings: You lead and Iíll followÖ to the best of my abilities

Likes/Kinks: I pretty much like it all, but am definitely for 3(or more) somes, Dom/sub, BDSM, nipple play, 'dirty talking', felatio, etc etc.

Hard Limits: Scat for sureÖ anything elseÖ still has yet to be determined

Availability: Mostly evenings and weekends; will depend on work and personal commitments

Comments: I may be the self purported ellipse queen, but I still prefer stories written with some semblance of thought and attempts to use the English language correctly

Standard/Favorite Characters: Still under development

I'm always open to new story lines, so please feel free to PM me and 'feel me out'...

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