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Kudos to the OP for this idea. ^^

Gender: Female characters only.

Age: Anything from 18-25, although exceptions may occur.

Orientation: heterosexual

Power Exchange: Playing a submissive can be fun occasionally, but generally I rp a normal relationship, whatever that means.

Race: This is not an issue for me. I'm willing to play, and write with, characters of any race. I am white, personally.

Bodytype: I play lots of different body types, although its always fun to play that curvy bombshell. I am petite and tiny myself.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Im fine, even excited, about playing humanoid alien/fantasy creature characters. As long as it's not a furry or a tentacle monster, chances are I am okay with it. If its not a straight up human, it better be damn close.

Settings: Mostly science fiction and fantasy. I like anything that strikes me as imaginative and fantastic. If you approach me with a thread set in the present, then I might be bored with it. There are exceptions though, so if you think you have a good idea, let me know. My only caveat is that you better have a decent plot if that is the case.

Likes/kinks: A good story is really the most potent turn on for me. I'm a sexually adventurous person, so there is a good chance I'm willing to give whatever you have in mind a shot. If it comes to D/s relationships, I am a submissive. I'm a bit of a romantic, so if we can have a bit of that, thats always nice. I like to have varied sexual scenes in my stories, anything from angry, rough sex to tender, affectionate lovemaking.

Hard limits: Anything to do with bodily waste. Torture that ventures beyond the playful. Furries.

Availability: I can usually post 3-4 times a week. I'm in a position to check the site at least once a day.

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Gender: Female

Age: 35-45 maybe a bit older

Orientation: hetero, for now

Race: Whatever fits with the storyline.

Bodytype: Whatever fits with the storyline.

Settings: Historical, Fantasy, or Modern

Likes/Kinks: Anything not listed under hard limit/just saying no, will probably be something I like or am willing to explore.

Hard limits/Just saying no to: Piss, scat, vomit, extreme violence and pain, minors.

Availability: I can post 3 or 4 times per week, sometimes more and other times less.
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Accident with copy and paste...see next post for my answers

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Hey ladies and gents I'm so new at this so bare with me if...with that said I'll simply follow the script and wait patiently for a call back :-)
Gender: I mostly like 2 write women, though I've written men in none sexual roles
Age:20s 30s

Orientation: Any

Power Exchange: not good at sub or dom if that's all the character is about, but if a situation requires either I can work with it

Race: I don't discriminate or stereotype but I write my best as a Black woman because I am one

Bodytype: I prefer a healthy character, some one who eats what they want but isn't dying because of it.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've been a vamp, and love it. Willing to try any humanoid being as long all powers/mutations/attributes are explained

Settings: Any.

Likes/kinks: it might be easier to say what I don't do

Hard limits: no kids, animals, puke/piss/shit, humiliations (intentional or otherwise), excessive spanking, whips, gags, facials, rape, and if it comes to anything else I'll let co-writer(s) know
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GENDER: As a female I am only comfortable writing a female in a sexual context, however I have no problems writing a male as just a side character.

AGE: Anywhere from 18-30... as im only 22 I don't feel comfortable writing much older since I have not experienced that part of life yet.

ORIENTATION: Straight... PURELY straight. Sorry... I'm not bi or a lesbian ... but to each their own. Whatever butters ya biscuit

POWER EXCHANGE: I'm not big into BDSM however if I had to choose I would say I am more submissive. I tend to play younger, more inexperienced characters.

RACE: I am caucasian and really only feel comfortable writing as such, however I enjoy writing with other races

BODY TYPE/APPEARANCE: Reasonably in shape and reasonably realistic. I do not enjoy playing obese characters, anorexic characters, characters with disgustingly large breasts or any other strange body shape. I dont like to play perfect characters, however i dont enjoy playing a girl ugly enough to make a freight train take a dirt road either... I am willing to conform to my partner's preferences but left to my own devices I usually play a short, petite character with dark hair and green eyes.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: Human... but only because that is all that I know. The only way I would participate in a thread with an alternate species would be with a VERY understanding partner... because I'm pretty sure I'd end up looking like the north end of a south bound donkey!

SETTINGS: mostly modern day. History wise I generally only play the old west type of settings. Having native American blood in my veins I have always been interested in this time period.

LIKES/KINKS: Romance. I'm sort of vanilla in my preferences. anal play excites me. I enjoy giving and receiving oral play... especially giving masculine men excite me... the whole bad boy image gives me chills. Detailed posts and more story than sex please.

HARD LIMITS: the usuals. No blood, toilets, animals, I'm not really into bdsm.. if I agree to do it, it has limitations.

I am a stickler for grammar and spelling and general writing structure. Nothing bothers me more than a partner who doesn't take the time to make their post make sense. If you don't take the time to write a post that I can easily follow, then I will not take the time to reply to you.

AVAILABILITY: generally available between 6am and 9pm est. Smart phones make it easy for me to post!
...There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes...

My Preferences

#11- Denny Hamlin
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Orioles

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Gender: I only play male characters.

Age: I am willing to play 18-55

Orientation: I have only played heterosexual characters, and in the future I see it staying this way. As with everything though just ask about the possibility of other orientations as in RP im willing to consider almost anything.

Power Exchange: I am naturally dominant and my characters tend to develop in this way as well. I enjoy the mind element and subtlety of domination, I like language to hide suggestions and actions of domination but I also enjoy the more obvious aspect if it seems appropriate. My domination goes from mild to extreme, but my characters tend to be mildly more often than not. I have no experience of playing submissive roles and I do not believe this would interest me.

Race: I'm white myself and will stick to that. I also only play human characters.

Appearance: The characters I usually end up playing a strong and tall . Looks tend to be good looking but with a more rugged style.

I am however happy to explore and write all types.

Settings: I prefer realistic settings, situations that I can relate to. I especially enjoy the office or work setting, as well as teacher student situation. I am however open to any realistic contemporary setting.

I havenít tried, but donít think I would enjoy fantasy or futuristic settings.

I am willing to look at trying some historic settings.


I am more dominant so I enjoy RPís in which the male is in a stronger position. I especially enjoy dominating a woman who believes they are in a stronger position, i.e a boss. I enjoy when the other characters tries to resist domination.

I like a RP to be well written, I prefer less frequent replies if it gives time to think about the post, to think about how the way in which aspects are written and described, how this affects the relationships between the characters. I enjoy a long build up, the creation of tensions and an in depth relationship built between the characters. I have a big thing for heels, as well as stockings and suspenders.

I am willing to explore most things and cannot list them all here. I enjoy discovering them as we go along as it adds a sense of realism. I also like to have a pm going at the same time so we can say if we donít like something

Dislikes : Scat, blood, period play, being submissive, god modding, needles, animals and single paragraphs.

Availability: I try and post as regularly as possible. Please remain patient if I donít reply straight away. I do write long replies, at least 3 paragraphs.
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New to this site & am looking forward to doing some fun fantasy SRP. I'm working on my writing skills ... trying to improve. So please bear with me.

my info...

Gender: Mostly female but I can play male characters too.

Age: Any.

Orientation: Any.

Power Exchange: Any, but I like subs best.

Race: Any.

Bodytype: Any. But I'm blonde and large chested and most men like me to play that type.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Any, in fact I'd really like to find a partner (male or female) that is into centaurs, minotaurs, orcs, dragons, etc, so we can do a story together.

Settings: Preference is fantasy & sci-fi, but Iím open to any.

Likes/kinks: Very few limits in the sexual area. I love oral sex (male and female). I love big cocks. Some men like breast milk and that's fine with me.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, rape, etc.
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My name is Ondine and I'm new to lit.

Age: 26
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color:strawberry blonde
Eye Color:blue eyes
Body Type: Light freckles, very lean, tan
Right Now I'm: sitting here cross-legged on my bed with my black thick framed reading glasses on. I have a grey tanktop, no bra, and green yoga capris on. I just got ouf the shower, my hair is wavy and wet.
Looking For: Anything. Men, I don't care what you look like, and I do not want to trade/see your photos. I want to imagine you the way you write it. And if you're not good looking, just pretend to be

Ladies, I'm open to you, too.

Tidbits About Me/What I'm Into: I'm sophisticated, sound like Catherine Zeta Jones, and have plenty of kinks. I am open to any kinds of roleplay, realistic, fantasy, some incest, older/younger, power, non-con, light s&m, I'm sure we can work something out.

Not Into: I just don't do any bodily functions.

I hope I sound pleasing. I'll be on all night. Looking forward to your PM.


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Gender: I am a chick, no idea what it would be like to trade tits for balls so I'll stick with writing chicks.

Age: 25 to 35 lest its an immortal type character

Orientation: heterosexual, bisexual

Power Exchange: yup, there is one most of the time. So my characters can be a range from top to bottom to (rarely) submissive. Well, lets face it. I get what I want and do as I please; if I want to kneel I will and if I dont I might bite your head off. Then there is the non D/s which is a side of just extremely sensual vanilla.

Body type: I'd rather write closer to my own body type, petite, thin, pale, long dark hair, has tits and a shit load of freckles

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Sure why not... just no furries... races with fur are ok, as are elves and witches and vamps and whatever.. just humanoid and no tenticles...

Settings: I like castles and forests and modern. I'm not a history buff or a SiFy aficionado but set the scene right and I think I can make it anywhere..

Likes/kinks: I like building a scene, building intensity. You wanna turn me on? Just realize I'm a sensations junkie. I like giving and getting reactions, stimulation. I'm a sensual. I'm Primal, visceral. -shivers- Um, what was I saying? Oh.. likes/kinks... blades, feathers, massage, nails/scratching, biting, rope, bondage, BDSM, I'm a sadist and a masochist. I like banter.. Hell I really love playing with my food so if you plan on being on the table just expect to be devoured slowly.

Hard limits: Poop! Spanking(lest your trying flip me into a psychotic bitch, just don't go there) Normal lit limits. Incest. and no I will not call you daddy, fuck that.

Availability: I'm always around but not a daily poster to my SRP's, Takes me a bit to get what I want to say all typed out. So I prefer to work with patient writers.

Notes: Hey, I already know my spelling and grammar SUCK sweaty camel cock. I work on correcting that in my stories and only in my stories. If this bothers you then you have two options when writing with me: Deal with it and write with me anyway (hell I don't care if you edit my post and send it back to me in PM.) or don't bother writing with me. I'm a dyslexic disabled bitch, if my spell check doesn't catch it chances are I wont either!

I don't do one liners. I prefer something I can sink my teeth into. Sometimes the story calls for short posts... that works for me if it works for the story. k.. k.. we're good now.

This is by no means the end all and be all that is Nina. You want to know if I'm interested in something, ask.
pardon me, my sense making abilities are inebriated at the moment.

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ďYou know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Iím just not close enough to get the job done.Ē ~Carlin

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y'all should count yourself lucky if you get to write with Nina.
1. shes one fucked up sexy cunt
2. she scares the hell out of me sometimes with her writing
3. she's likely twice as talented as you are, and twice as humble about it cause she honestly doesn't know.
4. She's deeply deranged in the best fucking ways.
5. She can likely be coerced into tentacles...if you know how to work her
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You know Itsy, you're wickedly sexy when your complementary.

You also know you need to climb up on my table to i can make you blush like a lil bitch.
pardon me, my sense making abilities are inebriated at the moment.

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ďYou know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Iím just not close enough to get the job done.Ē ~Carlin

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complimentary my ass.
You floor me. Not many people do that.
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Thank you.
pardon me, my sense making abilities are inebriated at the moment.

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, ďYou know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Iím just not close enough to get the job done.Ē ~Carlin

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Gender:I only play guys...mostly cause that is waht i am and I have issues getting into the mind of a female
Age: 18-25

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: I prefer to dominate but on occasion I will be dominated

Race: erm...never really thought about this, but I guess I have to say white

Bodytype: Depends on the rp .

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am into mental mutations, such as mind control and telekinesis

Settings: I do not really care, but I do have a thing for class rooms and on the bed of dominated people's significant others

Likes/kinks:as follows: I am open to most things
Rough sex
Sexual violence
Domestic violence
Psychological torture
Facials (any kind of cum-play really)
Pet play
Public sex

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore, badly designed characters, god modding and one line rp posts
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My SRP Profile

Gender: For anything involving sexual themes I will write only as a male character. For stories without sex, or for small NPC roles, I am able to write female characters but I always fear I won't be able to grasp the nuances of the female mind.

Age: 18 to late 20's, seeing as I'm 19. Again, this is because I want my characters to be believable, and I feel the best way to do this is by using personal experiences to form my characters.

Orientation: heterosexual. Male-on-male encounters are difficult for me, and I won't do them without some pretty heavy convincing.

Power Exchange: For the most part I like my characters to lean to either side of the power balance. I don't often write characters at either extreme. In other words, my characters are pretty vanilla in nature, with dominant or submissive tendencies.

Race: White, with different heritages (Irish/Italian/Swedish/American/etc). I am not in any way against writing characters of other races, my only fear is that I won't do the character justice. (sounding redundant yet?)

Body type: My characters are often tall (6' to 6'6 generally), and generally have average or lean physiques. They will likely posses skill in a form of martial arts, for either competition or for survival.

For the purpose of visualization, think of Mixed Martial Arts competitors in the middleweight or light-heavyweight classes.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I will write characters that are regular humans, some that are therianthropes (animal shapeshifters), and even a few that are supernatural (skinchangers, magical powers, aliens, etc). Pretty open in this regard, just no tentacles specifically for sexual pleasure and such.

Settings: From historical eras to space operas, primitive tribal societies to futuristic planet-cities, I'll write (and love!) them all.

Likes/kinks: There is nothing like the slow build up before a passionate embrace. I will always strive to create a fantastic plot, complete with all the necessary features of a well-designed story: detailed expositions and suspenseful rising action, followed by passionate climaxes (both literal and physical ) and satisfying falling action, all the way through to (and made complete by) a fitting resolution.

Now, to cover the naughty things...

For those of you who cringe at naughty words (I'd imagine you're not, being on these forums): turn back! Don't read any further!

My likes/kinks are as follows: Oral (both ways), female ejaculation, anal (giving only, although I'll accept light anal play if it is discussed beforehand), gaping (both vaginal and anal), incest, dirty talk (when it's called for, not during the middle of a romantic coupling), spanking, massages, mutual masturbation, teasing, facials, and most of all, romance

Hard limits: Torture, mutilation, pregnancy (near birth sex is a no-no, but early in the cycle is fine), foot-worship, scat, blood, gore, watersports... I think that's most of them. You can ask about these, and whether or not I'd be willing to make an exception, but your chances are very slim.

Availability: If I were on my computer more often, I'd be one myself. I'll always be available in some form unless I'm sleeping. Even in class or at work, I can reply to emails and read postings, or sometimes even sneak a post in myself!

Notes: I spend a great deal of time on the majority of my posts, and I won't post anything I feel does not compare to the post before it. I also take a good deal of time revising each post for grammatical errors. While I don't expect the same level of time and effort, I do appreciate reading posts of the same caliber.

With that said, I am not opposed to shorter posts and I won't chew your head off for missing an apostrophe and such.

I am not perfect, and I don't expect anyone else to be.

Please, send me a message if you have any questions about my style of writing, or if you have any requests. I'm always available.

Sorry, I won't be joining any new stories for now.

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Posts: 53
Gender: I can't swing anything but male.

Age: 18-30ish

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: I can say, in my own right, that I'm rigidly dominant.

Race: Myself, I am white, but have no problems doing other races, but I worry a bit about other races so I don't offend people, or do a subpar job portraying another race in my own humble opinion.

Bodytype: I'm tall and built powerfully, which means I'm not slim, nor am I overly large. I like sticking to this, but there's wiggle room.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can do most of your Tolkien species more willingly than I am to portray another race. I'm no furry, no tentacle monster, and no sentient plant. Similarly, unless they're a famous type of alien, I can't swing it convincingly.

Settings: I'm a history buff, so if you want to do a history SRP with me, I will do my homework and hold myself to a high standard. The same goes for sci-fi and/or fantasy: as mentioned above, I know a lot about Tolkien and other science fiction/fantasy settings, so I can make it as convincing as possible.

Otherwise, the modern world works just fine for me.

Likes/kinks: I like to be dominant, and controlling, and most everything that entails. When it comes to domination, I have very few limits, most of which only come from a fully inculcated respect of women. Though if I'm asked, I can bend my limitations. To be frank, I like giving people what they want: if they want romance, they can have it. If they want to be abused, they can have it. But I'm a little too hard-nosed to let someone abuse me. Anal is a turn-on, but on the giving end, not the receiving.

In non-sexual terms, intelligence and knowledge turns me on.

Hard limits: Full-blown torture, minors, incest, scat/watersports, vomiting, etc.

Availability: I work nights. Late to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and may drive him out of his mind. 8ish to 5pm EST on weekdays, with a little bit thrown in on the weekends.
Christ...was a werewolf?

"Make it? Make what? The team? The chick? Make good? Make do? Make out? Make sense? Make money? Make time? Define your terms." - Fred, A Scanner Darkly

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New to this site but experienced SRPer.

I tend to write 3rd person but you desire me to write to write in 1st person, just ask. I was taught a different etiquette on another site.

Gender: I play only male characters. On other sites I have done secondary character dialogue. I do not like doing action or dialgue of my RP partner's character as I don't like it done to mine.

Age: I play anything from 18 to 30, my partner's character can be any age up to 40 (MILFs are good). These are not hard numbers just guidelines in pencil easily changeable.

Orientation: I play only straight characters…man and women primarily please.

Power Exchange: I write dominate I guess you would say. I like to lead but not necessarily control the action at all times. The more I have to write to…the greater the experience. If I am writing to myself to be blunt…then the RP will get boring. That is why I RP and not write stories. I need my partner’s imagination to keep things spiced up.

Race: I am white so I tend to write white characters. I don’t care to play with any race issues or sterotypes so I will keep it what I know.

Bodytype: I am physically fit and exercise is important to me. I run, lift weights and have a martial arts black belt. I am not picky as to my partner’s choice of body type other than physically fit to a degree.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love to RP but these type of RPs are out my league of interest.

Settings: I can work with anything, although I prefer modern times settings.

Likes/kinks: romance, reluctance, seduction, impregnation, incest ( sister/brother, mother/son, father/daughter, uncle/niece, , aunt/nephew also steps in these categories work for me.), best friends, some type of relationship boss/employee, doctor/patient, police man/citizen...

Hard limits: no kids, no snuff, no scat, I like some rough and even would do a small bit of torture but am not into true BDSM.

Availability: I am in the evenings and should post at least once a day if not more.

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Envy's SRP prefs

Gender: Female characters only

Age: I can play ages 18 to 30 for now

Orientation: I play straight characters mostly. I’m up for a little girl-on-girl experimentation, if it’s done realistically.

Power Exchange: I like an equal distribution of power. I can be more assertive at times and my partner can be more assertive at others. I prefer that no one is in total control at all times.

Race: I’m mixed, Black and Hispanic. I like to play Hispanic characters mostly, but like to play mixed as well as White.

Bodytype: I tend to play slender to curvy females, who’re on the petite side (5’3-5’5).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’d be interested in exploring supernatural beings but only human/human-like types.

Settings: I’m used to Modern, but I suppose it depends on the scenario.

Likes/kinks: passionate, spontaneous sex, incest ( sister/brother), romance, best friends turned friends with benefits or lovers, teacher/student, employee/boss, risk of getting caught having sex, dirty talk (non-insulting), some aggressiveness (not painful), spanking.

Dislikes/Hard limits: Nothing that’s against Lit rules. No waste. No rape, coercion or S&M. No god-modding please {Please do not write actions or dialogue for my character. I am certainly capable of writing on my own behalf}. Poor punctuation, grammar and spelling (makes reading and replying difficult).

Availability: I'm typically available evenings and weekends. PM me and I'll reply promptly though.

*** I am not looking to Cam or be Dom'd so please don't contact me if you're after either of those things, thanks ***

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GENDER: Being as I'm female myself, I prefer to only play female characters. I usually will only play a male when it's a side character, and important to the story.

AGE: Anywhere from 18-30...I'm a young girl, and enjoy playing young characters.

ORIENTATION: Straight, preferably. I am not bi-sexual, but will often switch it up if a story needs to be spiced up a bit. Or if there are lack of options. =P

POWER EXCHANGE: If anything, I tend to play on the more submissive side. Not necessarily inexperienced, but I love a man that knows what he wants, and takes control in a non-degrading sort of way.

RACE: I enjoy playing with all kind of races, but my characters are almost always white.

BODY TYPE/APPEARANCE: I will always be realistic when it comes to size and shape. No skinny anorexic girls, or girls would breasts so large they practically topple over!

I typically play medium-height, around 5'6 with blonde hair, green eyes...slender, but curvy in all the right places. I can alter the appearance upon request...but again, keep it realistic, please.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACES/ETC: I only play human characters. From time to time I have made exception when it comes to vampire, or alien settings...but I'm definitely most comfortable when it's realistic, and I can play a human character.

SETTINGS: Anything modern-day, or post apocalyptic. I love romance, action, crime, horror, sometimes even sci-fi. I love detailed sex scenes, and when you add any of those settings to the mix, it always turns out exciting!

LIKES/KINKS: I'm pretty easy to please! =) I love the idea of 'forbidden romances', where two people are naturally drawn to each other but really shouldn't be together. That can include incest, adultery, etc. I'm a sucker for the cocky, confident bad boys, but do love a good romantic story as well. I know that a lot of people list the 'best friends' scenario as one of their favorite...but I've seen few actually try it, or pull it off. And I'm really looking for a dedicated person that can hopefully some day work on that kind of story with me. It will include a detailed history and lots, and lots of tension.

Giving and receiving oral is a big turn on, and I love to switch it up from slow, passionate sex one scene, to steamy, rough sex in another. Light hair pulling, scratching or biting is also sexy as hell. You want to drive me crazy? Seduce me.

HARD LIMITS: No toiletplay, or scat....no humiliation or degradation. And for the love of God, please no one-liners! Be descriptive, characters have thoughts too, not just actions!

AVAILABILITY: Mostly in the evenings - I'm on the West coast in the US. But I check the forum periodically from my phone.

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Gender: Male. I only play males, as well.

Age: I love women in their 40ies, but any other age is ok, if it is not below 21. I can play different ages if required.

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: I prefer to dominate.

Race: I play white characters only. But I really love black woman, also all other races.

Bodytype: Very tolerant about that.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not my thing.

Settings: I prefer realistic settings.

Likes/kinks:as follows: Some fantasies I like:
Rough sex
A domme turned into a sub

Hard Limits:
God-modding. I really don't like anyone to tell me in advance what my character is going to do. Also no forbidden staff, no scat, no mother-son.

Availability: There might be breaks of a few days.

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nice idea!

Age: 18 to 30ish (negotiable)

Gender: Female only roles

Orientation: Straight, but will RP with another woman if a man is somehow involved

Power Exchange: Prefer to be submissive, but not opposed to playing a domme

Race: White (negotiable)

Body Type: Any. I am not biased at all.

Alternate/fantasy: Not too much into the fantasy/futuristic things. But I would be willing to maybe try it.

Settings: Present or past. Not too into the futuristic. I like doing it in places where you really shouldn't be doing it :P Very open to ideas.

Likes/Kinks: I love detail. Lots of dialogue. Getting rough is always good. Spanking, hair pulling, facefucking/deepthroat, hardcore. On the opposite I also like passion/love making. Once again, very open to ideas.

Limits: Anything to do with bodily waste. No one-liners. Don't act for my character, if you have something you'd like to have happen, ask me OOC. No foot fetishes or extreme pain/violence.

Availability: I can post daily if not more than once a day. Available most weeknights for an extended time to post.

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Gender: I'm female and only interested in playing women.

Age: I'm in my thirties. I can probably play 18-40 convincingly.

Orientation: Mostly straight. Forced bisexuality is always fun but I'm only actually attracted to a very small percentage of women, usually genderqueer or more masculine girls/bois.

Power Exchange: I'm masochistic but not particularly submissive. I'm not interested in playing dominant or vanilla girls. What I want in an alpha character is a callous and vindictive sociopath, who seeks to cause deep emotional trauma as well as physical. I'm looking for erosion of self worth, mockery, unpredictability, dishonesty, volatility, violence, mindfuckery and sexual savagery.

Race: I'm white. I don't have a problem with the idea of playing other races but I don't know how good I'd be at it.

Bodytype: I'm short and skinny with small breasts and dark hair.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Um... fantasy people would be fun such as timelords, vampires, witches and elves. I'm not interested in furries or anything non-human in form.

Settings: I'm really open when it comes to settings. Wouldn't rule anything out.

Likes/kinks:I'm a total painslut. I also love deeply personal verbal humiliation and well... basically to be treated like shit. Choking is another huge button for me, as is pseudo-snuff. I love nonconsent and most of all, a dynamic where my character remains basically valueless to yours, nothing more than a passing amusement. I also love violence; battery/knives/cutting/implements etc

Hard limits: Scat, animals/furries, necro/snuff, incest, paedo, vomit. I'll also emphatically say that I have zero interest in roleplaying romance of any description. I wouldn't want to write with someone who couldn't string a sentence together or who just wrote one-liners.

Availability: I'm in Europe and I work office hours. I can write around those times.

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Ask For More
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Gender: Male, and will only write male characters

Age: I'm early thirties, but can write anything from 18-40 ish

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I'm not into domination or submission very much. Very slightly, if so. I'm more of an equal opportunities lover

Race: I'm chinese so I lean towards asian characters just because I find it easier to write that way, but am willing to write for any race depending on story

Bodytype: I'm average height with a stocky build, but again, am flexible on this for writing.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Nothing alien, but the usual fantasy characters are fine by me, as long as they are human ish.

Settings: I prefer original settings - I will write something that interests me. The usual cliches don't do much for me.

Likes/kinks: Pretty vanilla to be honest - the usual stuff with a bit of adventure.

Hard limits: Nothing hard please. I'm not in BDSM, pain, or fecal related shenanigans

Availability: I'm in the UK, and have a full time job and an active social life, so can post three/four times a week. Unless I have a brainstorm then I might post a bit more.

Notes: I have recently decided to give role play a go again after a long time away (roughly 7 years). So I may be a bit rusty or need a while to ponder over my writing. Also I only deal in paragraphs - no one liners please! Grammar and spelling are important to me. Very important.
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Gender: Male only , with one exception have written for a female in a female character only thread, it was unfortunately shortlived but I found it an interesting writting challenge and would be open to writting in another female character only story

Age: 18-25 and plus 40 not sure why I don't normally write for characters in between those ages but all the stories I'd like to explore tend towards the above age groups

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Open to playing a dom or vanilla otherwise my characters tend to be in need of guidance rather than be sub

Race: I'm white so its what I know don't have a problem writing for another race if the story calls for it

Bodytype: I tend to write for weedy characters or athletic ones and normally write for tall guys since I'm well over 6 ft in real life so know what the view looks like up here

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: not really my thing I'll take that on a case by case basis, suffice it to say any character with animal parts (furries) just doesn't do it for me

Settings: any and all would like to do more historic than I currently do.

Likes/kinks: A few years I was introduced to the idea of playing a dom and while I know I have so much to learn its opened a whole range of possibilities that I'm really enjoying.

Hard limits: anything in the site rules, for example my country has a different law regarding age of consent but I respect completely the site A of C . Otherwise anything involving bodily functions I just don't want to know

Availability: I'm in NZ and work full time as well as competing for an interent connection with my friends 18 year old for at least a few more weeks, so I might get an hour a day at night and a few hours a day during the weekend will try to post at least 3-4 times a week and moreso if possible
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Gender:75% male but if the right idea comes along can play the female roles



Power Exchange:again I can work with any but I love radical power swings, take someone with everything then bring them to nothing, and vice versa. the reluctant slave is a personal favorite, but am also fond of the evil owner types, not the forceful or abusive but the mind games, and teasing all good.

Race: normally Caucasian I'm pretty flexible though

Body Type: often fit lean, strong OR androgynous club boi

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: if the story calls for it not a problem at all

Settings: I prefer historical and futuristic settings over modern world, anything is workable but the more creative it is the more I like it fantasy included.

Likes/Kinks:Reluctance, bondage, exhibitionism, are the big three but am open to other ideas, I don't mind at all having my character just thrown down and screwed, or surprised whilst tied up or teased and denied, and I don't mind my characters doing the same to other characters either.

Hard Limits:no incest please, no blood, no scat ect ect ect....

Availability:I'm usually able to check on everything on a daily basis, depends whats happening in real life though. PM me and I will get back to you within a day unless extenuating circumstances pop up.
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I RP so here are a few:
Belle and the Demon
Sanctuary For Us
Darkstone Academy
My Writers Profile

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