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OOC: "The Sphere"


"The Sphere"

Please do not post to this thread yet.
It will help me greatly if we can keep this thread clean
while I am organizing the story and OOC.

Prospective Writers:
Please PM the Host.
Do not post interest here.

  • Current Situation:
    • Date: Monday, 4 July 2016
    • Weather: Sunny, 85 degrees.
    • Many of Green Lakes residents are away at a 4th of July celebration in a neighboring town.
      • Many non-retail businesses are closed for the holiday.
      • The 3 day weekend means even more residents were away than normal, some camping, others vacationing.
      • There are a great number of businesses that are now without owners and/or workers.
    • At the same time, there are vacationers/travelers who were either passing through Green Lake or staying at Bed and Breakfasts for the extended weekend, though their numbers are much smaller than the number of residents who are absent.
  • Concept

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The Concept:

Please do not post to this thread yet.
  • While inspired by the CBS series "Under The Dome" (henceforth referred to as "UTD"), this is a stand alone story. Please do not presume that events or facts in the series apply to this story.
  • The small rural town of Green Lake suddenly finds itself trapped under a dome that is indestructible and inescapable.
  • Many of the town's 1100 residents were celebrating the 4th of July in a larger, neighboring town. This has left some families absent or divided, as well as some non-residents stuck here. Some homes are vacant and some businesses -- closed for the national holiday -- are without owners and/or workers.
  • There are two immediately obvious differences between "UTD" and "The Sphere":
    • In "UTD", the dome was invisible and transparent, allowing those inside to look out and those outside to look in; but in "The Sphere", the "dome" is opaque yet still allows the light of the sun to fully penetrate.
    • And, obviously, the name "The Sphere" insinuates that we aren't talking about a pheasant under glass type dome but are indeed talking about a sphere which has a center point somewhere under the ground level of Green Lake.
  • The role play is basically the story of how the people inside the sphere go on with their lives.
  • The Host will set the conditions that apply to all characters: day and date, weather, emergency situations, resource levels, etc. If I do not address a "fact" in which you have an interest, do not create your own "fact". PM me with the issue and we will determine a "fact" for it.
  • To be fair to your fellow writers, all major plot concepts should be run past the Host:
    • No power plays, no dramatic shifts in story that affect other writers adversely, no homicidal killing sprees, etc.
    • If you wish to keep your plot idea secret, I will keep it to myself so long as it does not adversely affect an already existing plot idea of another writer(s).
    • Any writer who does not show consideration to his fellow writers will simply be ignored and -- for dramatic effect -- will have his/her character killed off. (I can't prevent you from posting, but I/we can simply pass over your posts.)
  • Writers are welcome to write as many characters as they wish, post as often or as infrequently as they wish, etc., keeping in mind what I said above about showing consideration to your fellow writers:
    • If you post very infrequently, do not involve your character in major plot lines that will bring the story to a halt for the other writers who are keeping a steady pace.
    • If you "disappear" for several days right in the middle of an event, the Host will as necessary write for your character until you get back. I will only do this if you seem to have made a commitment to a specific plot concept and pace and suddenly disappear; and I will do my best to follow the direction in which you seemed to have set your character. (I don't like doing this, so please, don't make me.)
    • If you are going to trade a multitude of quickie posts with another writer:
      • Create a separate thread.
      • Link it to the Main IC with a post that will place its start properly in the time line.
      • Write as you wish in your thread. One liners, dozens of posts: it doesn't matter because it's your thread.
      • When you are finished with the "scene" in your thread, simply link it back to the proper place in the timeline.
      • I can explain this more if you wish, or -- once the Main IC is up -- I may simply write a couple of these "side" threads myself to illustrate.
      • Essentially what I'm asking is that you don't flood the Main IC with one and two liners (or even dozens of long posts) that only affect two or three characters but make reading and writing in the Main IC difficult for other writers/readers. It's easy to miss an important post from one less prolific writer when two or three or four writers are flooding the Main IC with a dozen posts a day. Know what I mean?

More to come. Please be patient. Busy time of the year for me.
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The Town of Green Lake

Be aware that this list is only just now being put together.
Much more will be added in the days and weeks to come.

It is a small town with limited businesses and services.
I mention this to emphasize that if there is a specific business
or service you would like to see added, you are welcome to ask,
but don't be offended if I choose not to include it.
(I am basing Green Lake on the 3 small towns
that are nearest to where I actually live.)

  • 1,100 before the dome.
  • Uncertain now, but it will be around 500 or so.
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