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How to search stories by Rating

Hi! This may be a newbie question, but how do you exactly search for stories by their rating? Note: I am not talking about the Hall of Fame. I am saying, if I went to the "Browse All" for a certain Genre, is there a way to organize the list by rating? (looking through it alphabetically and recording down each one with a high ranking seems like to much work)

It would save me a lot of time if there was a function like this. Thanks for reading!

Note: For some reason...this was transferred to the BDSM thread somehow? If I'm posting in the wrong thread, can somebody notify me? Otherwise, I'm going to assume that I accidentally messed up on creating the thread.
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I would actually think the link called Top Stories http://www.literotica.com/top/ fairly much takes you where you want to go, unless you want the total opposite - each to their own.

Follow into a category and you have the following choices
Top Rated Stories Submitted In: Last 30 days |Last 12 months |All time

all based on the point score

On the right panels of the normal category pages you have:
Contest Winners
Recently Popular
Popular Authors

all with sublinks of today | 7 days | 30 days

then also check out the advanced search from

where you are able to select
Editor's Choice | Contest Winners | Hot

and just look out for the Red H icons
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...oops. Didn't see that. Sigh....that was embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out.

Edit: Is there a way of finding more than the top 5 pages? Because I already went through most of the stories in them.

Edit 2: And my inability to read strikes again. Thanks for the advanced search link.

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