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Constantina arched an eyebrow when Ian mentioned Josephine and her guests' "Avante Guard approach to bathing." She wondered if perhaps this preference extended to Ian himself, she certainly hoped it did.

The psychic felt a pang of disappointment as Ian left, a reaction that caused her some annoyance. Getting distracted by the staff wasn't going to help her do her job here at Dominion.

Perusing the considerable collection of clothes that were arranged in the massive closet, Constantina's heart sang. Perhaps Josephine could be persuaded to "lend" her an outfit or several. Trying to balance sex appeal with modesty and familiarity with professionalism, Constantina chose a revealing, black one-piece suit.

Stripping her "work clothes" from her slight, yet amply curvaceous frame, she slid the suit on, exited her room, and descended the stairs to rejoin her guide.

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Constantina entered the grand parlor wearing a black one-piece bathing suite that had string-crossed openings up each side from the hips, and the same down past her cleavage to expose her navel. This created a more alluring effect than any bikini. It took Ian a couple seconds more than it should have to speak.

"I'm glad you found something you liked. I must say, you look quite lovely. Shall we head down to see Ms. Czartoryski now?"

He crooked his thumb over his shoulder. Beyond the huge bay of tall windows at the end of the room, past the veranda surrounding them, and across the huge back lawn of the mansion, several people splashed and cavorted in a luxurious pool. On the patio behind it they could just see the mistress of the manor sitting at an umbrella table.
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Karen had just turned at the wall of the deep end to continue her fifth lap when she saw Malcolm rise from the table and enter the other end of the pool. She rolled over and switched to a backstroke, aiming straight toward him. She kept her back arched, thereby ensuring her breasts and mons veneris remained invitingly above the water's surface.
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Malcolm had just landed in the water, enjoying how nice it felt around his body. It certainly was feeling relaxing. But then he spied the lovely Karen swimming towards him. She was swimming the back stroke, and he was quite sure was making sure her breasts stuck out of the water for his viewing pleasure. For the moment he stayed his ground, knowing she would eventually bump into him.
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