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just sucinkin cock

me too, it tastes soo fucking good
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Yes Maryland has ghem

Around Balto bushy park I think?
" Dream the dreams memories are made of"

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I would love to suck a hard cock right now.
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want it man

oooohhhhhhhh yes
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Old 01-19-2013, 12:04 PM   #56
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agree but can be quite exciting
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Old 03-05-2013, 06:09 AM   #57
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yes many times i love then
usually on my knees sucking cock
6 loads mmmmmmmm
a couple of times i've gotten fucked in the buddy booths at the hustler club
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Originally Posted by Soccerguy1297 View Post
1) Ever been to one?

2) Do they still exist?

3) What was your experience?

4) How many cocks have you sucked while in a booth?

5) Ever done more than suck in one?

**Looking for one in the Northern Ma./So. NH area but not sure if they have gone away or still exist. Seems pretty sketchy considering your taking a random cock in your mouth, but damn it's still pretty hot to think about. Can't get enough of glory hole vids right now, I think it's the cum slut factor.
1,yes i have been to one
2,yes they do still exist
3,my experience was amazing ,plenty of cocks for me to suck.
4, i sucked eleven at one sitting,it was very busy that night.
5,yes i have done more ,i have been fucked in one several times and peed on .i love the slutty feel when i go there and get used .
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Old 03-06-2013, 05:38 AM   #59
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Originally Posted by coastnative1968 View Post
I live on the gulf coast, we have a bookstore with glory holes and private booths. I sucked my first cock there. Something about it is just a huge turn on.
Where on the coast? I have not been active in a few years. There was a good place on beach blvd that I went to, but was probably destroyed by katrina. Another good one was by the west gate of keesler. There was a theater somewhere, and it was ok, but a little too open. I really enjoyed sucking and would usually stay for a few hours to get as many as I could. Got sucked a few times, but mostly liked to suck. Those were the good old days. I could maybe make a trip back, so let me know where the best places are.
My wife always says, "this pussy isn't gonna eat itself."
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Old 03-06-2013, 11:31 PM   #60
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Gloryhole Party

I went to a swingers party a couple of weeks back. I kind of knew what the deal was. If you didn't get an invite to stay or just wanted to leave, both were fine. But eventually the party would allegedly start and everyone there got rolling! Anyway, my point is that they had a hole in the closet of the master bedroom of this house. It was there for the preliminary play, before the party started and at one point there were three or four guys whacking their cocks in line, waiting to get sucked. I was told that anyone could go into the closet and work a "shift" until they tired and the deal was if you left the closet you left the door open so that others could see it was vacant. I night light and stool were the only thing in the closet, well, I actually saw two crumbled towels in a corner. The hole was the size of the circumference of a coffee can so you could stick your balls through the hole also. I confess I did stick my cock through and did get an awesome mouthing on it. What made it special was that I had pulled my pants down to my knees, too many times I've had my pants zipper eventually look like a glazed donut after the overflow dried. Anyway, I was pinned to the hole when a guy came in, and while stroking his cock was palming my bare ass and whispering, is it good, is it good. It didn't freak me out but I did kind of pop a quick nut after he started his attention on my butt. I even though of sticking around and returning the favor to him but, I just left. Here's the funny part, there were two other bedrooms in the house and each also had a hole in the closet doors. I did hear this couple had gloryhole parties where you could get sucked or fuck or play with a cock sticking out of these holes, nice, I think I'll go for another visit!
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I went to a gloryhole on Saturday afternoon. Sucked a nice big black cock.
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