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No, I tell a lie.

I did buy Viagra once.

I never took it.

I quite honestly don't know about side effects,
headaches etc.

What it was for, I met someone that there really wasn't
much sexual attraction with, so I thought I may need it.

It never came to it, we had an argument and I stormed out.

Can't actually recall where I got it.
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had 2 Viagra prescriptions. it didn't work for me. tried generic Cialis, it worked well. took prescription Cialis when insurance company decided to pay for it, it worked the same as the generic version. insurance stopped paying so I went back to generic, same great results.
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Originally Posted by UnderMyKilt View Post
I thought I'd offer a little addendum on this. The last few times I took Cialis the "leg pain" side effect has just been terrible. The pain does not occur the night I take it but, rather, begins the next day and gets increasing worse for a day or two till it begins to subside as the drug wears off and is processed out of the body. I've actually lost sleep due to it. It's a dull ache during the day and acute pain, which cannot be ignored, at night and is worse once I am in bed. Advil will mitigate it to a certain extent but on several occasions I've had to take Vicodin or supplement the Advil with Tramadol (all RX).

As a distance runner (at age 60) I can't tolerate this and I will no longer take Cialis nor can I recommend it. Better to put up with a Viagra headache then the leg pain from Cialis.
...and an addendum to this. I am now having the same issue with Viagra as well so it's "none of the above" for me. As I said, as I distance runner I can't put up with this crap so I'll just go au naturale from now on.

I didn't really need it. It was more of an enhancement than a necessity anyhow and, as I've gotten myself fit and trim, and back down to the same "running weight", distances and almost the times I had in my teens, my sexual performance has improved as well.

A friend of mine always jokes, "For every ten pounds you lose your dick grows and inch. Well....not quite...but not having a gut and having the cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness of a teen makes EVERYTHING work better.
"Pleasure is the blossoming of your desires. Your body knows its heritage and its rightful need and will not be deceived." - Kahlil Gibran

True stories of my youthful gay follies.

What can I say? After all these years, and a diverse variety of sexual experiences, kinks, and fetishes, I'm still trying to figure out this
"nature vs nurture" thing.

In any event, I yam what I yam and dat's all what I yam .
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