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At the kitchen sink

What is hot is imagining an 18 year old college freshman get introduced to lesbian lust on campus.
She was the all-American wholesome girl in high school. Now she still puts up the facade. But she is a smoldering lezzie bitch beneath it all. Coming home for summer break, she realized that her Ladies Home Journal reading prim and proper mom is a also a buxom hot mama. The daughter decides she has to have sex with her mother! Somehow she has to find a way to get between the legs of the conservative woman. She will not rest until her tongue is playing with mom's clit!
What a scene somewhere in the mix! Mom is at the kitchen sink. Daughter slinks up behind mom, cups mom's breasts and whispers sweet obscenities into her ear, just before oblivious dad comes down for breakfast!
Whether a son and his mom or a daughter and her mom, cupping mom's boobs from behind at the kitchen sink scene never gets old!
A boy's mom is his sex queen!

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Post My daughter and mother story got approved yesterday

Check out "Daughter Of Night"
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Originally Posted by sexnovella View Post
Check out "Daughter Of Night"
And how do we find your story?
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