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Alex was still in disbelief, a he had erupted for the first time in his life at the feel of a real woman. He averted his eyes from Olivia embarrassed, though she did not appear to mind. Olivia was in a hurry.

Alex looked around for something to wear, thinking it not appropriate to walk out in only the lingerie, with his cock hanging out, though Olivia had taken all the newly purchased items.

The cure blonde found him a black skirt. "Here ya go cutie, you are quite a lover, though I don't think you will be wearing white for long.". She smiled to him.


Alex pulled the skirt on, reaching behind to shipping. She then made here way to find Alex sitting and waiting in the car. Alex moved briskly, yet was allowed by the heels.

Reaching the car he opened the door, as he say his shirt raises exposing the tip of his soft cock.

"I am sorry Olivia, I hope you are not upset with me. It all just kind of happened.
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Olivia pretended to busy as Alex rode out his orgasm and she smiled as she saw what a large load he produced. She gathered their items and walked out into the lobby--waiting patiently.

As Alex came out of the backroom Olivia giggled as she noticed his shirt catch and lift to expose his cock. Olivia stepped forward as he started to apologize and reached down her hand moving underneath his shirt and touching the tip of his cock. "Oh, my, Alex. You're still leaking." Olivia lifted her hands and held them to his lips. "Now, be a good gurl and taste yourself for me."

Olivia giggled and winked at the woman at the counter before turning and leading Alex to the car. "Come on, honey. We've got to make sure that you're ready for practice today. I'm going to show you where the lockerroom is and we'll have to get you fitted for a uniform. Our coach is a lovely woman and the football team is going to enjoy meeting you!"
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