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I imagine seeing as they come from the same story and young Alice did rely heavily on the Cheshire Cat's aid in her Wonderland adventures, they would have a relationship similar to old grade-school friends; cordial, playful and gossipy even if they haven't seen each other for quite some time between encounters. Chess doesn't have to disclose his status as a Checkmate member to Alice--it'll probably bring a bit of humor between them seeing as she's always fishing for leads.

You are more than welcome have him intercede with the 'earlier that day' time jump before she meets with the Detective, I'm sure it'll help move things along until she catches up to the rest of the group once she leaves the precinct.

"Don't follow me, for I am as lost as you are!"
Hello dears, if you're at all interested in a slow-moderate one on one roleplay feel free to check out my profile and send me a PM. ~ Seraph

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I've decided to write a description of the Lily Pad, since there seems to be some confusion over what it looms like.

The main room of the Lily Pad is a huge space with a high ceiling and rectangular tables of various sizes arranged across it. The front of the room is made up of windows and several glass doors, while the back has a large bar and six doors to small private rooms. A kitchen is found in a room behind the bar and the sidez of the main room are decorated with a variety of greenery. Light is supplied by elegant chandeliers. A small cellaer under the kitchen contains stores of alcohols. Robert himself lives in a small set of rooms on the first floor of the building. There are usually about eight staff members on duty at a time.
Hi everyone, I'm just an amateur writer who's here to engage in discussions regarding sexuality and occasionally politics. I'm an avid roleplayer, but I have trouble finding people to role play with.

As for those curious about my own sexuality, I'm a straight switch, who is about 75% sub and 25% dom. I enjoy taking charge every now and then but if I had to decide, I would choose to be a sub every time. My favourite fetish is without a doubt having a woman sit on my face and I have a myriad of masochistic tendencies.
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Hey all,

I am transitioning today to my final destination. It'll be in hostile territory but once I get settled in with net and all, then I will have some time to kill.
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