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~30 - can still remember them all if I try. My latest has been my one and only for many years.
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Ummm... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiIP_KDQmXs

Wait, does licking, nibbling, caressing, teasing, fingering, sucking, massaging, and worshipping her while lying with her legs over my shoulders while she was wearing nothing but a smile for an hour count if I kept my jeans on the entire time?
The difference between genius and stupidity is usually the audience.

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Originally Posted by JRaven View Post
Been there, done that.
Then, after seven years and 2 kids, hubby had an affair. I had a chance for revenge sex, but didn't take it, even though hubby said he'd understand. (He was very apologetic and would probably let me do anything/anyone) Fast forward 5 more years. Hubby and kids are going out of town for a week. I decide to have a one night stand. Lots of friends have bragged about their adventures, I felt I missed out.

Long story short, the one night stand was with two guys that shared an apartment. A guy at work knew about it and we blackmailed each other into sex. He had been talking to his wife about swinging and she eventually agreed. He invites my husband and I to his house for BBQ and beer, without kids.

She thought we were there to swap. Hubby was clueless. But with us all naked in the hot tub, he didn't mind me getting fucked while she did him.

Once we could actually talk freely about our sexual desires, we expanded our experiences in ways we have both found emmense pleasure. As a bonus, we're more honest and faithful. Monogamy is monotonous. Being true to your love is most important.

you guys have done a wonderful thing...congratulations
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Just 1, my husband...
My husband posts as Beachbum11
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Originally Posted by query View Post
The number is at least one too few.
... and I will third it

Still on one hand, if you don't count the time when she gave me a bj and it left me too floppy to complete the deed!!
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39m, 52 women and 14 men
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Two, I had a better sexual connection with the second and can honestly say I orgasmed 95% of the time.
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Did we define "sex" yet?


Okay. I'm one short of my target.
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Enough to make me smile, not enough to brag about.
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43...... Just one......but soon to meet my new 'Daddy'.... Mmmmm
...I'm a daddy's girl...
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.-- - ..-.
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Um...let's see, there was that girl in high school, then the girl next door, the girl down the street, then that other girl in high school, then my cousin - she was hot - then the woman my buddy introduced me to. The lady at the drive-in, her sister, her mother, her mothers sister, then the first girl from high school, her friend, those Korean girls (3) when I was stationed over there. The woman on the next block where we lived when I got out of the service. Then there was that chick from the Bennigans, the receptionist at work, her roommate. Then there was my doctor, she was young and needed training. Since her I haven't needed anyone else. So how many was that?

19, whew! And that was just last week.

Oh yeah, 64m
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15 Men, and 6 Women. I'm still finding new partners, worthy of their addition towards my discrete mathematics.
Danger, Will Robinson!

At the end of the scene, there will be two sets of teeth marks embedded into the leather strap....
Mine AND yours.

My Picture Thread: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=792321
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Only 5 guys, have been married forever!
Cheer! Made it to 100 on warcraft. Until raiding starts I might be lurking
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Five... total... I think.
Team PM
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raw, uncensored, true
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In my opinion it is not about quantity but a question of quality, having said that there are indeed a few stand outs.
As natural as bees drawn to orchids,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Pujya Guruji
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At present, at least one less than optimal.

It is, apparently, going to take a full dozen sample efforts to find really good compatibility again.

Last edited by query : 09-30-2014 at 10:36 PM.
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Im 26 and lost count a few years ago once i hit triple digits :P
Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature - Marilyn Monroe
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Intercourse with 3, 2 were wives.

Gave cunnilingus to three others (not reciprocated).

I've actually only had oral sex once that went all the way to climax (from the one who was NOT a wife).
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Lit helps me grow.
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The keeper is always last.
"Tiger, Tiger, Burning Eyes, In The Forest Of The Night"

Last edited by Mropietaylor69 : 09-30-2014 at 09:44 PM.
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I've never really kept a scorecard but I can tell you that my number is prolly gonna increase by one this weekend. Hope so anyway.
I used to be boredvawife in a former Lit life. Seems like such a long time ago.
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I'm Out of Batteries
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Jeez... I can't remember if I'm 40, 41 or 42. I most certainly can't remember how many sexual partners I've had. I can't recall if I can count them all using my fingers and toes.
Slippery when wet.....
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Masticatus Nipplicanis
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Let's see, using old math . . . 3, carry the one, divided by 6 . . . yep, just as I thought, not nearly enough!

Now, using NEW math . . . 2 to the power of x, plus the square root of 73 over n . . . quantified by the Pythagorean theorem . . . Nope, still not enough!

Damn it, and here I thought I was so close!
Boobies are like toy trains ... They are meant for kids but big boys like playing with them too!
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do we count ourselves?

if that doesn't count than I'm not answering.
nice white guy, shy, fun
looking for a nice cute lady
hanon435 on yahoo, im
ima guy and stra8 dammit! i have a penis!
*fucking* genius and proud of it
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in the ring
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Good on you Hanon, she's out there ...

Me? One - and 38 years of sealing the deal.
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