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Mandy Moore Story

had a dream that i was recently divorced from Mandy Moore and i was talking to her from a phone in a hotel room late at night. As far as i can remember this is how the conversation went. (Me) *dials Mandy Moores home number* *beep*.......*beep*........*beep*.......*beep*.......*beep*........*beep*.......*beep*..... *voice of Mandy Moores father Don Moore* hello you've reached the Moore residence, if your hearing this that means we cant get to the phone right now, please leave a message with your name and number after the beep and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. *BEEP* (Me) Hey Mandy, i just wanted to call to tell you that i still love you and i dont understand why you left me.... *long pause* (me) Mandy i know your home.. Pick up the phone. *Mandy Moore picks up phone* (Mandy) WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I said i never wanted to talk to you again! (Me) but why baby?... (Mandy) Because you are a disguesting pig! I never loved you! (Me) I love you baby.... I always will. (Mandy) You can say that but its over between us! (Me) How can you say that? You knew how much we were in love when married, and even before we married. You cant deny that love baby.. (Mandy) After the romance ENDED, we barely spoke to eachother, and you wouldnt even make love to me! (Me) I was going through some difficult truama in my life at that time baby.. I was confused (Mandy) Your a liar, a bad husband, poor in bed, and a bad person in general! I dont want to speak to you! (Me) I want to tell you that i still love you! I never stopped loving baby! Remember the nights she had together? So passionate, so warm, so real. (Mandy) I faked it on you so many times! (Me) Really?... (Mandy) Yes i did. Your poor in bed.

(Me) Im 8 inches Mandy, you know thats not possible.. You loved it, every second of it! You moaned throughout the night, your moans would shatter the silence of the night and fill it with sounds of pleasure! When we were so passionate with our lovemaking, you were sweating, and i could see the moonlight shine off the sweat on your breasts! I can still remember the way you taste Mandy! (Mandy) Your right, we were passionate about our sex. But thats not the main part of our relationship. (Me) When i made love to you, you can tell by the way i did it that i really loved you, i would hold your hand the entire time and thrust while you moaned throughout the night! I dont think you've ever faked one on me... (Mandy) Maybe your right, you may still love me but you had a bad way of showing it when we were married. The first year of our relationship was good, but after that it was downhill. You never talked to me, you would come home after hours and hours at the bar and pass out on the couch because you were so drunk! You paid me no mind! Always drunk, and i remember that time you hit me, and i fell down. I told you to stop it because your hurting me, but you were too drunk to understand what i was saying! So you continued to beat me! I was covered in bruises! (Me) I do apologize for my drinking Mandy... I cant handle being famous, so i drink! Im sorry if i ever hurt you, if i did, then it wasnt intentional. (Mandy) Why did you start drinking? (Me) Like i said, i cant cope with fame so i drink to ease the pressure. (Mandy) I understand... I've been famous since i was 15 and i've never thought anything of it. I just live life day by day.

(Me) Thats you, you have different views on things. (Mandy) Even when you werent drunk, we would have horrible arguments... I complained about how you stopped having sex with me and you became violent and almost hit me! Whats wrong? (Me) I dont know... Baby im confused.... I was tired, i dont know why i stopped having sex with you. Maybe it was some kind of hormonal imbalance. (Mandy) Your probably right. But our lovemaking was so passionate! Every second seemed like 100 years in heaven! (Me) Same here baby... You felt so good! (Mandy) I lied, i never faked an orgasm on you! (Me) Thats what i thought. (Mandy) But how come after a while you stopped paying attention to me? (Me) after what happened i was too devastated to even think! (Mandy) *Voice mellows as if shes going to cry* Do.... Do you think things would have turned out differently between the two of us if she hadnt lost the baby?... (Me) Oh god.... dont bring that up. (Mandy) *breaks out in heavy tears*........... *Sobbing*........ *Sobbing*....... *Sobbing*....... (Me) Dont cry baby..... i always said we can try again for another baby, but it hurt you so bad that you didnt want another child. (Mandy) *Sobbing* *Mellow crying voice* I wanted it to work for the both of us! (Me) I did too baby! But these things sometimes happen. Remember when we went to the Labor clinic and you had that ultrasound? You were holding my hands and crying when you saw our child up on the screen. You loved your unborn son so much! *Mandy* *Crying* I know things would have been different between us if she hadnt lost the baby. We could have been happy, with a family! (Me) I remember i was sitting next to your hospital bed when you were in the maternity ward. We were talking about our future, and the future of our family. And how we wanted to have more children! Then you broke your water and went into labour! The doctors took you away so quick i couldnt even follow you to the delivery room!

(Me) You even thought up a name for it before it was born. It was Kevin! (Mandy) *stops crying* I still love you baby! I want to remarry you! I want to try again for another child. I want to try again for happiness! (Me) Thats great! I want to remarry you as soon as possible! I love you so much! (Mandy) I dont know what i was thinking, i think the devastation from the loss of our son disturbed me to a point of such confusion! I still love you baby! I want you... I want our nights back! (Me) Its not anyones fault that the baby was born 3 months premature. The cause of death was undetermined. You lost alot of blood when you gave birth, they had to do an emergency blood transfusion to save your life! When the baby came out you knew something wasnt right, it was covered in your blood and it wasnt crying. I remember you screaming "OH MY GOD!!! IS HE OKAY?! WHATS WRONG WITH MY BABY?! the doctors then told you it was premature and was having difficulty breathing. It then died in an incubator 24 hours after birth! You had to stay in the hospital for bloodloss. I remember dropping to my knees when i got the call at home saying that your child died. I wanted it to work baby i really did, but sometimes these things happen. Mandy Moore... we can try again. I want to have a family as much as you do. We can be happy. I know it! (Mandy) I prayed so hard for the welfare of our baby Kevin. But i guess god didnt answer those prayers. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe it was fate. I love you sweetheart, i really do! Im sorry for being stubborn and confused. But now i understand, i understand that you and i were meant to be together! Lets remarry, lets have another child! Lets be happy together for the rest of our lives!

Thats what i wanted... We can be happy, together, and with our famiily. Its 2:30 AM where i am in this hotel, we've been talking for a while so i think i need to get some sleep, you should to baby! (Mandy) Your right, we should go to bed. Goodbye honey, i love you! (Me) Goodbye sweetheart! *hangs up phone* *turns lights off* *gets in bed and lays down* (Me) I sit in complete darkness and silence. I can remember how passionate the nights that we had together were.. The moaning, the sweating, the tension, the love, the passion! I can still smell her, she smelled like flowers, it was her pheromones, her natural body odor. It smelled like flowers. Eveything about her is beautiful... Even the way she smells! I have a passion for Mandy Moore that is undying! She is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life! I love her! She loves me! And together, we can achieve true happiness! Thats about all i can remember from my dream. After that, i woke up.
"We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."

-- J. Robert Oppenheimer
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