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Seeking additional writers/players

OOC: We are looking to expand on our character base in the story. If you have a role you think might add to our story line, please feel free to PM me with your ideas. We are looking for someone who can enhance our story. The role can be ongoing or could be for a limited time.

The story/thread is "Unveil My Wife In A Bar"

Looking forward to hearing what you might have to input.
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The Sexual Writer
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I'm looking for both Females and Males to join a thread/game set on this site. You ever thought when you watch a horror film you would be the last person left standing. Now is your chance to prove it.

You get to create your own character and may link your character to another in the story as Boyfriend/Girlfriend Brother/sister.

The story is based on halloween night a group (small or large) head to a halloween party in a run down house.

During the night they get up to all the normal things horny young adults do. However locked away in the basement is demonic evil forces looking to take control and the lives of the party goers above.

Your goal is to live through to sun rise but it's not going to be easy. I will decide on the first person to be taken is.

Now for the catch if you are the one possessed by a demon you have to transfer demons to other hosts. This can be done through mouth to mouth or kissing, during sex, through blood or from a bite.

The person that is possessed will only be known by them and me as i will send them a private message telling them.

when that person goes to infect someone they need to send me a private message as to how they will do it.

Once more people are infected i will send a message to all infected saying who is and who is left to turn.

Now for the helpless young victims i mean young people at the party i will give you hints and ideas to work out who is infected. Maybe you may even learn of a way to tell if someone is infected.

For the last person left standing will recieve the house of horrors winner tag.

Please do Private message me with your character bio. Thanks.

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The role of Will has been taken. (Disgraced)

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in the story!
(Make it Rain!)

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As it seems that my writing partner in this thread has disappeared on me, I was hoping to find another female writer willing to fill the female role in this thread.


I know this thread idea is an old one I'm dusting off, I thought I might try and see if it could generate some interest. Looking for a female writer to fill the female role as well.


I am open to discussing any details on how to develop the story. I am looking for someone who can do two paragraphs at a minimum and looking to do more than one long sex scene. PM me with interest.

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Seaking one woman

Hello all, trying to restart one of my old threads, if you're a fan of vampires (the non-twilight kind) and having some vauge kind of plot in your threads, then check it out.


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Filled Thanks

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Looking for one woman.


One woman needed to play a halfling that tried to steal from the wrong person.

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I will satisfy you!!
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Looking for John:
Age mid 40's
dark hair
good sense of humor
Co worker of Rick. They've been friends since they were kids. He was the best man at Rickand Amiie's wedding. He's always had a thing for Amiie but since they're all friends, didn't act on it.

A trip to Vegas will reveal a fantasy Rick and Amiie have about her fucking another man, or a threesom. It's all consensual. Read the thread, it's not long and pm me.

I'm looking for a mature writer to fill the spot. It won't be to fast paced (we all have lives).

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I was thinking about saving this thread for someone, but I decided to open it for a male who will post often.


I didn't include this, but the point is dina's dragon clan already sold her to someone already and he finds her. He's sadistic and does whatever he wants with her. She's a half-dragoness.
I do have experience with Lit and rping. Most of the time I'm on another chat site, but I do want to take up rping again on here.

I've been away, but now I'm back. Still interested in rping fantasy and non-fantasy.

My Main RH kink list:

My other Lesb/Bi Character:

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This thread is now closed

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The Chosen

Story driven super hero group RP.

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I would love to continue this thread with someone who can match my last partner's (chronicle_tenko) RP style. If you're at all interested, let me know.
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Hello everyone,

I couple of months ago I started an SRP called "The Long Goodbye" - a hard-boiled detective story in the vein of Body Heat, Chinatown, or (in a more contemporary manner)Sin City. I've always found that there was distinct eroticism to the action and language of film noir, so I wanted to try and replicate that.

The thread has since died off, so I'm looking for a female writer to help me restart it. I'm not interested in picking up where I left off, because I'm not sure what my old partner was aiming for, but check out the first post and see if you'd be interested in joining me. Lots of mystery, lots of sex, and lots of fun.


"I live sweat, but I dream lightyears..." - D. Boon

I belong to LovelyLuna.

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Hi guys, I started a thread that I am looking for a woman to join me in. The thread intro itself explained everything about it but if you are interested or have any questions feel free to pm me about it.

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Looking for a guy to join Linda at the hotel and take the role of Robert.

PM if you are interested.

Will be around most of tomorrow

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Iím looking for a lady to play the role of the 18 year old cousin. My present partner had to leave the thread for personal reason. If any of you ladies is interested we could either change it or start new if you wouldnít mind to role play with me. This was the first incest thread I tried. Iíve started a brother sister if it ever gets off the ground. PM me

Taken thank you.

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Hi, smiley here (:

So I've been messing around a lot lately on chat sites. I've been playing a few romantic/kinky roles and there's one in particular that my partners enjoy, and I seem to be coming back to quite often, enough to want to make a story out of it anyhow. I don't know if anybody will take any interest in this thread proposal but if so, please do pm me with your interest!

The basic roles of the thread is that we are life-long best friends. I seem to be missing something in my life, I don't know what's keeping me down, or what's not there, but I just feel as if something in my life is wrong, and that I need to add something new to my life. After talking to you about this, I do some thinking and end up wanting a baby desperately.

I've been in too many relationships to count, none of them lasting. I'm currently single, and have nobody else to turn to, so I come seeking aid from you, for you to have sex with me, to help me make my baby.

My idea of a plot is keeping it light at first, perhaps your character has always had a crush on my own, or vise versa. Perhaps they both are attracted to one another, but don't want to ruin their relationship, so they never admitted their feelings to one another? Either way after so many times of having sex and spending even more time around one another than we already do, I plan on our two characters to fall in love.

At this point, my char. could have already fallen pregnant, or as another idea of mine came to me- my char. could have started liking yours more and more, that she started taking birth control once more, so she wouldn't become pregnant, only to keep spending time with your character.

I've never done an impregnation role, but I've always been interested. So if anybody is interested in taking up my offer, please do pm me with your interests, discussions on plot, on how you would like the story to progress, and where you would like to start it off.


-Smiley (:
I come here to write, to loose myself in the amazing stories on this site, and to enjoy myself. It's like stepping into another world when I come here, and I love that about Lit. But here lately, it just doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's my lack of threads, maybe it's my loss of friends. I don't really know, but I want to enjoy Lit again. That's the only thing I ask for.

When I come here, it's like an escape from the real world. This is who I am, who I want to be. I don't have to hide my true self, or be judged for what I enjoy doing. I like coming here, and the people make me feel plenty welcome. So I think I'll stay a while. c:

Looking for something good to read? Want to try a thread with me? Take a look through my house, my writing, and send me a line? Prefer things more private? Send me a pm

Smiley's House of Love <----- There's some good reading material here (:


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Hi! I need one dominant male for my thread "Breaking the Tease". The title pretty much implies what vision I've had for the thread - a naive, shy woman finds herself enjoying attracting attention though through you, finds herself getting what she wanted and then some. PM me if you're interested. Thank you.

EDIT: Taken!
"Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."

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Looking for someone to be my fantasy girl who works at the video game store.

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Looking for a male writer for a Star Wars RP

Hello All -

I was going through my old threads, and I thought, "You know, this one had potential"...but, my co-writer vanished on me. Real life happens, I totally understand that. So, I'm looking to start this one over. The premise remains the same, but you don't have to play as the established male Jedi.

The idea is that my character needs a male Jedi Master to train and guide her through the aftermath of Order 66. A working knowledge of Star Wars is needed, but I'm definitely not asking you to be an expanded Universe expert


This thread idea has been closed!
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SRP Profile

My First Story

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The Past brings the Future

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I'd like to restart this! This can be taken in any direction, perhaps a little more shock and torment on the side of the husband. If any ladies are interested PM me!


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A long time ago, I was writing an SRP called You Don't See What We See
I'd love to write the Aeon character again, maybe battling the MechHorde.
You would NOT be writing the Flux character, you'd be creating your own.
Read it, if its something that appeals to you, and you think your writing will go well with mine, let me know.

(note: I write with women, exclusively. Sorry boys)
(also, I understand that the language gets kinda out of control at the end there...I was still learning that voice and style...I'm much better with it now, I promise)

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Looking to start some new threads. Please, don't hesitate to send me a pm!
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