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How is a thread title changed to indicate which roles are open and which are closed?

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When you edit the first post you can also change the title of the thread.

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Seeking a male to join:


A modern story in which my character moves in with her older brother (because of her own financial failings) and finds herself extremely attracted to his roommate and best friend, Jarrett. To make matters more complicated, Jarrett is a thirteen year business partner of the brother (and a co-founder of their company), giving him good reason to resist the temptation of the flesh bouncing around his shared house. Thankfully, the house guest the forward type, and hopefully Jarrett won't be able to continue to say 'no' as she relentlessly attempts to seduce him.

I'm looking for a nice (and preferably nerdy) guy to fill the role of Jarrett - please send me a message if you're interested. Thanks!

Role taken! Thanks to everyone who showed an interest!

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My lovely writing partner and collaborator has decided to semi-retire. With his consent, I am looking for male writers willing to fill in the following roles and, while breathing fresh life in to it, do it justice.

Please read through the thread in order to get an idea of what the story is about, the characters in question, their relationships, and what the current storyline is within the role play. If you are interested and/or have any questions, please PM me.

Red Riding [Link]

Role: Rafe and Dimitri* (werewolves)

*Note: It should be noted that the role for Dimitri, while significant and currently ongoing, is not considered a permanent character (secondary/recurring may be the closest). Therefore, this spot is a dual role that will occasionally intertwine. For the curious or lazy, Dimitri's role starts on post #330 [here]

Summary: A take and twist on a well known folktale, a werewolf fails to kill a little girl after his plans to use his big teeth to "better eat her with" were thwarted by the hunter. Now a grown young woman and losing her father figure to a mysterious death, Rafe has made his return into the woman's life initially bent on revenge. The allure of what his meal had grown up to over the years convinced him that she might be useful after all.

Stroke of Midnight [Link]

Role: Roland (vampire)

Summary: Through the means of deals and sacrifice unknowingly made in the past, aspiring law student Candace finds herself linked to a vampire who has come to claim his prize that was promised to him prior to her birth. Stalked, then eventually abducted, Candace is often conflicted with rebelling against him and finding herself drawn to untapped dark fantasies and the vampire's "deep kisses."
Red Riding | Crimson | Guilty Conscience

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*Currently not accepting invites to join other RPs right now. Thank you for the thought.

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I am looking for female writers for the following threads:

I was a Rock Star's Secret
New Neighbour
College Days

Please PM interest first. The link to my character biography is in my signature. Please read this before replying and send your character bio and a sample first post.
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Originally Posted by Orgasmicallyfun View Post
Looking for any willing female writers who would like to help me continue these stories with me.

Final Frontier - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=794384

Step sister is a stripper - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=777537

Sisters wishes - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=803784

Coming Back home - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=856135

My brother's keeper - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=823693

Wet and Wild - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=877181

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Hey everyone,

Got a scene I'm really looking to do.

Moms' Weekend -- four housewives from the same suburb travel to their sons' college for Moms' Weekend, in which moms get to party with their children and re-live their college days.

These four women party a little harder than most, hooking up with some college guys on the first night then their sons on the second night.

Obviously, I have a lot more details but didn't want to put them all here. If you're interested (and are willing to play all four women, as I'll be playing the guys), PM me!

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I hope he doesn't get upset on what I'm about to do, but after losing contact with him over 5 months ago, I still find this thread to be creeping back into my mind and holding my interest.

Pawn of Wizards

This thread was originally intended for Se7en and I, but I have not seen any sign of him since around Christmas.

The idea:
Anya's father was once a very powerful wizard, but the full details of his past are something he refuses to discuss. When she discovers his old book of spells, he becomes infuriated with her, showing a side to him she's never seen before. She swears to never touch it again, but something about the book actually starts calling to her, demanding her to find it. After her father hides it numerous times, she manages to find it once again, stealing it away and swearing to right the sins her father feels he's commited in his past.

An accident sets fire to the family home, and she promises to pay him back for what she's done. To do so, she decides to use the book's magic to steal. One of her thefts goes horribly wrong, her spell effecting another wizard- who had ties to her father. He recognizes the book, and offers to teach her to better weild it's power... But there's far more to it than simply a kind offer. He knows exactly what her father used to be, and intends to punish her for her father's past deeds, as well as use her to take revenge on his enemies.

Please PM me if you have interest.
I'd like to find a cowriter who can immerse themselves in the story and character, and offer substance in their posts.

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Okay, so I have seen a couple of these RPs around, and I tried to try one out. Basically, a stalker wants to get Slna Gomez to be his sex slave through a long and very well thought out plan. The link is in my signature, entitled "Gotta Watch Out, Selena". I would like someone who writes well, and tries to use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and I would like for there to be a plot, not just the sex, though I think that there will be quite a lot of that as the story goes on. Please PM me if interested, I am very flexible and open to change.

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Seeking a partner for a roleplay.


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Originally Posted by Orgasmicallyfun View Post
Bump!! Still looking for a willing female to help me keep these stories alive.

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Need female writers

Looking for some female writers to help me keep these stories alive, the other writers seemed to have disappeared so I am looking for some females to help me keep these stories going. Send me a PM if you are interested.

My brother's keeper

Coming Back Home

Wet and Wild

Sister's Wishes

Final Frontier

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Seeking a male to join:

Wrath of a Woman Scorned

The role is that of a summoned demon. In this setting, an astral being is unable to shift into the mortal realm unless called upon by a caster; a rare occurrence, given the social stigma in 'dark arts' and the level of ability required to cast such a spell. The demon's powers and limitations are fairly straight-forward: they can only exist in the mortal realm so long as their host is living, and while they generally maintain free will and can revolt against their caster (or just test boundaries by randomly doing what they want from time to time), it is the caster who ultimately has control. Focused will from the mortal can cause the demon great pain, force them to unwillingly take commands (such as, they would maintain their own thoughts but lose control of their bodies), or even return them to their own plane of existence. Outside of these stipulations, the demon is capable of amazing feats of magic, including a varied array of schools and abilities. The particulars can be discussed with my co-author.

I am looking for a writer that is interested in the power struggle between the summoner and the summoned. He is a demon; I expect him to be strong willed and confident. His specific personality is up to my co-author. I'd prefer for an intellectual type over a brutish asshole... While I intend for there to be plenty of rough sex and D/s situation between them, I'm looking for someone who enjoys verbal toying at least as much as violence and force.

Please send me a message if interested! Thanks!

Additional note: The demon should have contempt for the summoner, though he is irresistibly drawn to her young form and desires the promise of her soul. Whether or not he'd ever be capable of love at all is up for debate. In the beginning, he should see my character as only as an opportunity for his own gain. As Marysia's destructive wants and hate for the world are purely evident in her energy, the demon would understand that he'd be willfully allowed to unleash his powers upon the mortal realm while under her 'control'. And have endless amounts of sex with his summoner! Who doesn't like to destroy things and fuck?

Role taken - thanks!

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Hi I'm looking for RPers for my two threads. What I would like is listed in them please fill free to read them and give me a pm ID your interested. Thank you.

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Hello everyone I'm here searching for a female writer to replace my previous co writer, who apparently quit Literotica for personal reasons.


I just don't want random fuck sessions. I get plenty of that from IM roleplay (I organize online threesomes ) But here, I believe in giving depth to characters and holding out on the sex and orgasms as long as possible, to make it more interesting.

PM me if interested.

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Any female willing to pick up the role of Kate? Her and my character knew each other in high school. Katie was a bit awkward, but has bloomed into a lovely woman. My char was always nice to her, and they were friends, but went their separate ways. Now she runs into him as she just got a job as a MMA ring girl, while he is a MMA fighter


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spy games th


all types needed. rival spies, handlers, friendlies, male , female, ect lets just rp a bit

Sparrow as she was called by her handler was on the run after a botched job. The entire team had been killed. She had been working with that team for 8 years. After that long, even a spy grows quite attached to the faces they see every day for near a decade.
Sparrow finally reached the remote island late in the evening after bribing her way onto a private plane and then driving all night to the unlisted property. Now here she was,with no idea if her handler was even alive, at least a couple broken ribs, and from the expression on the face of the man she had rented the car from. She had enough bruises on her body to open up for questions.The trip had been exhausting and her emotions had taken hold the moment she saw the beach. Her beach, sure the island had its tourists, most were quiet though or simply not around this time of year. The best part about this town was that it was an easy place to blend in and lay low for awhile.

She arrived at her little beach cottage that had cost her a small fortune to keep as a secret retreat. Sparrow had never told anyone not even her team about this place.She actually felt safe out on this corner of the beach. She had never even seen anyone else while she had been there. She quickly unloaded herself of her weapons dropping at least one holster beside her keys. She glanced in the mirror and shook her head Within seconds, she was outside again and walking towards the water. Once her feet hit the sand the tears started.

Tearing away at the ruined party dress she still wore from the night before she ripped the fabric in one or two places in her hurried need to get it off of herself. She was still trying to blink away the images of her entire team being slaughtered.
Her sobs were becoming audible but she could scarcely hear herself over the sound of the waves as she ran towards them like a child would run to their mothers arms

Moments later she was swimming and cleansing herself of the last 48 hours. As much as she tried though, she couldnt get the sounds out of her head. The screams of her team being killed, while she sat there, smiling in a cocktail dress on the arm of the human traffiking drug lord who had just ordered their deaths. She would not have lived if she had blown her cover. Thats what she kept telling herself.
Sparrow didnt know how long she swam, she had been aware of the lightening sky when she dragged her exhausted nearly naked body to the place where sand and water met and sobbed until she was sure there wasn't a single tear left. "Damn damn damn" she had cursed into the sand until she had passed out at the end of her adrenaline.

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Hi. Need a male writer to play the brother to my twin eighteen year old girls. The story will involve 1 of the twins and the brother sleeping together, then bringing the twin sister into their relationship. Check out the thread, if you are interested, PM me:


Found someone, thanks!

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I'm back after a relatively long absence and looking to get a couple of threads started. If you are interested in either of the stories listed below or you have questions about the direction of either story, please PM me:

The Professor and His Student - Role Taken

A Summer to Remember
- Role Taken
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"Sophia's" is the new lingerie shop in town and had just opened. Who would be among the first customers? Please read it, and send me a PM with how you'd come in the story...
My SRP profile

Sophia, also known as BlackTeenInWhiteLace on Lit chatrooms...

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A few days at the beach makes wonders to open one's imagination. So I started a thread loosely open to suggestions for any girl or woman to join : Summer job

And the costume party might be open for another girl to join

Besides, I'd like to restart or replay some of my older threads that dies or ended... Ideas :
The hypnosis trick
It was going to be a very classy and restricted evening. People form high society were always ready to pay a lot in order to do things lower classes can't afford, just to assure their superiority. And it was even better when a part of the money was given back to charity groups and societies helping people in ditress. That evening the show was about to start in a a private room of the Hilton hotel. 50 to 60 persons were attending the event and all had chosen their best clothing. They were all chatting and discussing around the tables holding glasses of wine and some little things to eat.
And there I was behind the curtain, loooking at them, observing them, detailing them. It was my audience for tonight. Because I was Fred Sparkles (a false name of course, but it suited my job), a well known magician whose tricks had bedazzled thousands of people around the world. I was going to give them a show worth the money they had put to come here. And perhaps I should even give myself a little reward... If only I could fine someone worth of it... Oh, yes, there she came in... I locked my eyes on her discreetly from behind the curtain, looking without being noticed. She was perfect.
being a geek
This is a story with Fred, and he's so sorry to admit to be still a virgin at 19. Well, not that he knows nothing about this ; he's seen enough movies and pics and magazines, and read enough stories, and more than often has he masturbated to have a few knowledge in that issue. But he never never had a girl.
Most of you would say it's his terrible geeky side that affects his sexual life. Fred would say no. He's sure he can meet THE girl with his activities. And he's not really horrific to look at, so that one of the girls could probably fall into his arms. Fred is 6'3'' and thin, long, not very muscular, and no fat nowhere. Short blondish hair that he can never comb correctly. Piercing green eyes behind thin glasses. He spends much time on his computer, not only on porn, but also on... yes on porn OK, but also on gaming, programming, wandering on the internet (not only for porn i said), and so on. He also does some roleplaying, video games, he loves spending time on TV series and movies and even playing a bit on his guitar alone. He has a couple of friends, who usually hang around at the same activities than his... And he very often has wet dreams about the girls and women around him...

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Originally Posted by Orgasmicallyfun View Post
Still looking for female writers for these. Send me a PM when you are interested.

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I have several old threads i'd like to get revitalized with the right co writers.

All Male roles, mostly of supernatural.

All of the below i am more then happy to start over adding some twists along the way and collaborating. Please note i'm not into the quick fuck Rps,

Bite of Art

A Life for a Price

Knowledge and seclusion

Selena Cross

Feel free to pm

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Looking for male writers to revive these threads:



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