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Transcript of Intense Cyber-Chat

Note: This is the transcript of an online chat I had with my cyber lover Liz. I hadn't seen her for weeks, and then she suddenly IM'd me out of the blue. Other than correcting some typos and removing screen names, nothing has been altered.

Liz:[9:28 PM] BOO...........HI LOVER

Crista:<Pounces u> big smoochy kisses all over your face


Crista: whats up baby?

Liz: i am now

Crista: what have u been doing these last two weeks?

Liz: im sorry i have not talked to you

Crista: its ok...if u weren't on, u weren't on...

Liz: i went on a vacatioin to get away

Crista: aol ain't life after all.

Crista: where did u go?

Liz: cancun

Crista: we're going in august

Crista: where did u stay?

Liz: i want to go back

Liz: hyatt

Crista: who with?

Liz: just me baby

Crista: really? that's brave

Crista: relaxing i bet

Liz: thats all i did

Crista: i guess if u went alone, there's no pics to send me. lol

Liz: lol

Crista: was the hotel all inclusive?

Liz: everything paid for..thats the only way to go....mom paid for it for me

Crista: so you're nice and hot and tanned?

Liz: mmmmmmmmmm yes i am

Crista: did u have the balcony room?

Liz: inside room

Crista: no balcony then?

Liz: no

Crista: i always thought it would be relaxing and nice to go someplace alone ....but it's the meals...i hate eating out alone.

Liz: its easy to meet others if you want to........you know that

Crista: yeah...did u meet others?

Liz: a few.....but i really just enjoyed my time alone

Crista: i'm glad u had fun.. I'd love to go someplace like that with just a bag of books..sit on the beach or by the pool and read away

Liz: you would love it...but maybe i could sneak into your bags

Crista: or better yet, i'd find u across the pool....

Liz: baby the thought of it is alsmost too much for me

Crista: a bikini clad girl reading her book in the hot sun...

Liz: a topless girl

Crista: no baby..my top would be on....wanting u to wonder what was under there...

Liz: mmmmmm thats what i love about you christa.....you are so sexual

Liz: and sensual

Liz: or should i say sen2al

Crista: watching u from behind sunglasses over my book, becoming more and more distracted from the plot line...

Liz: i would be feeling your stares as you watched me

Liz: wondering who was watching me

Liz: i have not had this feeling in awhile ....be careful sweetie

Crista: things low in me are already tightening, baby....its too late

Liz: i missed this soooo much........and with you it only takes a minute

Crista: did u have any encounters there?

Liz: no.I was a very quiet visitor......but i did bring my toys......lol

Liz: so i wasnt completaly quiet

Crista: no problems with them at airport....i'm scared they'll be pulled out and examined.

Liz: im sure they have seen dildos before

Liz: not a deadly weapon in their minds.....lol

Crista: which did u bring?

Liz: all i brought was a small vibe

Liz: and my fingers

Crista: still my favorite toys.

Crista: fingers

Liz: and they are always with you no matter where you go

Liz: just like now

Crista: are u nude?

Liz: are you watching thru my window?

Crista: how i wish....

Liz: thought maybe you could see me

Liz: to answer your question.......yes

Crista: shorts and tank top here...

Liz: can you take them off?

Liz: i want to see all of you

Crista:[10:02 PM] lemme lock door.

Crista [10:04 PM]: k...taking shorts off..

Liz: slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwly

Crista: peeling panties from my mound.....

Liz: yummmmy

Liz: rub your mound for me baby

Crista: softy...yes..fingers playing thru hair...

Liz: push your clit to the bone

Crista: <shudders....>

Liz: is your top off

Crista: feels so nice..

Crista: is now..

Liz: squeeze a nipple

Liz: between your two fingers

Liz: take some of your saliva.........

Crista: right hand...left nipple...squeezing between ring and middle finger.

Liz: and get it wet

Liz: tug it a little bit

Crista: oh god liz...saliva thick and aroused....circling nipple

Crista: GODDD

Liz: pinch the tip christa

Liz: and hold it

Liz: now the other one baby

Liz: thick saliva first

Liz: circle around it

Liz: pinch it hard for me

Crista: yes...hardening...like litle stones

Liz: a little harder baby

Liz: mmmmmmmmmm

Crista: ohhh hurts some....yesss

Liz: i want it to hurtt some

Liz: squeeeeeeeeeeeeezeee

Crista: yes, baby...anything for u...

Liz: now lets get back to your wet mound

Liz: wet a finger

Liz: wet it real good

Liz: slowly move it down

Liz: and insert just the tip inside

Crista: saliva coating fingers

Liz: your thumb on your clit

Liz: rub between the two fingers

Liz: slowly moving inside you... a little at a time

Crista: fuckk thats nice

Liz: feel the moistness

Liz: pull it out and taste it now

Crista: yes can feel and hear fingers inside it.

Liz: get it even wetter...use your mouth as a lube

Liz: is it ready to enter that warm wet pussy now?

Crista: oh liz, my pussy tastes so good

Liz: i know it does sweetie

Liz: lick it all up

Liz: i want your fingers coated

Crista: i cant help self...keep bringing it back and forth...from mouth to pussy.

Crista: god the smell is everywhere...

Liz: bring it down to your wet pussy christa

Liz: and again slide it in very slow

Liz: i want to hear it

Liz: push it deeper

Liz: now slowly dear...........in amd out

Crista: oh shit liz..****o fingers...past knuckle...

Liz: slowlyyyyyyyyy

Liz: enjoy this

Liz: imagine me between your legs now.........

Liz: my tongue licking at your ass softly

Liz: keep fucking slow christa

Crista: palming clit. fingers making slurping noises inside

Liz: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Liz: thats what i want to hear

Liz: ok baby.....its time to get at it now

Liz: move a little faster now

Liz: pinch a nipple

Liz: nice and hard

Liz: let it hurt

Crista: oh godd...oh fuck me liz.....crying out... wince of pain

Liz: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Liz: do it again

Liz: keep stroking christa

Liz: let your fingers do all the work

Crista: fingers in deep...

Liz: in and out

Liz: a little harder

Liz: pinch your nipple again baby

Crista: fuckk

Liz: let me hear you

Crista: yesss


Crista: low animal noises...breath heavy


Crista: curling up....gspot

Liz: sliding a finger into your ass

Liz: cover yourself with your cummm baby

Liz: yessssssssssssss

Liz: thats it

Liz: work it good

Liz: dont stop yet

Crista: can hear so much wetness trapped

Liz: let it all out

Liz: make it flow from your pussy

Crista: oh fuckkkk... oh god

Crista: soon...

Liz: one more hard squeeze for me baby

Liz: grab a nipple a twist it

Crista: winces

Crista:[10:25 PM] sooon

Crista [10:26 PM]: fuck lizz...nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Crista [10:26 PM]: w

Liz: feel it build

Liz: yessssssssssss

Liz: you are beautifullllllllllll

Liz: mmmmmmmm

Liz: im sure your room smells great right now

Crista: oh my god...my fingers are pruned... i smell delicious cunt everywere

Liz: thats my girl..............beautiful cunt everywhere

Liz: you know i love it when you talk that way

Crista: oh jesus liz...i love you...have missed you so much.

Liz: same for me baby

Crista: oh this transcript would be a hot read...on the literotica MB's

Liz: then do it baby

Liz: i love our words

Crista [10:33 PM]: did u cum with me?

Liz: no..i was too busy enjoying you baby

Liz: all i wanted to do was pleasure you

Crista: mmmm...what do u want?

Liz: not for me to say my darling

Liz: but i know i want you


Crista: lay down....spread your legs...flat


Crista: mmm..wait....lay on your stomach baby...

Liz: flipping over.........keyboard in front of me

Crista: kneeling in front of your head....kneading your shoulders with my hands....massaging the tension out of them..

Liz: ohh i need that too

Crista: i love you baby....

Liz: xoxoxoxoxo

Crista: i'm going to make u feel so fucking good.

Liz: can i just lay here

Crista: crawling over your body, my knees on either side of you, facing your feet...

Crista: laying my torso, and weight upon you....feel my breasts and the nipples u made so fucking hard, grazing across your back..

Liz: im in heaven already

Crista: grind your pussy into the floor baby, keep those legs spread

Liz: pushing down to the floor

Crista: lowering my head to your body, my hair plays along your lower back and ass....feel me brushing it against your skin.

Liz: spreading wider and pressing and grinding the floor

Crista: are your cheeks spread for me, honey?

Liz: moving my hands to spread them wider for you christa

Crista: trace your finger from the base of your spine, downward to your pussy...describe what u feel to me, pleasee

Liz: uneasy tension as i get closer to my pussy........squeezing the closer i get

Liz: my pussy pushing hard into the floor

Liz: my nipples pressed hard to the floor also

Crista: my hair brushes your cheeks and my mouth lowers to the spot where your spine ends...

Crista: my hands play along the backs of your thighs....

Liz: my ass tenses as i feel your hair run along it

Liz: ohh godd

Crista: my tongue circles the beginnings of your ass..

Liz: one hand pushing my cheeks apart

Crista: and my mouth moves to your cold cheeks...loving the feel of them against my lips

Liz: my knees start to come up and my ass rises to meet your mouth

Crista: fingers sliding downward...****o of them pushing easilly into your pussy...then keeping perfecly stilll

Crista: just as my nose and slightly opened mouth presses between your cheeks...

Crista: breathing in sharply the mixture of your delicious scents....the most intimate and personal parts of you

Liz: my pussy grabbing at your two fingers inside me

Crista: lips open, pressed against your ass...i cant help but moan into your little bud....causing intense vibrations against u

Liz: ohhhhhhh christaaa

Crista: all the while grinding my wett cunt into your back.

Crista: my fingers go deep into you....my tongue circles your hole...

Crista: feeling it tense up..fighting the intrusion at first....then relaxing, giving in to me...

Liz: i can feel the wetness in my cunt as it wets the floor

Crista: and my cunt soaks your back

Lizl: ohhhh goodddddddddddd chtrrrrrista

Crista: oh god...your ass is so tight...your cunt so wett

Crista: feel my tongue stretched inside your ass...

Liz: i caaan feel my ass opening up

Crista: my fingers slamming inside u

Crista: my pussy feels so good against you...moaning...no screaming into your body as i tongue fuck your ass and finger fuck your cunt

Crista: oh godd going to cum again

Crista: fucccccccccccccck

Liz: closeee

Skntrade: feel me flood your back...oh godddddddd

Liz: ohhhhh yess cummmmmmmmming nooowwwwwwwww

Crista: let me feel your hole pulsate around my tongue when u cum

Liz: nowwwwwwww

Crista: fuckkkkkkk me tooooooooooooooooooooo

Liz [10:57 PM]: oh yess ccccccriihjssstaaaa

Liz [10:58 PM]: oh my god..............I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY

Crista [10:59 PM]: you're amazing...


Crista [11:02 PM]: i'm so glad you're eback

Liz [11:02 PM]: im glad i came on to see you tonight......i missed you alot

Crista: going to post this.. tomorrow...will send u link

Liz: now my sweet baby doll i need to go and clean up....im going to take a nice shower

Crista: love u...have a great day tomorrow.
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Ahhhh... that was delicious, Crista thank you! I've got the urge just to have post-coital cuddles now.

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What an intense and lovely encounter. Thank you for sharing.
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wow! need to change my panties now!

thanks for posting!
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Damn, if this excited you gals, then the chat transcript I had posted about a month ago will make you faint of sheer pleasure.

PM me if you're interested, I'll be only too glad to send you that. The names and other sensitive details are filtered out, ofcourse
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Re: Transcript of Intense Cyber-Chat

Originally posted by Crista
Note: This is the transcript of an online chat I had with my cyber lover Liz. I hadn't seen her for weeks, and then she suddenly IM'd me out of the blue. Other than correcting some typos and removing screen names, nothing has been altered.
LUCKY!! Wish i got that kind of Attention...
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I Wish....

I wish I was lucky enough to find a cyber partner half as good as either of them...

Some people are REALLY BAD at it,
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Does anybody do this anymore? I used to like reading others' transcripts
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Feel like a voyeur, but you're both so good that I can't look away!

(Or maybe I don't want to)
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