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Thanks, Honey. If the opposite of Gentle Femdom is brutal, cruel or nasty femdom, then I only like GFD. My experience is limited to a girlfriend, who imposed her will on me in a sweet, firm, loving and respectful way. Her rules and prohibitions were all designed to get me to do things that were good for me and to break habits that were bad for me. When I disobeyed her, she spanked me without a safe word and was not very gentle. However, I always felt I had not been punished enough. It was lovely to be under her command.
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Originally Posted by SecretSubM88 View Post
I think this description comes closest to what draws me towards being submissive. I want to please and follow. Expierience pain an pleasure without completely being demasculated or as some submissives claim they want, dehumanised...

I was recently with a sub. It was just a one off affair. We met at a bar and then proceeded to the hotel room. I had him Xed out on the bed, tied and blind folded, and as I was soothing his redness from my crop, giving him intermediate after care before we moved onto the next scene, it happened...

I was kneeling over him, my hand gliding down his arm, and when my fingers smoothed over his hand he caught them up in his own. He squeezed his fingers around mine to keep me with him. Not a word was spoken but I felt his gratitude, his will to please me and his desire... and I fell for him. In that moment I felt my whole body change towards him. I became like water - fluid - enjoying him... enjoying him enjoying me...

A sub has so much power but it is the kind that melts me and makes me feel humble, the kind that makes me feel feminine.

Originally Posted by summerose View Post
This is how it's always been as a submissive for me, and I'm not interested in anything else. Everything respectful and fun on the surface and then when you start connecting that's when the dynamic starts to build up. Mood is entirely driven by connection for me and though I have a strong propensity to submit it just doesn't manifest without that interplay of intimacy. Things can sometimes get physically "rough" rather than "gentle" but it's always emotionally gentle and the connection is always gentle.
Yes, I love the dynamics. The extremes of pleasure. The piercing sound of a crop on supple skin, and then the immediate care and intimacy to sooth it. I'm not one to delay after care. Rather than it being at the end for me, I tend to integrate it to get a hot and sweet experience.

Originally Posted by lakesailer_mi View Post
This is simply beautiful.
Thank you

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