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Originally Posted by camjack591 View Post
This is a thread from everyone who loves everything about squirting. Feel free to share any stories you have, from any point of view.
Someone beat you to it. (Several someones.)
Calling all Squirters is 7 pages long.
squirters is 6 pages long.
calling squirters was short lived, but still a thread.
Squirting or gushing began just last month and is a couple of pages long now.
There's also Female Squirting Ejaculate.
And Squirting or Gushing Lasies.

Not to mention four more threads on squirting that are a bit older though. (That's why I didn't link each one separately.) And though these next two are a bit old as well, Female Ejaculation came up as a separate thread title topic.

These searches are only for "in the title of the thread only". There would be a hell of a lot more threads had I searched for "in the entire thread".

Happy reading!
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