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New to this user name, but not to Lit. Hi, I'm Scrivener, I'm a mid twenties submissive lady who writes a lot and thinks a lot and cooks a lot. Anyone up for a chat?

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Well, hello!

Hello Everyone,

I am a student from Germany, studying English and Performing Arts, I am 23 yrs. old, female, and very new to BDSM, a virging so to say I have a very keen interest in meeting new people here and talking to them about their experiences as subs and doms as a part of my research paper for my Bachelor Degree.

I hope to meet nice people and to learn a lot about you! Write me, if you want to!



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Male Dominant. In a full sequence, power-based relationship and not seeking concubines of any type.

I've been here before, over a decade of reading and research here lies in my background. Making another round ya might say. Got unfinished business and a few things I feel need saying.

Not here to win a popularity contest. Just keeping it real. ( or my version of it anyway )


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To alleviate server load, we're slowly closing down any threads with over 5,000 posts.

The new thread is here (clickie!).

As annoying as this may be, phasing out all or most of the active super-long/never-ending threads will increase the forum speed substantially. If you see a thread that's active with more than 5,000 posts, please feel free to PM me with the link.

Please note that these threads are not being removed - just closed to new posts.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!
"A great future doesn't require a great past." - William Chapman
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