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American Literature For Fun

Hebrew-headed Roderick Usher
entombed Maddy because he couldn't shush her.
She gabbed all night about the growing fissure
and how doomed their wealth, incest and leisure.

On the scaffold with Pearl, Hester Prim
took the brunt of sin by not naming Him.
Admitted to the elders adultery was not nice
even if the dumb shit did it to her just once or twice.

Around Rome a scrawny man named da Vinci
was known as a skinflint, quite cheap and chintzy
But his gorgeous models must have made it hard
for him to be as chaste as post-nutted Abelard.

He was accused, this Billy Budd, by Jehovah Vere--
but crews are more concerned with beans and beer
than a Christ hanged while cruising the ocean;
beside, Innocence is just a silly, land-based notion.

One autumn night Major Henry James
asked, "How do I dramatize secret ghosts
of desire?" But unconsciously he knew--
let the governess hallucinate-- but too late!
she missed her turn to screw.

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