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I advised my kids to have fun and dont bring home anything that I gotta feed.
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Originally Posted by JAMESBJOHNSON View Post
I advised my kids to have fun and dont bring home anything that I gotta feed.
You have kids?
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Lord Pmann
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Originally Posted by loquere View Post
You have kids?
That gives me the shitters. (It's like shivering and shitting all at once- the epitome of being scared)
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An evening spent dancing
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Originally Posted by loquere View Post
You have kids?
Are you kidding me? Of course he has kids. Heís a psychotherapist of great renown, sex crime investigator, holder of not 1, but 2 graduate degrees, and a self appointed expert on ALL things women - their physiology, thought process, and what they are all actually thinking and want.

Women are knocking each other over to capture his seed and turkey-baste it into their snatchy-snatch.

He has the DNA and wisdom of the founding fathers of the nation coursing through his loins, states emphatically that all women, unequivocally based on his lifetime of experiences, are mindless whores and liars who will give you sex, once the right price is determined. I mean címon, he can make any woman ride his mustache for a few bucks and bring them to their gushing knees, and his fine chiseled looks are only exceeded by his irresistible charm, and bad-boy ways that no woman can say no to.

He wonít hold the door open for you, but heíll buy you a steak and let you fuck him to show your appreciation and fondness.

Youíre probably half pregnant now just from reading his bio.

Kids? The only thing he probably has more of than kids, are stories.

Iím surprised you havenít jostled your way to the front of the line of wanting whores to get some of that wicked-smart and valuable jizz to create a mini-JJ yard ape of your own.
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That cocks come in different sizes.
I was raised fairly strict and from a religious home.

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The clit. Wow...if only I had known as an 18 year old how important it is to go slow, softly, and then respond to her when it's time to lick harder and faster.

I think I've got it now...but man....what a few wasted years!
My Kink...

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There are some GREAT responses re: maturity, what to expect emotionally, some physiology.

I'll keep this purely on the QUESTION at hand.

What do I wish I'd been TAUGHT or SHOWN when I was 33 YEARS younger than I was when I stumbled on it?

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Loves Spam
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How to beat off.
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Well, pretty much for girls like in high school, tell them how to find their pussy hole since some are wondering they don't have it when are putting on tampons. Also, tell them it's safe to touch down there, play with it, and explore it, right?
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I think you've got wonderful responses here. The emotional baggage is one, and to not be afraid to set boundaries they themselves are comfortable with, not matter what peer pressure dictates.

Another, is the myths surrounding birth control. I was amazed when I saw a documentary from the USA stating how many young girls get pregnant and sometimes wind up with a couple of children in their early teens because their friends all say that the pill makes you fat and so they stop taking it.

And consent is a big one. There are so many gang rapes occurring by groups of friends, because they have access to the internet and see all the gangbangs and think this is normal and what girls want. If a girl (or guy) is under the influence (or alcohol or anything) they are not in a position to offer consent. So drunk partner = no sex / non consent.

I'm also alarmed by the amount of porn showing blow jobs that make the partner gag /choke /vomit. They themselves deserve respect as well as their partner. Blow job are the new "kiss goodnight", and rampant among teens. The problem again is (heavily influenced by porn) all the emphasis is on guys and their pleasure (no reciprocation to the girls). Girls are also pushed to have anal sex (shown to be pretty well the norm in porn again) and to even have sex before they are ready. A lot of girls aren't even aware they need to be wet /aroused for sex. They emphasis is all on the guy, pleasure isn't reciprocated and the girls have sex without arousal leading to pain and often a skewed view of what sex is about in a loving relationship.

And I think with the new digital age and social media is the sharing of pictures. Girls are often pushed to send naked pictures to their boyfriends who then pass the picture among their friends (specially when the relationship fails). If they are under aged, in some areas, they can be charged with producing and sharing child pornography. The girl takes the picture under pressure of the guy, the guy passes the picture around, the girl gets harassed and called a slut / whore and so on. So they need to learn to respect each other in this area also and that once a picture is shared, it is out of their control...and that sharing it could lead to a criminal charge.

So it all leads to healthy informed decision-making.
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All very good points. Actually I'm surprised this thread is still around. I haven't checked it in ages.
If you're looking for a friend I'm available. Peace
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