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Originally Posted by simplegirl View Post
I still get ridiculously wet despite having had a hysterectomy, ovariectomy . I just count my lucky stars that I do and keep a towel handy during sex. My hubby gets a kick out of how wet I get. How can your partner not see this as a huge compliment?
Yes even at my age this is me. ^^^^^
Since 1970 I've been a bottomless pit, but a tight bottomless pit. Without being wet most couldn't get it in.
As women age they shrink and get dry. This and just loosing interest means women my age no longer enjoy or have sex.

With the help of my sensitive boobs to play with, I get almost instantly wet and remain that way. Adding semen to the mix seems to make it better. No one has complained about me being too wet.
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To wet

I was told from an ex that I get to wet.

I really do though....I wasen't mad at him for saying it. I just felt embarrassed.

I get wet very easy, and a lot comes out. I often need to run to the rest room to put tissues in my pants. It's also hot as well. You can feel the heat from my pussy. It's annoying.
UPDATE: (I'm owned so please be appropriate)

Hello my name is Pixie ^.^ I love being Daddy's girl.

I can't update my profile so I'll do it here. However before I do, I just wanted to say I no longer post audios and have removed the ones I did. I don't have writing up because I need an editor.

I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

☆ Happily taken ( I love you Daddy)

☆ Barely 5'1

☆ Big dark brown eyes that look innocent but also naughty

☆ Petite Hershey kiss (I have dark skin, but I tend to get lighter in the winter)

☆I'm a little (nothing to do with incest or any illegal activity)

☆ Blue hair which I like to wear in afro puffs. I embrace my natural hair.

☆ Spontaneous

☆ Feisty but also sweet

☆ I love to smile

☆ Writer
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Last edited by Tagnasty6969 : 01-17-2018 at 11:51 PM. Reason: no longer available
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Too wet is like being too hard. No such thing!
58 yr old MWM, with an open mid, good heart and friendly nature. Here to interact, explore and enjoy.
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NO such thing as "Too Wet".......No, not, never, ever!
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I don't think it's a bad thing. At least I hope it isn't.
I'm just a single mom on here exploring and reading stories. I'm not interested in sexting or roleplaying.. so please don't PM me if that's what you're looking for.
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The wetter, the better! Super sexy how a womanís body responds.
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I've only had woman exceedingly wet. It didn't bother me. Hopefully I caused it.
"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." Albert Einstein
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not unless she makes you sleep on the wet spot.
We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde

I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused.

When crimes pile up, they become invisible. -Bertolt Brecht
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I used to be so embarrassed for getting very wet very quickly. Having had an oppressively sheltered upbringing, I was ashamed of wet spots on my panties and wouldnít even let anyone touch me there out of fear that they might laugh, until a lover explained the male point of view to me. Now, in menopause, I count myself lucky to still be able to soak through a pair of jeans when the occasion calls for it!
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Wet, is wonderful!
Certified Expert Muff Diver

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Since I can't edit my profile:
I'm a guy, who likes women. Age, race, or body type unimportant. I love, and appreciate, the female form in all it's diverse variations!
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Wet is great, and a real turn on, letís a guy know sheís really aroused. Canít say Iím in any way a fan of squirting though, thatís way too Ďporn starí for me!
Please, no religious or political discussion. That's not to say I'll simply tolerate dumb shit, and will engage as necessary. If you would like to discuss flying, welcome...I LOVE discussing flying... and then there's ALWAYS the subject we all love....

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Although it may be messy, it's not usually an issue for me. I just make sure to have a towel handy.

I've never had any woman complain about it, but I imagine some do find it a problem.
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