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Talking A LW Plot question

I've read an extensive amount of LW stories and am sure I've yet to read a larger than equal amount! One plot I've never seen and wonder if I've missed a story somewhere. Plot goes something like this...

Married couple:Husband is either workaholic or equally wrapped up in some hobby that takes up ALL his free time. His Wife cheats and Husband catches them. How he catches them is irrelevant. The Husband, mostly through internal dialogue, realizes how his emotional/physical absence contributed to her dissatisfaction with the marriage. He DOESN'T accept the affair, though, and moves out of the house. Divorce papers prepared and, maybe, the divorce is completed.

The Husband doesn't let his divorce dominate his life and he begins a new life without his wife. Whether he stays in town or moves away the story isn't dominated by the back-and-forth of a divorce proceeding.

The important part is this: When an appropriately contrite wife approaches him to try again; he says 'No'. Husband has moved on; either on his own or with a new woman.

I've seen some come close on this, the closest being www.literotica.com/s/a-dear-john-letter-for-jeff

My favorite stories, though, are neither RAAC or the Radical BTB. I LOVE when the Husband takes at least 50% of the money and disappears. He gets what he wants and denies her the fight she wants. She just doesn't get a say in his new life!
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It's in Non-Erotic and the sequel suggests that he might give her another chance, but if you just read "I've Got Mexico," by yours truly, you might like that one. Of course, I'm tempted to do another version where he never reconciles with Chloe.
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