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Mistaken identity

So I’ve been tossing around a plot bunny lately of a father and son with the same name. Jr is getting married and invites his frat brothers to the wedding. The frat brothers come up with a plan to surprise Jr with a night he won’t forget. They all pitch in to hire two high priced call girls with instructions to go to his house on a certain night when he is supposed to be there alone. But of course on the particular night, Jr gets called away for some work emergency. At the same time, Jrs. father, Sr. goes to his sons house to pick something up. That’s when the call girls arrive and mistake dad for the son.

I was thinking that the girls show up dressed as cops, uniforms complete with toy guns that look like the real deal to the untrained eye. They knock on the door and when Sr. answers, they ask, “Are you John Smith?” He says “yes” and without prompting, they storm in with their hands on the butts of their “guns” telling him to get on his knees and lace his hands behind his head. Not knowing what is going on, Sr. complies while protesting. But before he can explain that they have the wrong guy, he’s handcuffed by one while the other forces a ball gag into his mouth.

At this point the story can go in a few directions. The call girls could be instructed to put on a lesbian show without touching him, which would drive him crazy, or they could do a marathon cum control session, jacking him but not letting him cum. Or maybe the frat boys play a dirty trick and send him two hot looking chicks with dicks, if you’re a fan of tranny sex. Either way, Sr. ends up having a long but memorable evening. Any interest or other ideas to to add?
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